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  1. 06/21/2022 11:44 AM | JFig
    I just bought a 2021 GMC Canyon…. I also have a 2020 Ford Ranger that has a Ford Performance Power Pack tune on it… driving that Ranger then driving the GMC was so depressing… the GMC just plods along, so I immediately grabbed the Trifecta tune and applied it to the GMC… wow, now it drives like it was supposed to and rivals the boosted Ranger… best $$ I ever spent…

  2. 06/17/2022 12:33 PM | Robert Crockett
    Very happy with the results. It's worth it for the throttle response and AFM delete alone. I'm DEFINITELY getting better gas mileage as well, especially in touring. Pictures are from my normal work commute. 

  3. 06/17/2022 01:48 AM | Sdeming
    This is the second vehicle that I’ve used trifecta for and I’ve been tremendously happy with both so far, with the first vehicle holding strong 5 years later. The tune for the Buick makes an absolute world of difference. While I loved the car I was frustrated with auto shift points, manual shift reaction and throttle reaction. The tune completely turned the wagon into a peppy little rocket that responds immediately to everything I’ve asked of it. Although I have noticed an uptick in mpg’s, it was not a priority for me when originally purchasing. Extremely happy with the results, absolutely worth it. 

  4. 06/13/2022 08:01 PM | rkmsr1
    Rick Marr  I just finished downloading my performance up-grade. I am totally blown away!!! The power difference from the stock 270 hp to the now approximately 320 is immense. I did this mainly for the ability to tow my boat without struggling to get up some big very long hills. I can't imagine how well it will do now. Plus the advantage of increased fuel mileage. I'm running on 87 octane but t Chevy recommends high test 91 octane. At the cost of fuel now I'll stick to the regular... Thank you so very much Trifecta. I will proudly use the Trifecta decals and the license plate holder!!!

  5. 06/07/2022 02:47 PM | Jason S Jackson
    So, I know absolutely nothing about tuning, mapping, mods, etc. . And that is why I hope my review helps other's who are, like I was prior, feeling hesitant because of lack of knowledge. That said, here is my honest review. The customer service representative who helped me, Michael, was patient, efficient with responses to my inquiries, and explained things in the way I needed to understand. He gave me total confidence in the platform, the product, and was indicative of the very best representation of this company works. As for the tune, after installed , driving home I was almost underwhelmed. Got home, read an article on "contrasting adjustment periods" .( I had literally driven the car ten minutes after the tune and on streets that maintained a 45 mph speed zone. I got up, 2 a.m., and I filled up the tank and just hit the expressway for about an hour there, hour back. It wasn't an additional ten minutes from my second departure I realized I had made the exact right decision. The shifting on point, the power couldn't be denied, the overall drive was a 52 year old man feeling seventeen, more, feeling like I was the smartest guy on the planet. I know it sounds overstated, but here's the thing. In a time where standard business practices is no longer held to standards such as honor, integrity, pride, customer satisfaction, quality; to actually find a company, a product and service, a support team that exemplifies all the afore mentioned is something we the consumer should take note of, and remain loyal too. I'm actually upgrading my plan and I'm certain I've found the right company, with the right products, with the right " Mission statement" . So for those, who like me, are nervous, suspecting, or hesitating. I knew nothing, I was a nervous ball of doubt, I prepared for the worst. Luckily, I found the best. Oh, yeah, the car.. It's a machine. It's alive, and I'm still driving lol. Took a pit-stop to write this, and I'm dying to get back on the road, so in case you missed it, I love my decision, I love my car, thank you Michael, Trifecta, and thank this board for all the great info. 

