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  1. 3 hours ago, Ericn said:

    Why do the hp and torque graphs show reduced performance (versus factory) below about 35 mph?


    Performance is actually not reduced versus stock under 35mph.  The dyno is only one way to measure performance, and it can be inaccurate at lower loads depending how throttle was applied after starting the "run".  If you check out the Reviews section of our Equinox product page, I think you'll see our Equinox customers all generally agree it is anything but under-powered from low rpm.  ;)

    3 hours ago, Ericn said:

    I was under the impression that I could re-flash the stock profile any time I wanted.  I would re-flash it if it had to go to the dealership for 'warranty' work.

    I thought I read that your system did not add to the flash write counter so it would be very difficult for the dealer to know it had been tuned previously.


    Yes, you can flash the ECM back to stock at any time.  See above for our comments on warranty.

  2. Hi Charles,

    If warranty is of utmost importance, we would advise simply not modifying the vehicle in any way until after the warranty period is over.  We actually wrote an article about this here:

    Its really a personal decision, and is typically a fairly low risk one, but there is no definitive way of knowing if the dealership has means of discovering the calibration.  Our advice is to weigh how much you want the additional performance versus the possible consequences, and follow your gut.

    It may be helpful to browse through our customer testimonials as well, in case you need a friendly "nudge" from someone other than the manufacturer of the product.   :lol:



  3. 27 minutes ago, Chad wang said:

    Are you guys going to try it on a Cruze 

    Probably not.  The Sonic was a perfect candidate for this given it and the Trax are both on the Gamma II chassis.  While it wasn't a direct swap, it was no doubt exponentially easier than trying to do this with a Cruze.  For the Cruze, we'd need to source a donor vehicle that uses AWD on the Delta II chassis, but unfortunately none exist.

  4. Hey @Gun3214

    This is an in-house development project designed to showcase what can be done with the Cruze, but also a learning exercise for us as there were many engineering and calibration challenges that needed to be solved along the way. 

    As with any hardware project we undertake, we may always consider bringing a big project to market if there were sufficient demand for it!

  5. On 12/16/2018 at 10:21 AM, Trenton Rhodes said:

    The upgrade is going to be 58mm. What was the factory size? When will this upgrade be ready? Thanks, trifecta is awesome!

    Factory size s 45.9mm.  We will be sending out the first 58mm kits by the end of Q1 2019. 👍

    20 minutes ago, Biggie said:

    Are you guys working on anything for the Gen2 Cruze 1.4T? Better injectors/bigger turbo would be fantastic!

    We're still working on this one, so wheel size hasn't been finalized, but it is most definitely in the works!

  6. 91 octane is all that is needed, and in fact the car will run on 87 octane if needed.  Power will simply scale down accordingly.

    This turbo will actually be packaged as a kit which will include 60lb injectors, giving you all the headroom you'd need for E85.  Our ability to control fuel pressure via reprogramming the Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) negates the need for an upgraded pump as well.  You can read more about our research into injector options and reprogramming the FPCM here:

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  7. Thank you for the feedback!


    This article actually explains why you are seeing such low boost:




    In a nutshell, it is because GM has changed the way boost is reported, and your gauge likely needs an update from the manufacturer.

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