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  2. Stock 0 to 60 says 6.4 seconds. What is the improvement? Is there an improvement? I surprise a few cars now and would like to shock them instead.
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    Please do share where you picked up this beauty bar from!
  5. I installed DV+ valve for my equinox 2018 2.0 LTG it makes throttle response much better and torque seems higher at 4500+shifting is better but you need to oil it at installation or it get stuck and throw a code. torque curve seems as its adjusted much better.
  6. I added the DV+ to my 2018 Equinox with the 2.0 LTG engine. It was dead simple: unclamp air intake tube at both ends move intake tube up and out of the way leaving the braided manifold connector attached (be ready to catch oil drips from intake tube catch can) now you can locate the stock diverter easily for removal. I had to use a standard allen key to unlock the bolts and then a small hand driver to carefully remove them without dropping. to remove the wire harness from the solenoid, use a screwdriver to first back out the light colored clip, then you have to squeeze really hard on the back end of the clip to release. follow the DV+ assembly and install instructions Reinstall intake tube and tighten hose clamps Works great, I seem to have steady boost and zero leaks or weird sounds. The sound is completely unchanged from stock. The stock plastic seal that the DV+ replaces is a complete joke, now that I've seen it falling apart after only 25k miles, I can see how it is definitely worth replacing. *UPDATE* Today I was in just the right situation with low road noise and I got a chance to hear the diverter (it is very subtle) working during hard acceleration. It puts my mind at ease knowing that the valve correctly manages pressure, I wanted to be absolutely certain of correct installation. I continue to have no CEL or any other problems, and I'm an amateur, so this install is indeed very accessible. Do it!
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  8. There most likely is very limited interest, but there is quite a lot of interest as to what could be possible. Updates would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I bought one of these for my 2017 Cruze and was unable to locate the correct tool to remove the bottom most bolt from the stock diverter valve. The area is very tight to work in with both the accessory drive and AC lines making it even harder. A standard key can make its way, but you have no leverage to turn it. My sockets hit with any combination of extensions and my T handle tools are too long and end up in the AC lines to the left. It may bolt to the car, but getting it there does not appear to be any 20 minute job. I might revisit this eventually, but after 3 hours, I've kinda lost interest.
  10. Roberto perez

    Roberto Perez

    Outstanding performance love it thanks guys at trifecta for putting this together
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    Just sold it 2 weeks ago. It was a 85' white/maroon with bucket seats had a 355 in it
  12. i neeeed one. help!!! send me a link please. i have been searching all week
  13. TRIFECTA 2018--2019 Chevrolet Equinox
    1.5L Turbo (RPO: LYX)
    6 speed automatic

    Detailed power gains (measured at the wheels, dynojet chassis dyno):

    1.5L Turbo gains: up to +35 ft-lbs torque, +48 horsepower (peak gains of up to 14 ft-lbs torque, +38 horsepower)


    TRIFECTA presents: Chevrolet Equinox (1.5L Turbo) MY2018--2019 Powertrain Calibration Reprogramming (flash tune)

    TRIFECTA is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 2018--2019 Chevrolet Equinox vehicle software recalibration (reflash) for vehicles utilizing the 1.5L Turbo (RPO: LYX) with 6 speed automatic transmission (Delphi 6T40 / RPO:MNH). Specific gains over factory calibration are up to (uncorrected) 35lb-ft of torque and 48 horsepower with no vehicle modifications beyond the updated software calibration.

    TRIFECTA's 2018--2019 Equinox recalibration is complimented by a fully developed 6-speed automatic transmission calibration to support the increased power delivery profile and to offer dramatically improved driving characteristics from everyday driving maneuvers. The complete powertrain calibration also includes ESC (Stabilitrak) program enhancements.


    Specifications of the TRIFECTA Performance 2018--2019 Equinox ECM software reprogramming:

    -Fuel economy is improved (up to 39.5MPG highway observed / 1.5L), dependent on fuel grade and driving conditions
    -Retains all GM OE diagnostics and ECM functionality
    -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality
    -Emissions readiness checks are present; emissions compliant
    -Maintains functionality of ABS and TC systems
    -Knock detection mechanisms and OE engine knock detection sensitivity is retained
    -Return to stock functionality included with flash loader
    -Tested on all available grades of fuel (87, 89, 91, 92, and 93 octane).


    Specifications of the TRIFECTA Performance 2018--2019 Equinox 6-Speed TCM calibration software reprogramming:

    -Improved shift times in adverse shift patterns
    -Improved shift logic - shifts are progressive and purposeful
    -Does not shorten transmission life or increase cooling requirements
    -Retains all OE diagnostics and TCM functionality
    -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality


    Improved driving character:

    Vehicle responsiveness is improved: Vehicle responds more aptly to throttle input at low speeds, power delivery is more linear under performance situations

    Transmission shift strategies improved: Shift strategy is largely “factory” at light pedal positions to provide a familiar driving experience, but downshifts are much more progressive and purposeful at higher throttle conditions


    Supplementary Featureset of the TRIFECTA Performance 2018--2019 Equinox powertrain calibration software reprogramming:

    TRIFECTA's Performance Auto Stop Mode (PASM): Allows the driver to enable a performance-oriented auto-stop mode which, in most cases, inhibits auto-stop from enabling for improved performance character, when desired (triggered by the cruise control arming button)

    Improved knock detection and control strategies: Reduces incidents of knock when 87 octane fuel is used, or vehicle is operated in adverse environments


    Installation Notes:
    -Estimated installation time of ~20 minutes
    -Premium fuel is recommended for maximum power output, but not required


    Additional information and availability:

    - This powertrain calibration includes a TRIFECTA powertrain calibration file specific to your vehicle and includes a flash loader device
    - Powertrain calibrations currently exist for North American vehicles only, with more regions to follow


    The TRIFECTA Elite Calibration offers premium tier-1 support. With this product, customers can request specific calibration changes and support for third party hardware. Remote-tuning services are offered with this tier.

    $688.00 $749.00

  14. KeyserSoze, I want to add the DV+ to my 2019 GMC Terrain 2.0L also. How was the install process, and how long did it take you? Glad to hear you are enjoying it and can't wait to get mine! Any install pics would be great
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