  6. 06/05/2022 05:49 PM |
    If you have been rolling it around thinking about it. Wondering if it is worth it. It is definitely worth it. My 2019 2.5l 6spd 2wd Colorado wasn't bad by no means when I bought it. This tune brought my truck to life. The power. The shifting. The pedal. All of it is greatly enhanced. No doubt about it. I did a 2" leveling kit, 1 1/2" wheel spacers, front and rear hitches the same day so I can't say what economy is like. Anyways, it is not like the movies. It is not nitrous. Not like a turbo. Not like a blower. It is a factory tune. And it is above and beyond my expectations. Thank you 

  7. 06/03/2022 08:23 PM | HeathCS56
    Best decision and upgrade I've made on my Chevy Colorado!!! The added power is definitely noticable. It's not a throw you in your seat kind of upgrade, but the shifting points are much smoother, the added torque definitely helps in towing my cargo trailer, and I've already seen a +2mpg in fuel economy in the short time I've had the tune installed. This is how the truck should perform right from the factory no question. The whole process was streamline and uploading the tune to my truck was very quick and easy. Took 15min total once the tune was downloaded on my laptop and then hooked up to my truck. Absolutely recommend this upgrade on your vehicle! You won't be disappointed!! 

  8. 06/03/2022 02:57 PM |
    The tune was great!  It done everything I needed and when I had questions, support got back to me super fast!     I highly recommend and share trifecta! 

  9. 05/31/2022 03:57 AM |
    2021 chevy traverse LFY 3.6 Tune makes a big difference pulls harder shifts are firmer quicker and will hold a gear longer then stock. Auto start stop is disable and no more annoying off on at about every stop light. Trifecta support team is great and answer all my questions and concerns. Would highly recommend 

  10. 05/30/2022 04:10 PM |
    After driving w-body impala's for over 8 years (4 of them in a limited), I can honestly say this is the best they've ever felt. Stop waiting and purchase this tune! I was initially worried about the throttle being too sensitive -but it isn't. The tranny remap is truly phenomenal in town and on the highway. The eco-mode also works as advertised. The only other mods on my car are a WIX drop in air filter (basically stock but passes slightly more air), the Addco swaybar with Moog end-links, and flow master 40 series delta-flow knocks offs and there are no issues present.  The customer service from Trifecta is also top-notch, which is what initially drew me in. I've run into a few minor issues, but they helped me every time with prompt assistance! 10/10 would buy from Trifecta again for future cars!

  11. 05/28/2022 09:39 PM | Wakeley_Guerin
    If you're paranoid about purchasing this tune, stop right now and read this. I was extremely paranoid about purchasing this tune for my 2021 ZR2 as I found it hard to believe that it would be done correctly and wouldn't cause any damage without Trifecta physically having my modules and writing these calibrations directly to them. I had tons of conversations with Michael about this tune prior to buying it and at no point did he get irritated with all of my questions and requests for the tune. I was very concerned about the performance enhancement (sport mode) and them recommending that the vehicle would run best on premium fuel after the tune was completed. The vehicle running better on 91 octane would only tell me one thing; The engine in running hotter and needs fuel that can resist higher combustion temperatures. This fact didn't settle well wth me so I constantly nagged Michael about what could be done and whether they could tune the truck to have the tune off at all times since I only wanted my shift schedules, gear ratio and speedometer to be corrected. He ensured me that they could program the vehicle to be running with stock performance (in eco mode) at all times and I'd just have to put a request in my notes when updating my calibrations. I constantly requested re-assurance from Michael and even though I hadn't purchased the tune yet, he never hesitated to respond or give me the detailed re-assurance I needed. I purchased the Advantage+ tune as needed to correct for my new gear ratio and speedometer after installing 35's. I just installed the tune today and as requested, there is no performance mode on the truck. There is no change in performance when I switch from eco to sport mode (which is what I requested) and the truck feels like it knows what its doing again after changing the gears and tire size. The cruise control has also returned as I lost that once I changed the gear ratio. The install took about 5 minutes and the truck runs fantastic. I'm very happy I made the decision to go with Trifecta for correcting the data for the modifications I have made to the truck as the software is easy to use, convenient, truck performs great and fantastic customer service. I'll definitely recommend Trifecta to any friends that want a tune done on their Colorado as I'm very satisfied with the results 🤘

  12. 05/27/2022 05:36 PM |
    Like other's have said, this really woke up my Colorado. Once installed, the truck was a lot more fun to drive. Adding this to a stock Z71 2wd 3.6 gave it the pep it needed. Caught myself a few times on the freeway just letting it unwind! MUST HAVE!! 

