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  1. 03/13/2020 07:00 PM | Benm
    For sure ūüĎć a great tune!!!! Chirps the tires with the traction control on and turned off it's a monster.¬†

  2. 03/13/2020 11:44 AM | Logansteno
    The one thing I didn't like about my '17 Cruze was that is just didn't have the get up and go of the '12 GTI it replaced, which I was willing to live with for a much more reliable car. Then I bought my Trifecta Advantage tune and the performance gap between the two closed much more than I expected. I didn't think a little 1.4T could have this much punch, especially with the long economy gears in the 6-speed manual. Even better, the Advantage tune has the ability to work with more mods than I expected it to. When I bought my upgraded recirculation valve I was certain I was going to have to upgrade to Elite tuning. Not only did I not, but Trifecta got back to me incredibly quick when I asked if an upgrade was needed. The customer service is incredible.  I'm definitely recommending anyone on the fence about buying this tune do it immediately. Not only for the surprising amount of extra power, but for the excellent customer service that comes with it. 

  3. 03/05/2020 04:15 PM | Lucas
    This is probably the best 500$ I’ve spent on my Camaro, the tune almost makes the car feel like a different vehicle after installing it. The ghost cam sounds amazing with my flow master exhausts. I highly recommend purchasing this!

  4. 03/05/2020 02:39 AM | Arnie Gonzalez
    Recently modified my 2018 Silverado LT 4x4 with a 6in BDS Coilover Lift,  35" Toyo Open Country R/T, Gibson Sport performance Exhaust, and Yukon 4.56 Gears.  Was looking for a solution to recalibrate speedometer and this took care of that plus more.  It brought the life back into the truck.  Sport mode is fun but obviously sacrifices fuel economy.  Eco mode is very smooth but still has great acceleration.  Definitely worth the money.  

  5. 02/22/2020 09:13 PM | Justin Spear
    This tune makes the Sonic feel like it should have been from the factory. Does it make you the racing god of Mount Akina? No. Because it's still a Sonic. However there is no single greatest performance gain that I know of that you can get for such a small price. The car is way more responsive, very noticeably more powerful, and obviously way more fun to drive. My automatic is way happier to downshift now, and sometimes catches me off guard. That took some getting used to but I wouldn't call it a problem. All I can say is this tune is never coming off the car as long as I own it, and if you're reading this wondering if you should order one, the answer is 100% YES from me.

  6. 02/18/2020 06:28 PM | Summit_Cruze
    My 2016 cruze feels like a whole different car. I dont even know how I could drive the car before. It was like a slug taking forever to start moving and not having any power behind it. But now with the tune its responsive, sharp and has nice torque down low. With the automatic you step on it it’ll downshift and go all the way to redline very firm and sometimes hard shifts which I love. Gas mileage is about the same, most of the time I’m having too much fun but have been getting 22mpg with heavy city driving which is really good in my area. With traction fully off and a hard launch its all wheel spin and that’s on 225 all season tires. Don’t expect to beat any crazy cars but you will surprise some and keep up with others. With the push of a button (if equipped) I can go back to a stock-ish state and its a regular car again with auto start/stop and cruise control working perfectly. Really hard to find any negatives here for the price this tune paired with a K&N intake is amazing with way louder intake and turbo sounds. Install couldn’t be easier it requires a windows laptop but if you have a newer MacBook it is possible to run windows on it just look up a YouTube video worked flawlessly for me. If this hasn’t convinced you just buy it and you’ll thank me later amazing work by the Trifecta team

  7. 02/16/2020 07:37 PM | Mled92
    Bought the trifecta tune for my 16 regal a few months ago. Didn’t actually plug it in until last night! The difference is like night and day. Product is worth buying.

