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  1. So, I was nervous about purchasing this mod. I've not installed anything like this before. So, it was a bit of a leap of faith.

    And, when I decided to take the plunge, I found the install more challenging than the instructions suggested; but I think this was linked to some of the security settings on my laptop, along with having to sit in my car for around 40 minutes in the Houston heat and humidity, while I fumbled through the process (oh yeah, it made me do it twice - which Trifecta does state is a possibility).


    Anyway.....after all that, I have to say that the mod has worked very, very well.

    I'm not sure about improved fuel economy because to be honest, I drive the car more 'energetically'. But, that was part of the reason for buying the mod. Living in Houston, where everyone drives huge v8s and the traffic is crazy, I wanted to give the Cruze some extra boost to stay out of trouble.

    And that is what this mod is about, for me. The power boost has been fantastic, the gear changes are so much smoother and the turbo is spooling almost all the time, ready to give you the extra you need in an almost naturally aspirated way. I would totally recommend this mod.


    Great job Trifecta!

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