  13. 05/25/2022 03:14 PM | Don Kolotyluk
    This tune is not holy smokes there is a supercharger under the hood but the team at Trifecta know what they are doing (GM should hire them).  Throttle response and seat of the pants feel is incredible, what this truck should of been from factory.  This is one of the last mods I did and it should have been the first, if you are like me and a little hesitant don't be, you will not regret it.  This tune is an absolute must, now my truck is a truly a joy to drive.  I had a few questions and the response from Trifecta was immediate, great job on the tune and thank you Trifecta!

  14. 05/24/2022 02:00 PM | Shawn A. Cannon
    These guys are AMAZING!  I don't know that much about how all of this works.  They were very patient and explained everything so I would understand what is going on.  Fast friendly service I would recommend them to anyone.

  15. 05/11/2022 08:48 PM |
    After modifying my car as much as it could without going crazy with visiting machine shops and building the motor completely, I decided to get a flash tune from Trifecta. A bunch of people on Instagram that I've talked to and a few in person heavily recommended it. The performance gains have been incredible and I love every second of it. The car is way more responsive and powerful after the tune, extracting all the possible performance from my intake and exhaust. Customer service has been great with getting back to me and helping with any questions I've had regarding the tuning. The EZ-Flash software is also super easy to use and also has a beneficial data logging mode as well to get the most out of your car with the expertise of Trifecta.  Really appreciate the product and the support included, keep up the good work!

  16. 05/10/2022 03:28 PM | Creuss92
    Really wakes up the truck. The shift points are great and feel smooth while having that punch that was missing stock. It's really the best of both worlds. You'll see an immediate improvement in torque and pedal response when in sport mode and a significant mpg improvement in eco mode. It's a no brainer. Very satisfied with the purchasing process, responsiveness of the team and the product in general. 

  17. 05/07/2022 04:47 PM | Box
    Very happy with this tune. I tune every car I have, and this is the slowest car I've purchased in a long time, so I was back and forth on whether it was worth it. I wanted to get Auto Start/Stop turned off because it's garbage and heard nothing but good things about this tune, so I went for it. Car was pretty slow and boring before, it's now surprisingly fun to drive. No Auto Start/Stop, more passing power, and enough for when you just want to have some fun. This tune makes it a completely different car. On top of the power increase, the changed shift points only make it better. The only thing I have noticed that I am not a huge fan of is when accelerating from a stop it seems to hang on to 2nd gear a little too long before shifting. This is under slow/normal acceleration. Highly recommend this for anyone considering. Makes it a completely different car!

  18. 05/02/2022 11:38 PM | NGPC
    Very satisfied with my purchase, my car used to make a slight rattle when first pressing the gas and your guys software resolved that along with giving me more power throught the whole rev range I appreciate the work you guys do 👍

  19. 05/01/2022 05:58 AM | MikeLee702
    I’ve got a 2018 Colorado ZR2 with the MBRP cat Back Exhaust and a Volant Power Core intake. I installed the Tune on the the 4th and have been very pleased with the results. I opted to keep the AFM feature on in Eco mode, and I’m still very pleased with how the truck drives now. I’m running 91 octane with the Tune, even though it does say it’s adaptive with 89 might as well run the top fuel so I get the max gains. In Eco mode it makes the truck feel zippy, and in Sport mode I have surprised and even beat some cars that should have had no issue out pacing an off-road purpose built truck.  I do plan on throwing a supercharger on the truck in the future, until then I am going to take full advantage of the Trifecta tune, and get one for the wife’s Terrain as well. Highly recommend this tune, don’t waist your time with pedal commanders just go Trifecta. 

  20. 04/29/2022 02:02 PM | Troy Slaymaker
    I received my package yesterday. Let me tell you about my Trifecta Performance Tuned 2015 Chevy Colorado 3.6L. (57,000 Miles) The transmission shifting is now where it should be. No more searching for the right gear. The throttle response is outstanding. I will update once I get a chance to check fuel mileage. Trifecta Performance is worth the money so far!!!

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