  8. 02/10/2020 12:31 PM | Kingdangalang
    I have had the trifecta tune for about two weeks now and I enjoy it. It definitely effected how the transmission shifts. In my opinion it makes acceleration smooth when not giving it the beans. When giving said beans, the truck is more inclined to stay in a lower gear to give you more of the 200 ponies you got. I would happily recommend it if you aren‚Äôt happy with the truck‚Äôs normal transmission logic. It does not ‚Äúfeel‚Ä̬†like it has given the truck extra power and does not remove the speed limiter (93) so if you are looking to race a 2.5l i4 Colorado buy a turbo or a different vehicle

  9. 02/05/2020 02:04 AM | spuds2018v6maro
    This tune really woke my v6 up after all the mods I installed and not having a tune I could tell the difference immediately the WOT response is soooo good for the 3.6L LGX V6 Camaro after this tune he car actually moves when you press on the throttle but it is not jerky like the stock tune due to the AFM turning the v6 into a v4 this tune completely gets rid of that (in sport mode only) no more transmission shuttering either these guys really know what they are doing. My downshifts feel so good and they sound even better now! I cant express how truly greatful I am for trifecta and their team I hope they continue to give young car enthusiast like me more to look forward too, Once Again Thank You TRIFECTA PERFORMANCE For The Awesome Job And Customer Support.

  10. 02/04/2020 12:41 AM | Brendon Kearney
    The trifecta tunes are simple to use and their support is very good.

  11. 02/03/2020 04:03 PM | Eric H
    I spent much time debating which tune to go with for my 2013 Impala 3.6, and decided on trifecta. I have to say the car is a lot more enjoyable now, the shifts are much quicker and throttle response is almost instant now. The car definitely drives like a 300hp car now. I like the fact that you can turn the tune off with the cruise control button. When you switch between the two, you can really feel the difference that the tune makes. I have nothing bad to say about this tune! I was looking to have the car drive more aggressively, and that’s what I received once I installed the tune. Install was very simple following the steps and only took about 15 minutes to download to the vehicle. Thanks Trifecta! 

  12. 02/02/2020 01:42 PM | Dalaw1960
    I have a 2016 Impala Limited LTZ.  Prior to purchasing this tune I had a Af Dynamic cold air intake, throttle body spacer and complete Magnaflow cat-back exhaust.  This is definitely the best upgrade so far.  I had a lot of questions prior to the purchase and the support team was very responsive.  Many of my questions sent through e-mail were answered within an hour or two.  This level of service was definitely one of the big reasons I went with Trifecta. After the purchase I received the communication cable, a license plate holder, numerous stickers and several business cards in a 2-day flat rate package.  It took another day or two for the Company to upload the files to my account.  After reviewing the instructions and downloading the installer and files to my Windows Tablet the install to the car was straightforward and took about 25 minutes.  A couple of other items here that really sold me was the ability to switch between Sport mode and Economy mode using the cruise control power on/off button and also the fact that you can go back to stock at any time using the files on your laptop/tablet. As for performance there is a big difference, mainly in two areas.  I always felt the car redlined too quick at about 6500 because it really felt like it was still pulling hard before the factory settings forced it to upshift.  Now, the redline is right about 7000 and that seems perfect.  Second, the throttle response was always sluggish.  Merging onto a highway, for instance, you really had to push the pedal down quite a bit to get a response.  In Sport mode the throttle is now extremely responsive.  Actually, a bit too much to my liking but I am getting used to it.  To be clear, the car definitely feels faster.  I do not have any dyno runs or 1/4 mile slips to back that up.  It also seems to make a big difference depending on the fuel you choose to run.  Running Regular 87 octane in Sport mode is noticeably different (not as peppy) as running E85 or 93 octane plus fuel.  In addition, after a fuel switch it seems to take a day or two for the system to acclimate to the either higher or lower octane.  In Economy mode the car seems to operate pretty much the way it did prior to the tune.  I have noticed no difference in MPG running in Economy as opposed to stock, but that's not why I made this upgrade. Conclusion, the folks at Trifecta are great to work with and this is a great upgrade. 

  13. 01/31/2020 08:42 PM | madmax.11
    Everything with Trifecta has been great - from chatting with the guys to the functionality and install of the tune itself. It is awesome that you don't have to pull and send away both your ecm / tcm to get¬†programmed or have it stuck at a shop for a day or more. Another huge selling feature was the fact that they are able to remedy¬†the notorious¬†issues of the 8 speed transmissions (mine fortunately only had a few minor hiccups pre-tune). I love the selectable modes with the Elite + and am glad I went with the top tier tune. I am averaging about 10L/100km (23.5mpg) with a full 2" levelling kit on heavy 285/50-22 Nitto TerraGrappler¬†tires. I gained back about 3L/100km that I lost when up-sizing¬†my tires from stock. So now I am¬†thinking about returning the truck to stock height or slightly lower and going back to a lighter street tire. I want to get the mileage into single digit territory¬†as this truck is part daily driver and mostly¬†summer road trip unit. ūüėĀ Will keep you all posted! ūü§ė Thanks again! *picture of the truck is before the larger tires*

