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  1. 09/15/2023 10:47 PM |
      I waited 3 years to purchase this tune and now I wish I hadn't waited.  What an amazing difference.  It gives more power and immediate power.  It improves the transmission which has always driven me crazy.  I did 3 runs at the drag strip at ORP last year without the tune and can not wait to run it in October now with the tune.  There will be a huge improvement.  As soon as I put in the tune, I drove it and said "Holy Crap" constantly the whole first drive.  Do not wait, get the tune right away.   I have a 2015 GS and had them put the tune on the Sport and GS modes.  So at start up the car is in the regular mode it came with.  I can hit the Sport button to get the tune without having the stiff suspension and then GS mode for full suspension and steering settings with the tune.  I am very happy with this set up.   The fully loaded GS like I have is very finicky, so the first couple of times I tried to install it, it did not take.  You have to have the doors closed and then plug the cord into the laptop and then into the OBDII port and then hold your start button for 10 seconds and then open the program.  If you do them in any other order or have the driver's door open, it says it can't recognize the car and won't load.  This isn't Trifecta's problem, it is this car.  Once it started loading, it only took maybe 10 minutes to finish.   Now it flies and I ready to see the results at the strip.

  2. 09/02/2023 10:41 PM |
    First car getting tuned, and it performs so much better, transmission shifts smoother and it’s a decent bit quicker and I can hear it a lot better 

  3. 08/23/2023 05:20 PM |
    Another home run by Trifecta! They've now tuned 3 of my vehicles and I don't know if I'll ever use another tuner for a daily driver, whether it was my 3.6 LFX SRX or my 600+ rwhp ATS-V or now my 2.0T LTG Equinox, they always hit it out of the park! As others have said, this big SUV can break the tires loose in AWD or FWD mode, what a riot! 

  4. 08/07/2023 11:30 PM |
    I've been looking for a tune for quite some time and when I mean the trifecta tune was well worth it. I mean my car is sounding like a dam v8 and performance on the road makes the car more aggressive. I am also getting the pops and bangs of a v8 Camaro that I thought my car could never do.

  5. 08/07/2023 03:39 PM | Trev03
    I’ve had this tune for a month and am blown away at how much it’s changed the truck. Download and installation was seamless. (Took maybe 10 minutes).  I tow a 20ft roughly 5000lb camper wet, and it pulls it so much better now than before. Originally I felt like I couldn’t get out of my own way and now the truck just goes when I need it to.    My only negative complaint is MPG. I still only average 22. Whether I use 87 or 93 at the pump. But this could also be partial to my wheel set up. 275/40r20x12. I will come back to update when I have my stocks put on for the winter. But I will say the engine likes the 93 better than 87 as advertised. Other than that I love what the tune has done for me. 

  6. 07/10/2023 07:03 PM | Ismael Romero
    Trifecta tune for the win! I installed it on my 2018 equinox 2.0 fwd and it was everything and more than what i expected! When I drop my foot to the pedal the wheels are still slipping at around 40mph. I added a diverter valve from GFB dv+ and they work so well together. My friends are surprised of how much it pulls, no regrets whatsoever. 

  7. 06/30/2023 03:08 PM |
    Absolutely worth every penny. My 2017 XT5 just woke up. I let my son drive it afterwards and he asked what all I had done to it. I have only added the Airaid closed intake system   It would bark the tires in the right conditions before but now it’ll smokem with Trac control off. Now, I don’t drive my XT like that but the general enjoyment is wild. You will have to relearn the pedal. The RPMs will blow your mind. Passing on the highway is confident and quite fun. It’s completely different. I’m in love! 

  8. 06/30/2023 12:05 PM |
    Yesterday, I finally installed my Trifecta Tune, and my 2013 XTS feels like a different beast. Instant throttle response, rapid acceleration, and the shift points are extended, as it holds the gears longer. It goes from zero to seventy extremely fast. It feels like sport mode on steroids. I could always roach the tires from a dead stop when mashing the pedal, but not like now. Before it was just a chirp. Now it feels like I'm going to burn these Vogues right off my chrome. Car is completely stock other than wheels/ tires and a K&N filter. If you're on the fence about this tune, just get it. It's worth every penny.

  9. 06/20/2023 07:49 PM |
    All, I first purchased the standard tune upgrade and it worked perfectly.  I then did some engine upgrades, sent them the specs on the parts, and they sent me the new tune for the upgrades.  It worked perfectly when installed.  Did a datalog of some drive time for review and they verified that the tune specs were right on the nose.  Excellent service all, I would recommend them over anybody else on the market!

  10. 06/08/2023 10:01 PM |
    I watched some videos on YouTube that had positive reviews but difference in just a small power boost and the transmission shift tuning woke up my sleep truck. I also had a fast experience from purchase to having the tune in my truck and driving in less than five days ( and that’s getting it to Canada eh!) Thanks!

  11. 06/01/2023 05:54 PM | asxstare
    I just purchased this tune and literally only drove around the block twice and from the moment I pressed a little bit on the throttle I could already feel the difference This was my first time loading a tune and the instructions from the EZflash guide were very simple and the whole process went well. I'm running a borla axle back with muffler delete, resonator delete, secondary cat delete, and the ghost cam sounds amazing! At first I was hesitant on purchasing this tune, I had questions before I purchased the tune and ended up making 2-3 tickets, all of which were answered very quickly and honestly, Huge thanks to the trifecta team for the tune and the amazing support, I'm very happy I went through with this purchase.

