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  • 17 Digit Vehicle Identification Number.

    Must be exactly 17 digits, 9th digit must be 0--9 or 'X', and cannot contain characters 'I', 'O', or 'Q'.

    We recommend acquiring the VIN directly from the vehicle's VIN Plaque on the dash, or the certification label in the door jamb since insurance and service documents are sometimes incorrect.

  • For product related questions, please contact support prior to purchasing: Contact Us

  • Support is not officially provided for aftermarket hardware with this calibration, however many hardware components which would normally work without any specific adjustment on the factory calibration may be automatically compatible.

    Examples include:

    -Most Exhaust components

    -Recirculated turbo bypass valves

    -Most brand name intakes (ONLY with any included resonator/venturi designed to prevent the intake from setting any DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

    If you are not sure whether your hardware is compatible with TRIFECTA Advantage, please Contact Us for assistance!

About 2013--2018+ Buick Encore (excl. Sport Touring) - 1.4L Turbo (LUV) - Advantage

TRIFECTA presents: Buick Encore 1.4T (LUJ/LUV) MY2013--2016 Calibration - Specific power increases of up to +51 ft-lbs and +44 WHP peak to a completely stock Buick Encore 1.4T.


The TRIFECTA powertrain recalibration for the Buick Encore 1.4T blends class leading all-around performance with improved fuel efficiency.


All TRIFECTA Powertrain Recalibrations include updated automatic transmission calibrations which provide smoother shifting, improved shift times, and improved shifting logic; updated featuresets include rolling anti-lag and 300 percent faster shifts than stock.


With the current generation of TRIFECTA's flash loader solutions and the TRIFECTA Transparency featureset, when flashing your vehicle, the TRIFECTA flash loader does not increment the ECM write counter or increment entries in the flash history.


TRIFECTA Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes (DSVM) is included. Select between SPORT and STOCK mode, on the fly with the cruise control arming switch. Cruise control system functionality is completely retained and unaffected by DSVM.


In SPORT mode, the vehicle responds much more quickly to accelerator input. Automatic transmission shift patterns are optimized for maximum performance and responsiveness. During "everyday" driving maneuvers, the vehicle feels very much like it did from the factory, but rolling into the pedal quickly reveals a vehicle that wants to GO. Attentive, but without being "twitchy", power delivery is linear and transmission shifts are purposeful. The vehicle produces maximum TRIFECTA power!


In STOCK mode, the vehicle behaves just like it did from the factory, under all driving conditions!


For those vehicles with automatic transmissions: 1.4T TRIFECTA powertrain recalibration delivers more than 130 horsepower per liter and more than 140 ft-lbs per liter – powering a fuel efficient vehicle whose drivers are more inclined to use it while ensuring critical powertrain reliability. Enhancements made to the Buick Encore 1.4T Ecotec engine software to withstand the added stresses include:


Extended testing of more than 100,000 miles with 100 hrs + of wide open throttle testing
Powertrain calibration has been tested and validated for various environments, such as cold/heat, elevation, and variations in fuel quality
Octane Adaptive construct enables multi-phased timing tables: Five distinct timing tables replace the OE GM implementation of high/low octane tables
Multi-dimensional Airflow Coefficient tables, adds air pressure bias and knock history overlay for enhanced accuracy in boost scenarios
Virtualized torque prediction coefficients recalculation model added
Airflow based commanded fuel ratio strategies added
Multi-stage knock sensor decay and recovery rate tables added
TRIFECTA ECP.MK2 (Hybrid Speed Density) support and constructs added


The TRIFECTA Advantage Calibration is meant for 100% stock vehicles. No individualizations or support for parts that do not function on factory calibration (if you have such modifications, be sure to check with us prior to placing order). No remote tuning.


Additional information:


-This powertrain calibration includes a TRIFECTA powertrain calibration file specific to your vehicle and includes a flash loader device
-Premium fuel is recommended for maximum power output, but not required
-Powertrain calibrations currently exist for the US, CA, EU, RUS/CIS, MEC, and Asia areas, with more regions to follow.

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  • $15.00 - Ground (United States) (1-5 days)
  • $40.00 - 2nd Business Day (M-F, No Sat/Sun Delivery, US Only) (2 business days)
  • $80.00 - Next Business Day (M-F, No Sat/Sun Delivery, US Only) (1 business day)
  • FREE - I already own an EZ Flash cable. (Cable must have TRIFECTA logo sticker)

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  • Size
    8.69 in × 5.44 in × 1.75 in
  • Weight
    1 lb



Tune installed without issue. MPG about same as stock. performance is better although not as noticeable as was on my Trax. Still makes a difference you can feel. Thanks again for another fine job.

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Tune works perfectly, gives this little Buick Encore AWD some much needed extra power!!! At full throttle shifts are much faster and positive feeling. As always I'm very impressed with Trifecta and will always stand by your product!!!

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I purchased this tune for my wife's 2015 AWD Encore. After installation I took the it for a test ride and immediately noticed a more responsive vehicle. Under full throttle the stock turbo engine had some turbo lag, and then the power would build slowly and you would accelerate. With the tune installed you mash the peddle, you now have a slight turbo lag and then power comes on strong, tires are on verge of loss of traction, and the engine pulls hard to red line. My wife drove it and was extremely pleased with the added HP, making it easier to jump out into freeway traffic. This is an outstanding way to give your Buick Encore a horse power boost.

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