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  1. 04/29/2024 09:01 PM |
    I purchased the tune back in 2022 black Friday sale. I have had other trifecta tunes and all well done. These received the detuned version of the ATS & Camaro 2.0 as many already know. That wouldn't work, so I installed the tune. Definite difference, all positive. Fast forward to recent events. Began having low power issues between 4700 to 5100 rpm. Turned out it was happening on the stock tune, also so it wasn't Trifecta's issue. I found the GFB diverted valve from the land down under and it took care of it.  Thanks for a great product. I'll be back for more.....if there are any ICE vehicles left. 🤔  

  2. 03/31/2024 01:12 AM |
    I have a 2012 Cruze LT automatic with numerous bolt on upgrades. I chose the Advantage+ tune from Trifecta due to their experience with tuning the Cruze, and the simple interface. No overprice rental boxes! The Advantage+ has really transformed my Cruze from a boring, heat soaking, lack luster daily driver, into a potent and really fun car!! Gone are all of the “bad habits” the factory engineered into it. Best of all, it still returns between 26.5 to 28 MPG! Talk about having your cake and eating it too!    Trifecta are a great bunch of folks, and are very patient and understanding! The tune itself went without issue, but when I took the car out the first time, it threw a ck eng light and bucked hard on WOT. I sent the data log in, and what they found was my car actually blowing out the plugs under heavy boost. They made the recommendation of a set of ruthenium plugs, after installation it was like a different car!    I’ve been running the car now since October with the tune, and I couldn’t be happier! I offer my sincerest thanks to the folks here at Trifecta!!! 

  3. 03/10/2024 02:44 AM |
    Completely different car after the tune. Incredible how much more power they can extract from the car. Shifts way better. I hated how the car used to think for a second and then accelerate when i pressed on the gas. The cars power output is way more predictable now. Definitely worth the price. 100% worth it!

  4. 03/09/2024 03:59 PM |
    Got this for my 2015 Escalade. The performance improvement is great. It also helps with smooth shifting.

  5. 02/13/2024 01:23 AM |
    I absolutely love my 17 CTS 3.6 now.  I was so fed up with that shifty transmission and that violent shift from 1st to 2nd that i was almost done.  The tune that Trifecta came up with has literally solved what GM engineers were unable to do, which is make their car driveable.  The extra performance was a plus but not necessarily what i was after.  The transmission tune is what sets this over the top.  For my stock CTS anyway.  I think any and all GM vehicles that i own in the future that i can get Trifecta to tune, i will.  Hands down, a well worth the money investment!!

  6. 12/22/2023 08:55 PM |
    My experience thus far has been nothing short of impeccable. The support and timely response is far beyond any company, automotive or otherwise, that I have experienced in a long time. Know your vehicle is in capable hands. I've experienced other companies that offer tunes and they frankly left me with an awful distrust for remote tuning. Trifecta is NOT one of those companies.  If you're on the back and forth of purchase, just do it, I am glad I did. 

  7. 12/11/2023 11:33 PM |
    2018 ATS - 3.6l Premium Luxury AWD with the Performance Package from Cadillac.  First off, World Class Customer Support from Trifecta! These guys really stand behind their product and helped me with all of my questions throughout the process! You get what you pay for! I'm very satisfied!  10/10 The Tune: 10/10 Well worth the money! Great additional performance without any engine mods and I mean it! The first thing you notice after tuning it is the increased lower end torque (engine pulls hard RIGHT AWAY),  and also the way it revvs up top you would think there is a turbo added ( I saw another review talking about the same feeling below and It's True! ). The engine just seems to be operating smoother all across the Rpms and you can tell it's just running better than factory tuning, really.  The shifting patterns definitely feel better as well and it's definitely a nicer driving experience all around. No more V4 in sports mode as well!  Overall a happy customer here! l will definitely recommend this company to other car guys, as well as return for more business if I get another sports car they support!  10/10 Would buy again!!!!   

  8. 12/10/2023 09:56 PM |
    Having had a 2016 ATS-V with a Trifecta tune, I knew the tune would be a good one but I did not expect how much better the car drove.  Smoother engine at all rpms, transmission shifts are smoother and quick, just driving the car normally is a huge improvement.  At wide open throttle the car screams, it feels like it has had a single turbo added.  This is absolutely the best bang for the buck. Talk about service, sent my auto trans code to Trifecta on a Sunday, in one hour had the tune file back in an email - never expected that.  Have already recommended Trifecta to a fellow Cadillac ATS-V owner and he has purchased that tune. Excellent tune, excellent service, tune loaded in 5 minutes from my laptop, no glitches.   One happy customer

  9. 12/04/2023 02:15 PM |
    This tune has been the perfect solution to a chronic transmission problem that the dealer said was caused by driving around in 4WD (don't think so). Extra performance is a plus. It now drives as it should and shifts when it should without the random/irrational downshifts at slow speeds that was driving us nuts. My only regret is missing out on the "Black Friday" sale !

  10. 11/29/2023 04:27 PM |
    1 Year in Review The trifecta tune has been a fantastic upgrade to my Buick TourX. The remapped transmission and increased horsepower have substantially improved the everyday driving dynamic of this car. It is way more fun to drive but also way more practical as the power band is usable right when you need it and the 8 speed transmission is managed much better for city driving. I started off with it using the "engage/disengaged function" but now have now installed the permanently on software. If you are looking for a great tune that is aggressive enough for a more fun driving experience but not aggressive enough to hinder everyday driving this is it. For more than that I'm sure the advantage plus and elite are great options.  In addition to the tune being great, Trifecta's customer service and response time to questions were fast and reliable. All around a great company to work with. 