  14. 01/31/2020 07:55 PM | Bart A Donzella
    Extremely satisfied with this tuner installed in my 2019 GMC Canyon All Terrain . It made the world of difference in performance ! I had installed larger tires and now the speedometer is now calibrated back to normal . The shift points are spot on when in ECO mode and in performance mode .This tuner really woke up this engine as it should have been right from the dealership . I also use the tow mode which made a world of difference also , Don't even feel the boat ! So glad I made the decision to purchase this . You will not be disappointed with their support team ether . Very knowledgeable ,supportive services ! I highly recommend this program and look forward to driving my truck every day ! Thanks again Trifecta !! 2019 GMC Canyon All Terrain, Eibach Pro Kit springs and shocks ( Front only) , 1.5 Bora spacers , 265/70 R17 Goodyear Duratracs , ARE Cap, Yakima Roof Racks , AVS In-Channel Vent Visors

  15. 01/29/2020 03:17 AM | Raceonedge
    I want to start off by saying how extremely satisfied I am with Trifecta Performance. I emailed them about a month before I began my project to see if what I wanted done would be possible. I was creating a top mount supercharger kit on somewhat of a budget for a 2013 Camaro LFX V6. I was extremely surprised how fast they had responded. They said they could definitely help me out. I finished my supercharger fabrication and install of an Eaton M90. I then purchased the Camaro LFX Elite Tune. I received my EZFlash cable a few days later and loaded the tune into the ECM. I then took the car for a spin. It is unreal that they could make my project come to life. We are now in the process of data logging and I'm looking forward to working further with the guys at Trifecta. It's pretty snowy and miserable here in Wisconsin, so I hope it clears up enough soon to continue testing. 

  16. 01/27/2020 12:30 AM | cwb0711
    Consistent with other Trifecta tunes I've had, this one for my 2018 Regal TourX has transformed the driving experience. Much better throttle response overall, and especially at freeway speeds. The tune has improved the shift characteristics dramatically; lower gears are held longer during moderate acceleration around town. Once in a higher gear, a slight blip on the throttle gets a decisive response. Tip in is smooth. Much easier to modulate at all vehicle speeds. Excellent, smooth acceleration when needed. Fuel economy is very good, though I have no real reference since I switched to winter tires right after I bought the car. Even so, I think 25 or so around town and around 30 on the freeway in winter is good for a larger car like this. Very smooth and responsive overall, with much improved performance, while retaining the Buick's serene nature while cruising, that's an accomplishment. Highly recommended.

  17. 01/20/2020 09:04 PM | tim garrett
    What a great product. The car is so much more enjoyable to drive. I have tuned numerous vehicles over the years with handheld tuners, but Trifecta has hit a major home run with this car. This 2014 Buick Regal GS turbo is a completely different animal with the Trifecta tune. Better mileage and MUCH better response. Thanks for a great product!!!

  18. 01/13/2020 10:27 PM | ray213
    EXTREMELY SATISFIED! Bought the Advantage+ on stock tire size since I was going a tad bigger in the future. Cable came in after 3 days, and the Tune was posted the next day.  Holy cow what a difference it made! Even with Cruise Control on (Eco mode) there was a HUGE difference! No more struggling to find a gear! With Cruise Control off, the truck wants to take off like a bat out of hell! Once I went with bigger tires (265/70/17) the truck did feel a bit sluggish. I shot Trifecta an email. They were able to update the existing one to accommodate the new tires. Bam! We are back in business! Great service! Great product! 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend! 

  19. 01/10/2020 02:20 AM | oldassz
    EZ flash cable shipped asap. Great customer support system in place. My car has a K&N intake and some minor exhaust modifications. The tune complimented these modifications very nicely. The install took literally 12 or 13minutes tops. Even though the roads here in Alberta are ice and snow covered you can tell there is a huge difference in the overall driving dynamics of the car. Excited to drive the car this spring on drier roads. Highly recommend anyone interested in tuning to consider Trifecta for their vehicle. 

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