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Support & FAQ

Support Policy and Information

For information pertaining to a specific TRIFECTA product, please visit our Store or Contact Us.

Installation Manuals

Installation instructions for TRIFECTA Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are reviewed by our staff and periodically rolled into either specific product packages or the EZ Flash User Guide. If you have a question that isn't answered either by reading through the product description for the product you wish to purchase, or the EZ Flash User Guide, please Contact Us..

3rd Party Hardware Support

To receive support and calibration updates for vehicles that have a TRIFECTA calibration, if your vehicle is stock, please contact the product/calibration/software retailer where you have purchased the product/calibration/software for any support issues; if your vehicle has any 3rd party or aftermarket hardware/parts installed on it, please contact the manufacturer of the aftermarket hardware/parts for support.

TRIFECTA Performance reserves the right of refusal for any vehicle that we have deemed not serviceable, which include but are not limited to: Vehicles with mechanical issues, other electrical issues, or other quality control issues.

Datalogging Eligibility

The Budget and Advantage series of calibrations are not eligible to receive any datalogging support.

It is our policy that the datalogging feature is considered a value added extra that is at the discretion of TRIFECTA to determine if any additional service is needed on said vehicle. Any and all followup service in reviewing datalogs and providing updates based on these datalogs are considered extra value added and are at the discretion of TRIFECTA to accept or decline.

It is at discretion of TRIFECTA in determining if any, or what type of calibration upgrade fee might be assessed for any addition work resulting from hardware changes and/or feature changes.

Refund Policy

Being that a customized product is being purchased for your vehicle, we have a standard policy of "All tune sales are final" after the tune file is downloaded from the customer center or otherwise received by the dealer or customer.

For modified vehicles, customers should understand, and in the case of tuning a highly modified vehicle, anticipate that there may need to be some follow-up tuning required (except for tune packages that do not include any follow-up data logging and tuning).

We will consider offering refunds under extraordinary circumstances, on a case by case basis. However, customers that feel the tuning process is "taking too long" or otherwise feel inconvenienced by it will not be granted a refund on this sole basis.

Service Policy

We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody, for any reason and in our sole discretion may determine whether or not to accept a tuning order.
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