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  1. 12/05/2021 12:16 AM | AlanB
    When I first installed the tune I noticed the throttle response right away, after driving with it on it took me a while to get used to. I’ve had the car for 3 years now and I’m very familiar with the way it drives. It used to seem to say ‘why are you revving me so high?’ Now (when the tune is activated) it seems to be saying ‘why aren’t you revving me higher?’ It’s like I had to re-calibrate my brain to adjust to it. I’ve squealed the tires unwittingly at least 4 times the car really hauls butt when I give it some gas. Now I understand all the positive reviews. It’s like the car is like begging me to drive faster, it’s really strange (in a good way) I’m really not at all an aggressive driver, its almost an unbelievable change to the car, it’s definitely worth the money to get the tune, in my opinion anyway. I agree with one of the other reviewers that with  different octane gas there is a noticeable difference in the way the car drives who would of thought a Chevy Cruze could drive like this? I don’t understand it but I like it!

  2. 12/03/2021 06:46 AM | John Dyck
    Ordered the tune and ez flash cable for my 2016 malibu limited, and all I can say is it is day and night difference! No more annoying stop/start crap. Transmission shifts perfect quick and crisp. Now driving this car is actually kinda fun:) the torque for highway speeds is way better as well as get up and go is much better. The car even does a burn out on dry pavement now🤣 I 100% recommend this tune for the 2.5 malibu!!

  3. 11/30/2021 02:51 PM | Malibooty69
    Just put the actual file on my Malibu Premier 2017, response from Trifecta and their support is quick and easy! Now for a test drive here soon, I will update you all.

  4. 11/29/2021 07:21 AM | Scott Brady
    This is the way this car should have come from the factory. Afrer the tune it is so much more fun to drive. Very happy with the tune and highly recommend it to anyone looking to give their Regal a bit of a wake up call.

  5. 11/29/2021 01:21 AM | danhendricks
    I am thrilled with the TRIFECTA Advantage tune for my 2018 Traverse. This ECU calibration completely improved the power and transmission of my vehicle. It feels much more responsive and eliminates the lazy shifting of the tranny. Disabling the Auto Stop/Start is also a welcomed edition. I am a happy customer and appreciate the quick buying process with all the needed documentation for installation. 

  6. 11/27/2021 03:28 PM | Rodgjam
    2018 Chevy Colorado owner here. Installed the Advantage tune flawlessly. Interesting that the flash cable arrive before the software was ready, and I'm in Canada. Love the tune. Love that I now have 2 driving modes. I'm sure that eco-mode with cruise control on (but not set to a speed) is better than factory. When cruise control is off the difference in performance is monumental - turns the 3.6 litre into a beast - it's so much better in rush hour traffic on the highway for example. Mostly I drive in eco-mode, but as I said I think the performance is vastly improved even in this more sedate state. Highly recommended! 

  7. 11/27/2021 03:05 PM | CapnPZazz
    While I just got my Trifecta tune installed on my 2018 Buick Regal Tourx, from the 30 or 40 minutes of running errands (in-town and highway) there is definitely a big difference both in acceleration and shifts.  Just as the other reviews stated, the acceleration has quicker response and is smoother.  Seems to have shaved a few seconds from the slow rolling type of acceleration to 60mph.  From a standing stop the acceleration is also much better, but it is definitely not a dragster.  While moving above 30ish mph is where this tune really shines. When you want to pass or accelerate onto the freeway the car just wants to go.  In almost no time and before you know it you are at triples 😃  The transmission shifts are crisper and gears last longer before shifting to the next one.  This tune is definitely worth the money, and puts an ear-to-ear grin on my face.  Two thumbs up, and a one big toe up from a lead foot too  

  8. 11/25/2021 12:22 AM | Beil_Nee
    This tune has substantially increased the love I have for my Cruze. I have had this tune for approximately a year now and driving it as my daily has been the most fun. The speed and pep that my Cruze has gained makes it so much fun to drive. The auto-start/stop feature delete is amazing so I never feel like I'm immobile, especially stop and starts on the interstate. I've only asked for assistance with their support once and they made sure to helped me to the best of their ability in a very quick manner. The cost can't be matched for this flash tune giving me more than I could ask for.

