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  1. See our original release here: TRIFECTA presents: Chevrolet Malibu (1.5L, 2.0L) MY2016+ Powertrain Calibration Reprogramming (flash tune) Improved feature-set: TRIFECTA's Performance Auto Stop Mode (PASM): Allows the driver to enable a performance-oriented auto-stop mode which, in most cases, inhibits auto-stop from enabling for improved performance character, when desired (triggered by the cruise control arming button) Improved knock detection and control strategies: Reduces incidents of knock when 87 octane fuel is used, or vehicle is operated in adverse environments. Improved driving character: Vehicle responsiveness is improved: Vehicle responds more aptly to throttle input at low speeds, power delivery is more linear under performance situations Transmission shift strategies improved: Shift strategy is largely “factory” at light pedal positions to provide a familiar driving experience, but downshifts are much more progressive and purposeful at higher throttle conditions Transmission firmness improvements: Shifts remain comfortable under cruising conditions, but are more firm at higher throttle conditions This calibration update is now available for all current TRIFECTA customers at no charge, and will be included in future purchases for new TRIFECTA customers with the 2016+ Chevrolet Malibu with the 1.5L turbocharged engine! Full product details can be found here: 2016+ Chevrolet Malibu - 1.5L Turbo - Advantage See our original release here: TRIFECTA presents: Chevrolet Malibu (1.5L, 2.0L) MY2016+ Powertrain Calibration Reprogramming (flash tune)
  2. 2016+ Chevrolet Malibu 2.0L Turbo: 2016+ Chevrolet Malibu 1.5L Turbo: TRIFECTA 2016+ Chevrolet Malibu 1.5L Turbo, 2.0L Turbo 6 speed automatic (1.5L Turbo) and 8 speed automatic (2.0L Turbo) Detailed power gains (measured at the wheels, dynojet chassis dyno) 1.5L gains: up to +22 ft-lbs torque, +20 horsepower (peak gains of up to 18 ft-lbs torque, +19 horsepower) 2.0L gains: up to +48 ft-lbs torque, +49 horsepower (peak gains of up to 43 ft-lbs torque, +42 horsepower) TRIFECTA's 2016+ Malibu recalibration is complimented by a fully developed 6-speed or 8-speed (depending on application) automatic transmission calibration to support the increased power delivery profile and to offer dramatically improved driving characteristics from everyday driving manuevers. The complete powertrain calibration also includes ESC (Stabilitrak) program enhancements. Specifications of the TRIFECTA Performance 2016+ Malibu ECM software reprogramming: -Fuel economy is improved (up to 39.5MPG highway observed / 1.5L), dependent on fuel grade and driving conditions -Retains all GM OE diagnostics and ECM functionality -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality -Emissions readiness checks are present; emissions compliant -Maintains functionality of ABS and TC systems -Knock detection mechanisms and OE engine knock detection sensitivity is retained -Return to stock functionality included with flash loader -Tested on all available grades of fuel (87, 89, 91, 92, and 93 octane). Specifications of the TRIFECTA Performance 2016+ Malibu 6-Speed / 8-Speed automatic transmission TCM calibration software reprogramming: -Improved shift times in adverse shift patterns -Improved shift logic - shifts are progressive and purposeful -Does not shorten transmission life or increase cooling requirements -Retains all OE diagnostics and TCM functionality -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality Supplementary Featureset of the TRIFECTA Performance 2016+ Chevrolet Malibu powertrain calibration software reprogramming: Installation Notes: -Estimated installation time of ~20 minutes -Premium fuel is recommended, but not required Additional information and availability: - This powertrain calibration includes a TRIFECTA powertrain calibration file specific to your vehicle and includes a flash loader device - Powertrain calibrations currently exist for North American vehicles only, with more regions to follow The TRIFECTA Advantage Calibration is meant for 100% stock vehicles. No individualizations or support for parts that do not function on factory calibration (if you have such modifications, be sure to check with us prior to placing order). The TRIFECTA Elite Calibration offers premium tier-1 support. With this product, customers can request specific calibration changes and support for third party hardware. Remote-tuning services are offered with this tier.
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