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2007--2009 Pontiac Solstice - 2.0L Turbo - Elite

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Includes TRIFECTA Flash Loader (EZ Flash Cable)


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  • 17 Digit Vehicle Identification Number.

    Must be exactly 17 digits, 9th digit must be 0--9 or 'X', and cannot contain characters 'I', 'O', or 'Q'.

    We recommend acquiring the VIN directly from the vehicle's VIN Plaque on the dash, or the certification label in the door jamb since insurance and service documents are sometimes incorrect.

  • Note: E47 (half gas, half e85) is the maximum concentration of ethanol the 2.0T can support without fuel system upgrades.

  • For product related questions, please contact support prior to purchasing: Contact Us

  • Cruise Control Button: CC ON = Stock, CC OFF = Tuned


    None = Tune is "Always On"


About 2007--2009 Pontiac Solstice - 2.0L Turbo - Elite

Includes TRIFECTA Flash Loader (EZ Flash Cable)

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Amazing difference after adding the budget tune to my 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP 2.0 turbo, car is otherwise stock. I've been working on my Pontiac GTO for 45 years, so I'm used to spending weeks or months and lots of money to add comparatively small amounts of horsepower to the engine. Loading the Trifecta tune on my Solstice GXP was easy and took about 20 minutes. Bought the tune in March and have been enjoying the summer with it. The stock Solstice GXP is a lot of fun drive, but the Trifecta tune takes it to a whole new level! I have the tune associated with the cruise control switch, comes on and off at the touch of the button. No problems since I have installed it, except when I mash the pedal the car now is up to 80 mph before you know it. Great customer support from Trifecta and great programming in the tune itself. Would do it again, without hesitation. Fantastic value for the money. If only I could add this much horsepower to my GTO for $200!

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So I purchased this for my 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP 2.0. Install was way easy, and my only issue was that I didn't push the button twice to get my car into competition mode, once I did the car really came alive. Am not bragging, but this little Solstice eats up BMW's and Audis, and I have gone side-by-side with new Mustangs and stay with them until I lift. I have been a muscle car owner all my life and even owned a speed shop, no other upgrade will give you this biggest bank for your buck. For those of you who do not know the Ecotec motor produces the most HP per cubic inch than any other GM product. Two months ago I took this car to Dyno Day, got three pulls for a $75 donation, no tune just pulls, all three pulls just over 305 on high test. Am totally satisfied. Respectfully ScratchyT, Waterbury, CT.

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I had some difficulties getting the tune working due to some configuration issues, but support was able to help me get the problem solved. Once it was working, there was no question whether it was working or not. I punched the gas while rolling 20 mph and tire screeched down the road. I went from hitting a max of 18 psi stock to 23 psi with the tune, and more effortlessly. What was most noticeable is that the car actually feels like it drives smoother and the way it was meant to feel. It definitely feels worth the investment.

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I received the program today. The download and install went smooth. Now I have to wait for better weather here in Michigan to try it out. Thanks for the great service.


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first of all I am very impressed with the added performance in my solstice gxp. it is a totally different animal now. i was skeptical that the difference would be very noticeable but it's like night and day. the car is a rocket. definitely not going to tell the wife about that "competitive mode" button.


secondly, the customer support at trifecta is awesome. communication was excellent. the whole process couldn't have been easier. my cable came in just a couple days, my calibration was posted and when i finally got a chance to install it everything went very smoothly. about 10 minutes later my horn honked, lights flashed and it was done.


in short, i can't think of anything i could have done to my car for 5X the price that would have netted me this kind of performance gain.

i highly, highly recommend Trifecta Performance

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Don't even hesitate, get this NOW! At first I was a little bit afraid of how to install the tune but the guide is extremely easy to follow and it only took about 10 minutes to install the tune on a $200 laptop! First impressions as I fired up the solstice we're great I noticed a very distinct difference in the bottom end torque, off the line put you back in your seat much more than the stock tune. Over all accelerating through the gears there is a much more noticeable "pull". You are back in your seat all the way up to about 90 mph where before it started to taper off at around 65. Gear shifts are much quicker and more satisfying on the automatic transmission. Super happy customer and would recommend this to anyone!

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The difference is pretty great, I love it but I do wish there was Mac capability other than that it was smooth sailing.

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The install went smoothly. No problems were encountered. The results were exactly what I expected for a factory stock car. A small but noticeable improvement in acceleration. I am very satisfied.

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Guest Pat Lefebvre


Installed Trifecta Budget Tune into 2007 Solstice GXP with 33,000 mi. Car is otherwise stock. Truly an amazing improvement. Highly recommended!

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Guest Eddie Casselman


Received my Trifecta tune back in November 2013 and have loved every minute of driving time in my Solstice GXP. Trifecta has been absolutely amazing with responding to my questions and making sure to keep my car running correctly with my tune. I really appreciate their professional and patient approach with a newbie like me. They have made a customer for life.

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First, my apologies to all involved on the trouble with getting the tune file. My wife decided to use an email address I'd deep sixed some time back.


I installed the tune on her 2007 Solstice GXP over the weekend. I was blown away at how much power it picked up. She drove it and came back with a one word review. "DAMN!"


Momma's happy so I'm happy. Thanks, Trifecta.

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Trifecta's software for the GM 2.0 turbo engine is terrific! My bachelors degree is in mechanical engineering from General Motors Institute (now called Kettering University) and I have been working on numerous GM vehicles for many years. The Trifecta tune is the best performance product I have used in 40 years of tuning! If GM was smart, they would hire Trifecta Performance to optimize the Cadillac ATS and other vehicles....

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Made worlds of difference in our 2007 Solstice GXP 5 sp. Stock the car is rated 260HP/260Trq at the crank. After your budget tune I paid to have a 3 run Dyno here in our area. At the wheels, 280.97 HP/321Trq. Nuff said! WOW!!!!!!!!

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