  9. 11/22/2021 05:27 PM | mavakian
    I bought my 2014 Buick GS new.  From the first day driving it hard, I found acceleration and speed just did not keep up with the handling.  It rode competently, but neither GS, Sport or Touring modes made any difference to the driving experience.  In November 2016, I installed the Trifecta tune at 10,000 miles.  It now has 45,000 miles as of November 2021.  From the first day, the difference was remarkable; the car accelerates quickly, is no longer a slow poke, and beats most traffic!  Especially in Sport Mode, the car keeps up, accelerates out of harms way, and is a joy to drive.  Even my wife experienced this.  Usually, I drive in Touring mode in commuting.  My overall gas mileage dropped about 1 mpg, but that is entirely worth it.  Servicing of the GS has always been at the dealer.  I received no comments about the Trifecta tune being installed.  Neither, have I had to ever adjust the tune.  In short, do not hesitate to install this tune as I did.  The tune transformed the car.  It probably put back the acceleration the detuners at GM decided we Americans deserved. 

  10. 11/20/2021 02:52 AM | Tom Latimer
    I bought the tune for my wifes 2012 LaCrosse. Awesome car, but it suffered from the worst throttle lag I have seen. The whole process was pretty straight forward, and fairly easy.  On the initial test drive, I could notice the difference, especially the shift points under hard acceleration. I was happy, but the throttle lag was still there, though better somewhat. When asked to review by trifecta, I explained I was hoping for the throttle lag to be addressed more, but I should point out that I was never told, nor did they imply that the tunes focus was on that. Michael replied and explained the cars somewhat unique problem wasnt caused so much the drive by wire, but rather its peek HP and torque was so high, 5500 and 6500 rpm, combined with a 6 speed transmission, meaning it is almost always a long way from its powerband.  Thus the slower response when stomping it down. Now the impressive part. He tells me they have addressed my problem, and are sending me an updated tune that should put a smile on my face. And he was absolutely correct. Test drive, very impressive! So fun to drive now, responsive, and climbs thru its shifts so smooth, and not dropping way down for the next gear Shifts around 7000, drops to about 5500 on shift, and boom your at 7000 in a blink for next gear.   My wife never swears, but when got back from her test drive, she said that car is f-ing fast!  Smile ear to ear.  Now the only problem is I dont get to drive her car when we go out, and finding a seat cover that will deal with the wet spot after she drives it. I dont mind either of those issues though.  My hats off to Trifecta. Great product, and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you guys!  

  11. 11/19/2021 11:45 PM | Canyon123
    This tune is worth it just for the transmission tuning. Shifting is greatly improved and the truck no longer holds lower gears while highway cruising. The higher low end torque makes city driving smoother, and highway on ramps are much more manageable. Buy this before any cold air intake or exhaust. You will see real results. (Please give us an opportunity to address any concerns which would merit any review less than 5 stars prior to leaving a review by contacting us.  Reviews less than 5 stars will be filtered, and our staff will contact you if there is something we can help with to improve your rating.)  

  12. 11/14/2021 04:59 PM | Freeze616
    2021 Chevy Colorado Z71. This needs to be the first mod you do to your stock truck before you bother with cold air intakes and exhaust systems. This is based on running regular gasoline. Eco mode is mostly stock but the throttle is noticeably more responsive. Had to relearn how to drive in slippery weather to keep the rear end from breaking loose. Fuel economy is slightly better according to the trip computer  but not by any significant amount. What you do get is a truck that drives better. This is the mode I drive in for daily commuting. Sport Mode is where you will really notice the change. The truck pulls harder and responds much quicker. It will stay in a lower gear longer when climbing hills. It's great for highway passing and just when you want to have a little fun. Have only towed my seadoo's so far and haven't had a chance to tow the boat since the tune so can't comment on any changes in this mode yet. Unless you want the added noise of an intake or exhaust system, save your money and get this first. I had tried both of those first and other than added noise, they made no changes to how the truck ran. They quickly came off as it was not what I was looking for. For a real performance change in your truck, this is the mod you want.

