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  1. TRIFECTA is pleased to announce the immediate availability of an update to the TRIFECTA Advantage and TRIFECTA Elite calibration for the 2011-2015 Chevrolet Cruze and 2016+ Chevrolet Cruze Limited with the 1.4L Turbo engine. The new calibration is being designated DSVM II (driver selectable vehicle mode, Version 2) in accordance with the recent similar release for the Chevrolet Sonic with the 1.4L Turbo engine. TRIFECTA's DSVM II, on the Chevrolet Cruze, is activated by the cruise control system arming switch. When the cruise control system is enabled, the vehicle operates in STOCK mode. When the cruise control system is disabled, the vehicle operates in SPORT mode. Vehicle modes can be switched at any time, as many times as the driver wishes. Cruise control system functionality is completely retained and unaffected by DSVM II. In SPORT mode, the vehicle responds much more quickly to accelerator input. Automatic transmission shift patterns are optimized for maximum performance and responsiveness. During "everyday" driving manuevers, the vehicle feels very much like it did from the factory, but rolling into the pedal quickly reveals a vehicle that wants to GO. Attentive, but without being "twitchy", power delivery is linear and transmission shifts are purposeful. The vehicle produces maximum TRIFECTA power! In STOCK mode, the vehicle behaves just like it did from the factory, under all driving conditions! Just as was mentioned in the recent release of the Chevrolet Sonic DSVM II calibration, our calibration engineering team has been working on the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Turbo. Just like any other large scale software project, GM typically uses a common "code base" within an ECU type, and this "code base" is generally updated every model year. After studying the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze ECU code in our engineering center, we discovered some improvements in calibration constructs that had not existed in previous model years, which we determined could be "back ported" to previous model years to offer an exceptionally improved driving experience not possible prior to the 2016 "code base". This discovery, combined with feedback on the current DSVM calibration led to a complete "redo" of the TRIFECTA Cruze calibration. SPORT mode is all new, redesigned from the ground up. Availability: TRIFECTA's DSVM II for the 2011+ Chevrolet Cruze (LUJ--LUV) is available immediately and is incorporated into all new product orders. Exisiting TRIFECTA customers may request and receive the DSVM II calibration update at absolutely no charge by submitting a request at the following link (be sure to include your vehicle's VIN): DSVM II Update Request For those who are not current TRIFECTA customers, who are interested in our new DSVM II calibration have two options: Advantage - $298 (plus s/h): Chevrolet Cruze - 1.4L Turbo Advantage The TRIFECTA Advantage Calibration is meant for 100% stock vehicles. No individualizations or support for parts that do not function on factory calibration (if you have such modifications, be sure to check with us prior to placing order). No remote tuning. Elite - $398 (plus s/h): 2011+ Chevrolet Cruze - 1.4L Turbo Elite The TRIFECTA Elite Powertrain Recalibration with Individualization (Custom Profiling) for the MY2011-MY2016 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4T (LUJ--LUV) includes calibration individualization, remote diagnostics, and comprehensive aftermarket hardware software integration support. Contact Us
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