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  1. If you're trifecta tuned and from the GTA shoot me a message!

  2. Hmm.. save for a house, or buy car parts??? ---> definately car parts!!

  3. PS: 18" LTZ rims 400.00 Cash and their yours!

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    2. Dane-From Canada EH

      Dane-From Canada EH

      just a tune! i replied on the video

    3. TRIFECTA Performance
    4. PlateOmacaroni


      Wow, never thought I'd hear a Cruze squeeling it's tires on a tune alone!

  4. Gotta love the sound of squeelin tires!

  5. Do you ever get any noise from your ultra racing strut brace? I hear like creaking noises from mine, really annoying.
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