  13. 11/12/2021 02:18 AM | gwh11hwg
    I got the tune, installed it, it only took about 20 minutes, then the fun started, best bang for the buck, I've had in a long time !

  14. 11/10/2021 09:24 PM | Johncr
    From start to finish the entire process was remarkably simple.  The results are amazing.  The car is bone stock with exception of Firestone Indy 500 tires and the tune and I could not be happier with my purchase and experience with Trifecta.  The acceleration, sound of the engine and rapid shifts has impressed my car buddies, a few of whom own far more expensive sports cars.  Best money I have ever spent on a car.  Many thanks to the Trifecta team!

  15. 11/04/2021 12:49 PM | GearHeadPeter
    I've had a Trifecta Tune previously on my 2011 Camaro so I know they are very good.  When I bought my 2018 Impala Premier I knew I had to have another tune, and I turned to the group that I trust, Trifecta.  Ordering was very easy, and the support people were excellent to deal with. Installation was easy enough.  I did make sure that my laptop was plugged in to AC just to make sure there were no issues. Before the tune the 6 speed was sedate, but afterward it was wicked.  I purchased this tune in late July of 2021, and I'm reviewing it now after driving with it for a few months.  It is awesome to have on.  Around town is where it really shines with its faster shifting.  The gas pedal is very responsive when need be, so being able to have greater throttle control is great when zipping around slow moving cars.  It is amazing how responsive my car now feels with the tune installed.  As others have said turning on the Cruise Control will put the tune in "Normal" mode, but it will still shift better than stock. When in reverse the gas pedal feels normal so you don't have to worry about going too fast. I highly recommend this tune if you want to wake up your Impala to what it should have been able to do from the factory.

  16. 11/03/2021 12:44 AM | Arnaldo Irizarry
    What a difference in horse power! Wholly Cow!! I can't believe the response Mr. Trax (nickname for my 2018 Chevy Trax) has since the tune upgrade. The download was flawless, no issues at all! Th team at Trifecta Performance is outstanding. Thanks Michael for every question answered. I am so pumped with the quality of the tune, I have done a tune upgrade on my 5-speed 2012 Chevy Sonic (Little White Tick) too!

  17. 10/28/2021 08:59 PM | Wesley Mustard
    The recalibration was money well spend, I noticed a explosive launch right away and the fuel economy is better when if its already a diesel.   

  18. 10/24/2021 03:01 PM | tonyinindy
    I was considering upgrading to a newer V, but value wise the current market just doesn't make it a reasonable choice.  I decided to just freshen up the current V-sport and enjoy it a little longer.  My OEM exhaust had a bad rattle, so I had a local shop replace it with some Flowmaster 4x9 ovals.  The next step was loading this tune.  But-dyno is now a "Whoa Nellie" event.  The extra turbo boost creates a no joke experience.  I just crossed 50k miles, so I should have scratched the itch enough to last at least until 80k.  Highway passing speed is now a broad-grin event.

  19. 10/20/2021 03:49 AM | Marcos Andres
    Best company I've ever dealt with hands down. The tune is amazing such a difference in so many ways, these guys are geniuses they have solved every flaw that I felt from the factory tune and it feels like I am driving a completely different car! For a stock tune I don't think it can get better than this and it feels safe and smooth. Delivery of product was very quick and their support team is amazing and respond in a timely manner. I highly recommend Trifecta you won't be disappointed!

  20. 10/18/2021 10:38 PM | akollmann510_58826
    Very happy with what I purchased cost effective for what you get very better throttle response better shifting just very very pleased no check engine light totally woke the car up 

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