  12. 05/30/2023 12:10 PM |
    2 things.... thing #1 this upgrade is a no brainer! No longer sluggish when you step on the gas. It is lively and responsive!! Install/flash is super easy and took only maybe 10 minutes. Thing #2....Support is very responsive to questions.  After sending the ECU info, got the download in about 30 minutes. Thumbs up and 5 stars for Trifecta! Thank you for a great experience!

  13. 05/28/2023 01:57 AM | Pugs
    Here's the bottom line at the top: If you're hesitating, if you're still thinking about it, DON'T. Here's your sign. Go, right now, and just do it. My only regret right now is how long I thought about purchasing a Trifecta tune for my 2010 Camaro RS. The product is just as advertised, the install was simple and went smoothly, and the staff was supportive. I recently purchased this Camaro used with 50,000 miles and quickly fell in love with it. Still, it felt as if it had more to give. At times the transmission would seem indecisive, and unsure of what it was I wanted it to do. The engine itself ran fine, but often seemed one step ahead of the tranny, as if it were a dog pulling at the end of its leash. But mostly, the stock set up just seemed to be easily confused. My Trifecta tune has resolved all those issues. Now the car simply responds instinctively and does exactly what I expect it to do. My Camaro and I are now always on the same page and it's a beautiful thing: The dog has been unleashed, and our tongues are hanging out For me, the real test was the 'Wife Test'... let's just say that she is not a fan of admitting when I might have made a good decision all on my own, but even she couldn't deny this one. On her first post-tune ride, the first time I got on the gas just a little bit I could see her out of the corner of my eye: she looked at me and smiled, she didn't know I saw it, but I did. Not once, but twice, and then she said "I don't know how to describe it, it just feels and sounds slicker" SLICKER, she said, and the choir in my head sang "Joyful, joyful, joyful, joyful, joyful, joyful, joyful". I think that is an excellent way to describe what this tune has done to my Camaro, it is slicker. THANKS TRIFECTA  

  14. 05/25/2023 06:16 PM | JGRobinson90
    Had the tune for a while now, I love it!!! Definitely put some pep in my cruze

  15. 05/02/2023 09:54 PM |
    With the lift, bumper, winch, toolbox with recovery gear, and oversized tires, I lost a bit of power despite having a CAI, exhaust, and TB spacer. Shifting was the biggest issue on uphill drives. Once I uploaded the Trifecta Elite to my 2020 3.6L LT 4x4, she came back to life. So much more power, better-shifting response, and fuel MPG even went up a bit. I have seen other Trifecta customers say it's like a different truck, and I will agree. The power felt in sport mode is incredible! If you have modifications (Exhaust, CAI, etc.), plans for further upgrades like tire size, re-gear, and want to have the ability to make calibration requests for the life of your truck, then this is the tune you need to get.  What really solidified my decision to buy was the Trifecta team, their responsiveness, and their helpfulness. Hands down best customer service I have experienced in the industry.

  16. 05/02/2023 05:05 PM |
    All I can say is wow! I have a 2020 GMC Terrain 2.0L Turbo. I first tried a Pedal Commander with a Thornton tuning chip. It felt great but after reading the reviews I decided to try a TRIFECTA tune. It is night and day! The car pulls way harder all the way to 90mph, only because I lifted (in "Mexico" of course), and the power is much smoother. If I knew then what I know now I would have just gone with the TRIFECTA tune. As a side note, the Pedal Commander will negatively impact the cars performance if you try it with the new tune. I tried it on multiple settings and when I took it off it was a noticeable difference. These guys were also patient with all my questions and the customer service is top notch. I'm now a true believer! Thanks TRIFECTA Performance!

  17. 04/23/2023 10:36 PM | Kingpimpdaddy
    I am a two time customer of Trifecta. I bought the tune first for my 2016 ATS -V and loved it and the customer support. After I sold that car 3 years later, I bought a 2nd tune from Trifecta for my 2019 CTS – V Sport. The performance of the cars was greatly increased and the customer service and support is 5 star always. They made changes per my requests and due to my vehicles availability to be geared to how I drive with no additional charges. They asked to check my intercooler to ensure that it was/is working properly on their own. Trifecta wants you to be happy with their products. I am very happy with them and recommend 100. Great deal for the money.   Big Daddy

  18. 04/21/2023 11:32 AM | Cruzelover1992
    Made the Silverado truck perform well past my expectations! Can’t thank trifecta enough for everything they do with the Chevy vehicles!

  19. 04/19/2023 06:56 PM | Herbie53
    Installed the Trifecta tune on my 2020 Buick Regal Sportback GS and it really woke things up. Throttle response is crisper as are the shifting points. Overall, the car feels like it is ready to pounce especially in Sport mode. Installation was easy even for an old guy like me. Customer service was top-notch, very patient with my questions, and walked me through the process. I have only one small issue. When driving between 30-35 m.p.h. the trans seems to be hunting for which gear to stay in. So, my solution is to either drive over or under those speeds. I would definitely purchase product from them again and in fact am considering getting one for my wife's GMC. Well done Trifecta!

  20. 04/09/2023 02:56 PM | hoopteetruckster
    Trifecta knocks it out of the park on tuning!!!  I have purchased tunes for my 5.3l Tahoe and 3.6l Equinox, each performed beyond expectations.  I've tried various gas engine tuning over the past 25 years and nothing compares to trifecta! 

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