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  1. While not required with existing TRIFECTA CTS VSport calibration, this application-specific calibration offers the best experience with the Corsa exhaust system by optimizing engine and transmission characteristics for all drive modes. Tour mode (stock tour mode) delivers a factory driving experience, with a quieter exhaust note, for everyday driving. Sport and Track mode allow the engine to "rev out" further in each gear, combined with increased throttle demand to give off a more performance-oriented exhaust note. ECU dynamic recalibration in Sport / Track mode offers a performance over economy option, offering quicker turbo and vehicle response, a side effect of which is a more aggressive exhaust note at idle. TRIFECTA's powertrain calibrations are tested and validated for various environments, such as cold/heat, elevation, and variations in fuel quality. Each vehicle type is validated on TRIFECTA's test fleet for a minimum of 100,000 miles and 100 hours of full throttle application prior to retail release. We make no compromises in comprehensiveness, safety, and power. Specifications of the TRIFECTA CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system calibration: - Corsa mufflers offer 20% improved flow over stock: more flow, more power - Specific calibration for Corsa exhaust system - Retains all OE diagnostics and functionality - Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality - Emissions readiness checks present; all emissions systems retained / factory compliant Driver-selectable modes (Sport and Track): - Optimized for performance over economy - Provides quicker turbine acceleration (turbo spool) by on-the-fly recalibration of: Fuel injection timing (single and dual-pulse) Independent camshaft phasing Ignition timing Throttle angle ramp rates Turbocharger wastegate and bypass valve control rates Torque-prediction coefficients Airflow-prediction coefficients - Offers a more "aggressive" exhaust note at idle (similar to dual mode exhaust on CTS-V) - Recalibrates Aisin transmission shift characteristics Tour mode remains at factory shift points / firmness Exhaust note is quieter Sport and Track mode optimized for performance and driver experience Improved firmness Optimized "torque management" Shift strategy recalibration Exhaust note is louder Purchase details / availability: - All TRIFECTA CTS VSport customers of record of 12/15/15 that previously purchased a Corsa exhaust system before 12/15/15* will be eligible for a free upgrade to the TRIFECTA CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system calibration at no charge - After 12/15/15, calibration is available when purchased with a Corsa exhaust system through TRIFECTA or an authorized TRIFECTA reseller offering the TRIFECTA CTS VSport calibration - Calibration expected to be available Mid-Late January 2016 (pending final endurance and environmental tests) - TRIFECTA CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system package pricing TBA when calibration is available * Dated proof of purchase may be required for redemption
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