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  1. 01/03/2017 06:03 PM | Endurancevm
    Been running this tune for four days now and boy am I enjoying it. The transmission, in sport, holds the gear for longer, delivers boost much quicker and delivers a nice shove in my back when accelerating vigorously. The transmission also seems to shift a bit faster and, even better, downshifts at better times (e.g. it downshifts earlier coming around a corner and I don't have to wait for the downshift after I am going straight).   It is genuinely money well spent and I am very glad I added this tune. It has changed my car from being boring and, often times, annoying to being enjoyable and peppy to drive. I would not hesitate to order another tune from Trifecta if I get another GM vehicle.

  2. 01/06/2017 05:38 PM | ssperez2006
    Let me tell you this tune is like night and day. Very very easy to install and use. I love how you can activate the tune with the cruise control on and off button. Its a good way to tell the difference in power. With this tune I noticed there is no more turbo lag and the transmission shifts awesome. Like I said from a dead stop and the tune is deactivated you can stomp on the pedal and really nothing happens especially no tire chirping. Once you activate that tune and from a dead stop the tires definitely start chirping. It is really awesome and I would recommend this tune for any one looking. This car is my daily driver and probably put 25000 miles a year on it. I was just looking for a little extra and I got that and more.Thanks to Michael for going back and forth with me. He answered all my questions I had. Once again thanks. Maybe one day I will put on more bolt ons and would love to see what tuning can be done from you guys. A++++ 5 BIG STARS!!

  3. 01/17/2017 04:10 PM | nas1077
    huge gains very impressed thanks keep up the good work

  4. 01/21/2017 12:31 AM | Alessio
    Just installed the Calibration the Trifecta Team sent me, i'm the happiest person on this planet, wish i would have done it alot of time ago.   I live in Italy, and as all the Camaro European customers have been impossibilited to Tune my Ecu till now for the lack of Tuners specialized in this Car here.   This remote Tuning service Trifecta do is a great idea for all of us, i installed all the calibration myself in 10 minutes, extremely easy, and extremely effective. have been followed my the Trifecta support team about any question or doubt i had, best service i had until today, those guys are great.   The car now has a lot of torque down, and keep it all the way until 7000 rpm. The Transmission calibration made an huge difference as well, the shift now are faster and gives you that nice "kick" in the back when shifting at high RPM.   Thanks a lot Guys!

  5. 01/24/2017 04:32 AM | cino135
    Absolutely freakin WOW!! I truly did not think that it would have made this much of a difference. But just as others have posted on YouTube, its hype is backed up by performance and truly professional, courteous support team. Thanks guys for bringing this to the table for us to enjoy!!

  6. 01/25/2017 07:01 PM | isaiias
    I bought this tune a couple of months ago and I must say it's the best performance mod I've ever purchased. The difference is immediately noticeable; accelerates quicker, shifts are smoother and power feels linear. My fuel economy increased from 20MPG to 22.9MP (I have a heavy foot!). I would highly recommend this for anybody that plans to keep their vehicle for a while, it will make you feel you just purchased a new vehicle. By the way, I would like to commend the customer support as they were very quick to answer any questions before I made my purchase.   Isaias Rivera

  7. 01/30/2017 10:05 PM | bcarlin_mn
    Let me first say I'm not the guy who is really anxious to mess with factory stuff on my new truck. However I read about the tune on the Coloradofans forum and I had definitely noticed that the truck seemed sluggish in terms of acceleration considering it has 305 crank HP. In order to merge on a highway, I really had to get on the gas hard to get it to downshift and accelerate. So I got the Advantage tune. It's literally like night and day. Why it doesn't come like this from the factory is a mystery to me (I also got a 2" leveling kit which is how it should have looked from the factory!). The ECO mode feels similar to the stock mode so it's nice to have that option since the sport mode is way too much fun and makes me to drive in ways that are probably not real fuel efficient. Anyway it was an excellent decision to get it and easy to install. Love it.

  8. 02/03/2017 01:44 PM | pjmantegna
    This tune was fantastic!!! It was easy to install and easy to remove when needed. It completely changed the way my car drove. I would recommend this tune to anyone.   Great Tune!!!!! Great Service!!!!!