  11. 11/20/2023 04:04 PM |
    Pretty happy with the tune, it does what I expected to do. I highly recommend it. - No more gas dead pedal zone. - In sport mode the car feels angrier than before. - No more v4 in sport mode. - Driving in general is a more pleasant experience, it is like a new car, it should have left the factory with this configuration.

  12. 11/19/2023 07:59 PM |
    I had been eyeing up this tune for a couple of years at least, and knew it would/could void my factory warranty, but now my car has 90,000 miles on it, is a 2019, and runs as good as the day I bought it. I thought let's do this! So I can honestly say, the shipping was fast, the retraction of info from my car was simple, and sent to Trifecta easily and quickly. They responded the SAME day with my custom calibration for my vehicle. I can tell you from the moment I took off, I was blown away. Per other reviews it says, it doesn't make your car "faster" but it actually does, because the same usual acceleration that you are used to giving makes this thing lunge with power and speed. It completely breathed new life into my car and I am in love with it all over again. The shifts are tight and responsive and the overall feel is great. The throttle response is impressive, even at cruising speeds, just a tap on the gas and you can feel the downshift and it wants to go! I usually don't travel over 85mph on the expressway so I can't really speak for anything above that, but I can tell you the 0-60 'natural acceleration' speeds are just incredible. I haven't tried an actual l0-60 launch but prior to the tune, i was able to get a 5.9 to 6.9 out of the car. The nice thing about this tune is that it deletes the auto shut off at stops, which is annoying at times, and you can also return the vehicle to stock feel just by turning on the cruise. You don't have to set it, just turn it on so it's ready to be set and the car feels like pre-tune. I wish there were more of these Regal GS's out there because there's no doubt this would be a popular choice amongst drivers. 

  13. 11/01/2023 02:26 AM |
    All I can say is wow.  2014 Sonic RS, installed ZZP exhaust, K&N and Coil Pack which helped some, but then flashing with the Trifecta tune completely changed the car.  Stock tune was sluggish on the turbo spool, a bit anemic in the acceleration.  With the tune, seems like performance available throughout the RPM curve and definitely gave the care a bit of a kick (for what a 1.4L can be).  No signs of issue with car and welcomed a very different feel to this tiny turbo car, kudos on some quality work and easy install / clear directions.

  14. 09/15/2023 10:47 PM | TheDrumm
      I waited 3 years to purchase this tune and now I wish I hadn't waited.  What an amazing difference.  It gives more power and immediate power.  It improves the transmission which has always driven me crazy.  I did 3 runs at the drag strip at ORP last year without the tune and can not wait to run it in October now with the tune.  There will be a huge improvement.  As soon as I put in the tune, I drove it and said "Holy Crap" constantly the whole first drive.  Do not wait, get the tune right away.   I have a 2015 GS and had them put the tune on the Sport and GS modes.  So at start up the car is in the regular mode it came with.  I can hit the Sport button to get the tune without having the stiff suspension and then GS mode for full suspension and steering settings with the tune.  I am very happy with this set up.   The fully loaded GS like I have is very finicky, so the first couple of times I tried to install it, it did not take.  You have to have the doors closed and then plug the cord into the laptop and then into the OBDII port and then hold your start button for 10 seconds and then open the program.  If you do them in any other order or have the driver's door open, it says it can't recognize the car and won't load.  This isn't Trifecta's problem, it is this car.  Once it started loading, it only took maybe 10 minutes to finish.   Now it flies and I ready to see the results at the strip.

  15. 09/02/2023 10:41 PM | C-Meister
    First car getting tuned, and it performs so much better, transmission shifts smoother and it’s a decent bit quicker and I can hear it a lot better 

  16. 08/23/2023 05:20 PM |
    Another home run by Trifecta! They've now tuned 3 of my vehicles and I don't know if I'll ever use another tuner for a daily driver, whether it was my 3.6 LFX SRX or my 600+ rwhp ATS-V or now my 2.0T LTG Equinox, they always hit it out of the park! As others have said, this big SUV can break the tires loose in AWD or FWD mode, what a riot! 

  17. 08/07/2023 11:30 PM |
    I've been looking for a tune for quite some time and when I mean the trifecta tune was well worth it. I mean my car is sounding like a dam v8 and performance on the road makes the car more aggressive. I am also getting the pops and bangs of a v8 Camaro that I thought my car could never do.

  18. 08/07/2023 03:39 PM | Trev03
    I’ve had this tune for a month and am blown away at how much it’s changed the truck. Download and installation was seamless. (Took maybe 10 minutes).  I tow a 20ft roughly 5000lb camper wet, and it pulls it so much better now than before. Originally I felt like I couldn’t get out of my own way and now the truck just goes when I need it to.    My only negative complaint is MPG. I still only average 22. Whether I use 87 or 93 at the pump. But this could also be partial to my wheel set up. 275/40r20x12. I will come back to update when I have my stocks put on for the winter. But I will say the engine likes the 93 better than 87 as advertised. Other than that I love what the tune has done for me. 

  19. 07/10/2023 07:03 PM | Ismael Romero
    Trifecta tune for the win! I installed it on my 2018 equinox 2.0 fwd and it was everything and more than what i expected! When I drop my foot to the pedal the wheels are still slipping at around 40mph. I added a diverter valve from GFB dv+ and they work so well together. My friends are surprised of how much it pulls, no regrets whatsoever. 

  20. 06/30/2023 03:08 PM | Ian Hall
    Absolutely worth every penny. My 2017 XT5 just woke up. I let my son drive it afterwards and he asked what all I had done to it. I have only added the Airaid closed intake system   It would bark the tires in the right conditions before but now it’ll smokem with Trac control off. Now, I don’t drive my XT like that but the general enjoyment is wild. You will have to relearn the pedal. The RPMs will blow your mind. Passing on the highway is confident and quite fun. It’s completely different. I’m in love! 

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