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2013+ GMC Terrain - 3.6L

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$298.00 $319.00
Includes TRIFECTA Flash Loader (EZ Flash Cable)


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About 2013+ GMC Terrain - 3.6L

Includes TRIFECTA Flash Loader (EZ Flash Cable)

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Jason Marcocci

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I purchased this tune for my wife for Christmas 2020.  Its a 2017 Terrain Denali AWD 3.6.   I would drive it and felt like it revved out too much when accelerating almost as if the transmission wasn't calibrated correctly from the factory.   She loves the GMC and felt the same way,  hearing about trifecta I picked up the tune on a Black Friday Sale.  We installed it on Christmas Day and went for a drive.   At the first stop light she looks over at me with this Grin on her face in disbelief that a tune can do this. My response is yes the correct one!  Anyway acceleration is much better,  transmission holds gears longer, and keeps the SUV in its powerband overall its a must have.


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The tune was an easy install with the Trifecta software. On the test drive I immediately noticed both an increase in power and higher shift points. Both of these were as advertised. Further on, in uphill mountain driving the my Terrain would downshift and hold the gear rather than continuously searching for the right gear. The higher shift points and increase in torque were the enablers of this performance and exactly what I wanted out of the tune. While the GMC 3.6L Terrain in no hot rod you can certainly feel the difference in acceleration versus the stock tune. If you are out to surprise someone this tune will do it. Trifecta also increased neutral/park rev limiter to 5000 rpm per my request on the order. I use the higher revs to demonstrate the exhaust note from the Magnaflow exhaust system. Good job Trifecta!

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