  9. 02/08/2017 03:29 PM | vhayes1992
    Cable arrived here in Canada no problems. I installed the tune as per the instruction and now my car has a lot more power. It almost feels like there is a different engine under the hood. I am accidentally going 20km over the limit because I was so used to the stock tune. Nevertheless, the tune is probably the best thing you could do to your cruze.

  10. 02/10/2017 02:54 AM | kthewis92
    By far the best bang for your buck. This tune is exactly what this car needed. I just got the tune (February) and it's been a bit cold so first and second gear runs are a no go, I can't put the power down. Third gear is when this car comes alive. its just absolutely amazing, completely effortless power. I loved my GS before, but now...It's ten times better! I highly recommend the tune!

  11. 02/13/2017 12:37 AM | Pistenbully
    Love the tune and the guys at Trifecta are awesome! Much quicker acceleration and more aggressive shift points. Added a k&n drop in and a ZZP intake tube. 2nd and 3rd gears slam you back in your seat and I'm at 70 mph in a heartbeat! Perfect for my ATS 2.0t

  12. 02/16/2017 03:38 PM | lewie145
    The trifecta tune is an absolute must on the Buick GS or any of the LHU/LTG 2.0 turbo gm cars. From the factory the car has reasonable performance but after you add the tune the car really shines. The power delivery is noticeable throughout the entire band, and the torque gain is outstanding. You will be hard pressed to find more value for your money with this tune. On top of the performance and value you will receive from trifecta, you will also receive customer service that is second to none. I was in an unfortunate accident with my first GS and ended up purchasing a second GS -- Trifecta went above and beyond and took care of me when adding a tune for my second GS as well. Trifecta has also responded to any question or concern within an hour EVERY time. I can't say enough about the performance, value, and customer support -- I would recommend this to anyone looking for exactly that!

  13. 03/08/2017 03:42 AM | David13camaro
    I purchased my tune for 2013 lfx camaro on 3/2/2017 and i have had a great experience so far. Tune show up on expected date and had my tune installed within 10 min of opening my laptop.

  14. 03/08/2017 03:30 PM | mikegator40
    Just want to start off by saying Trifecta has amazing customer support!!! My tune was for a 2010 V6 Camaro with Spectre CAI and MBPR Exhaust. I also had the Speed limiter removed with the correct tires. I have seen a gain in power, torque, and gas mileage driving both conservatively and aggressively. I also turned on the aggressive ghost cam option and it sounds amazing!!!! 10 thumbs up Trifecta thank you!!!

  15. 03/09/2017 04:32 AM | Bossirocz
    Easy to use site! When i install the new tune i will get back with ya.

  16. 03/09/2017 10:52 PM | Regalnfs
    The tune was easy to install. I must say that it woke up the car. The Regal Sleeper is in full effect! Car runs so better thanks Trifecta!

  17. 03/09/2017 11:19 PM | ttimerr
    WOW, WOW! Im blown away. Cannot believe the difference. I might actually keep this 2016 chevy colorado now. The wonky transmission was my only complaint,trifecta just fixed it thanks TIM in pittsburgh,pa.

  18. 03/10/2017 02:51 AM | Culatar
    Best money I ever spent, the car feels like this is the way it should've came from the factory!

  19. 03/11/2017 09:51 AM | ogNOX
    Amazing product. I bought a 2017 Chevy Equinox 2.4l for my wife for her birthday to replace an aging and costly 05 Equinox. While the car has roughly the same hp as the 2005 Equinox v6 she had we had noticed that there was a big drop in acceleration and shift times particularly when trying to merge into traffic. After doing research about trifecta i decided to pull the trigger and order the upgrade. Huge difference now after the install, the throttle response is much faster, shift points updated and feel sharp and smooth and not laggy and the acceleration greatly improved. Bone stock car aside from a K&N air filter and I couldn't be happier with the upgrade. Install was a breeze, about 20 min and the car was up and ready to go. Worth every penny and will defiantly be recommending this product to any and every gm owner that i know.

  20. 03/12/2017 04:43 AM | nate1977
    This did a great job with my Cruze it's not sluggish anymore transmission shifts great big Improvement for this car

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