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    Tuning Buick Regal's Sport and GS Mode - Beta Calibration

      Certain models of the 2011--2017 Buick Regal vehicles are equipped with additional mode buttons – one is labeled “GS” and the other is labeled “Sport”.  Depending on the features of the vehicle, these buttons may change the way the suspension operates, the way the accelerator pedal responds, and/or the way the automatic transmission shifts.

    TRIFECTA Exclusive Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes (DSVM)

    One of the earliest exclusive TRIFECTA product features is DSVM, formerly known as Select-A-Tune (SAT).  Taking root in the days of the first 2.0L turbo DI engine GM built (RPO: LNF), SAT was a feature designed to give the driver dynamic control over the vehicle's power output.  This feature was a very popular distinguishing feature of the TRIFECTA calibration.  Over time it evolved into DSVM by name, and has been implemented in most vehicles that TRIFECTA offers a calibration for.

    DSVM and SAT are exclusive because they rely on the specific software that doesn't exist in the OE software.  Some vehicles have OE DSVM-like capabilities, such as the 2014-2019 Chevrolet Corvette, but many other vehicles do not.


    Buick Regal GS and Sport buttons

    TRIFECTA has always been interested in whether either (or both) the GS and/or Sport buttons found in the Buick Regal could be tapped into to change the engine's dynamics on the fly.  After some amount of research we determined that these buttons can in fact be used to select alternate automatic transmission shift profiles, but selecting alternate performance envelopes and pedal response maps seemed to not be possible with the OE software.


    Bringing DSVM to your Buick Regal GS and Sport button

    TRIFECTA is proud to announce we are opening a limited beta program for existing and future TRIFECTA customers that would be interested in being able to change the power and drivability dynamic of their Buick Regal on the fly with the GS and/or Sport button!

    Edit:  2014--2015 Buick Regal GS are currently supported!

    If you have a 2016 Buick Regal, or a 2017 Buick Regal with either (or both) the GS and/or Sport button, and you would like to try this new feature, please contact us via our support system and request the “Buick Regal DSVM Beta test” and let us know which button(s) your vehicle is equipped with!  Our engineers will put together a beta test calibration for you, and post it to your download page.  After that you can install it, and provide feedback on how you like the drive modes!


     Contact Us!

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    Just added my tune on 2015 Buick Regal T, and am very impressed. Did have to watch a video to install it, but it was very helpful. Wife is also very impressed as it is her car, now it just wants to go!

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