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    TRIFECTA presents: Chevrolet Equinox 2.0L Turbo Performance Calibration

      When people think Chevrolet Equinox, performance calibration / tuning may not be the first thing that comes to mind. It's TRIFECTA's mission to look for power potential and the ability to bring a sportier experience to any vehicle, no matter what it is. As such, TRIFECTA is one of the only companies to have offered Chevrolet Equinox tuning in the past.

      When we heard the details on the all-new Chevrolet Equinox, we got excited. TRIFECTA has been tuning the 2.0T LTG engine longer than any other tuning outfit, so naturally, when we heard the Equinox was to receive this engine, we put together a plan to build a product for it!


    More boost for your turbo Equinox

    While the all-new Chevrolet Equinox 2.0T performs well out of the box, the TRIFECTA recalibration result is nothing short of amazing. The new 9 speed automatic transmission is geared to take full advantage of the power curve of the LTG engine, and with an extra 50 horsepower at the wheels on tap, with TRIFECTA, the Equinox turns into a tire shredding machine.

    FUN FACT: The engineering team that developed the all-new Equinox product had just wrapped up the Cadillac ATS-V tuning program. Despite just working with a 600HP Cadillac, by the time they were done with the Equinox, they were giggling everytime they took off from a stop with a heavy pedal!

    2.0L Turbo LTG dyno (on 91 octane pump gas) (this vehicle is a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox with the 2.0L Turbo LTG engine) - stock wheels/tires



    Instilling sport in the Equinox's DNA

    Raw power is great, but how that power is delivered is almost more important. When you're dealing with a transmission that has so many gears, purposeful, intelligent, and confident shifting is critical, as is pedal response. TRIFECTA's driveability engineers worked tirelessly to instill a sporty driving character without making the vehicle feel busy-shifting, laggy, or twitchy.



    Milder manners, when needed

    We also understand there may be times when a milder persona is desired. As is found on most of GM's most expensive vehicles, with TRIFECTA, you can switch back to a more docile pedal response and transmission shifting, on the fly, with TRIFECTA's exclusive Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes ("DSVM") feature, using the cruise control button.


    A show of hands, how many in this room want to be able to disable "auto stop"?

    "Auto stop", "start stop", or whatever you want to call it, you know what we're talking about. It's when the engine shuts off entirely (and sometimes disconcertingly) when the vehicle comes to a stop. Its meant to help with fuel economy, but in many cases its more of an annoyance, than anything. Some vehicles have a discrete button to disuade the vehicle from auto stopping, but the all-new Equinox is not one of them. With TRIFECTA's exclusive Performance Auto Stop Mode ("PASM"), now you, too, can say to your Equinox, "No sir, I don't want auto stop right now." No, we won't give you a button to tape to the console for this. PASM, like DSVM, is also controlled by the cruise control button.


    Calibration customization, for those who need it

    Need support for a wicked dual-snorkel cold air intake kit? With TRIFECTA's Elite calibration tier, customized calibration support is available** for modifications which are not compatible with the factory calibration.

    ** Support for modifications is subject to specific terms and conditions


    TRIFECTA MY2018+ Chevrolet Equinox Performance Calibration Key Features:

    - Specific power gains of up to +48 ft-lbs of torque, +49 horsepower measured at the wheels
    - Dramatically improved drivability characteristics for everyday driving maneuvers
    - Exclusive Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes ("DSVM") for switching performance profiles on-the-fly
    - Exclusive Performance Auto Stop Mode ("PASM") for disabling Auto Stop when in Sport mode
    - Installs in about 20 minutes
    - Flash back to stock functionality included

    For more info, see here:  https://www.trifectaperformance.com/store/product/2401-2018-chevrolet-equinox-20l-turbo-advantage/

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    Hi Charles,

    If warranty is of utmost importance, we would advise simply not modifying the vehicle in any way until after the warranty period is over.  We actually wrote an article about this here:

    Its really a personal decision, and is typically a fairly low risk one, but there is no definitive way of knowing if the dealership has means of discovering the calibration.  Our advice is to weigh how much you want the additional performance versus the possible consequences, and follow your gut.

    It may be helpful to browse through our customer testimonials as well, in case you need a friendly "nudge" from someone other than the manufacturer of the product.   :lol:



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