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  1. 12/26/2018 08:17 PM | Steve Taylor
    Wow is all I can say. It totally lives up to it's word. The car went from a pretty quick 2016 Malibu 2.0 T with a sweet spot for the turbo around 3K RPM to EVERY WHERE AND EVERY TIME you step on the gas, it's a sweet spot. My cousin sells cars at a Chevy, GM, dealership so he test rides the high end Camaros and Corvettes all the time. When he drove my car he said it was impossible for that car to be performing like it was. It was not the same car he drove a few months earlier and those cars aren't supposed to accelerate like it was. He was shocked. So I had my uncle who has a 2014 Corvette Z-06 and he was impressed as well. This was the first time for me doing anything like this so I was really nervous, but you just download the software, download the tune configuration file from your e-mail, plug in the cable to your car's computer and the other end into your computer, choose the tune file and it does everything automatically for you. The only problem I had was in the beginning, I chose to use the transparency option, and I received an error message about it. So when I loaded it, my car wouldn't start. I reset the car back to factory settings because that is an option with the software and the car started. WHEWWWWWWWWW! I thought I really screwed my car up and I'd have to explain to the dealer how and blah blah blah. So I e-mailed Trifecta support on a Saturday afternoon with what happened and that I received an error message in the beginning about not being able to apply the transparency feature. Within an hour Steven from support e-mailed me stating they were working on the issue and would get back to me. Within a couple more hours, Steven wrote back that they knew what caused the issue. Well, I was nervous as hell, but I reloaded the tune just like Steven said and the car started right up. I took it for a ride and let my brother drive it. Needless to say he was trying to take the tires off the rims and the car just had more to give. He couldn't even push it to the max. It thrusts at 80 mph when you hit the gas. It's Insane! Sunday morning, Steven sent a follow up e-mail checking to see how I made out. Who does that on Saturday and Sunday for support?  I'm in IT and I don't even do that. LOL Thank you, Steven and Trifecta. These guys are legit and have the proven track record and support to prove it. If you're a noob or rookie like I am, are a little nervous and afraid, don't be. They'll take care of whatever issues you're having and get you running right. And the best part about it is if you add no other hardware like an intake or exhaust etc, Technically, this car is all Stock. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The expressions on other guys faces in Mustangs, Challengers, Chargers is pretty funny. Don't get me wrong, I don't go looking to race people let alone the higher end models because I'm obviously not in the same class HP wise, but once in a while I'll crack the gas and 0-60 I'm right there with them. That's when they are like what the hell is that and what kind of engine is in it. I've taken the emblems off the car recently except the black Chevy Bow ties. I tell them it's a stock 2016 Malibu 2.0 L Turbo with a smile.    Best Regards, Steve Taylor   Toms River, NJ

  2. 12/24/2018 04:30 PM | Pat O'Gorman
    Had a '13 Cruze prior to this Trax. By the time I became aware of Trifecta, it already had close to 100k on it so I hesitated. Turns out, shortly after, I ended up buying this Trax out of necessity (wife's Torrent was totaled in a flood) as I need an AWD/4WD for my 75 mile round trip to work in sometimes snowy Wisconsin. Had 13k on it at the time I decided to order the tune. I've read other reviews for other Trifecta tunes lamenting the fact they waited so long to do it. Cable showed up in about a week, needed to retrieve the security info for my ECM; within 2 days the tune was posted. Took around 20 minutes to install, and... yes!!! Night and day. The ever unscientific butt dyno certainly verifies the dyno readout they post online. I have owned and used programmers to enhance other "later" model vehicles of mine ('00 Sierra 4.8, '04 Impala SS) and those were great too. BUT the absolute best part of this particular tune is that the bump in part throttle power is fantastic!! The other vehicles were most noticeable at or near WOT; just everyday driving has been transformed for me with the Trax. This is my first Trifecta tune so I'm not sure what if anything I'd want altered in the tune, it's pretty darned dynamite as is! Including a few small- and big- block Chevys I've built in my days, dollar for dollar, this is the best bang for the buck I've spent (Hard to find where you can get the kind of power bump for less than $300 anywhere else!). No, you're not going Mustang or Camaro hunting, and no, I'm not out drag racing everyone at every stoplight, but for this vehicle as my everyday driver that sees mostly highway and interstate driving (and the merging needed), the tune makes it a very enjoyable ride to work! And after a month of driving with the tune, fuel economy doesn't seem affected much (it's getting progressively colder so it's tough to measure that right now; I'll know for sure once we get back into spring and 70+ degree weather). As others have said, if you're even remotely considering it, don't wait! Well done, Trifecta!

  3. 12/23/2018 02:09 AM | Ryan Beyerlein
    I got this for my 2018 GMC terrain Denali AWD was immediately impressed with how it changed the vehicle. It has a lot more power and shifts a lot smoother. This is definitely  worth the money and you will certainly be pleased with the outcome. it Front wheel drive mode this car will spin tires for days, it will even break free sometimes in AWD too. I look forward to seeing more mods to come out of trifecta and eventually plan on installing a cold air intake as well.

  4. 12/18/2018 04:48 PM | M7mdhariri
    I am really impressed with the results , great throttle response, acceleration is improved , the transmission downshifts much faster ,no errors . 

  5. 12/17/2018 02:07 PM | Robert Sutton
    Fun, makes the truck fun to drive worth the investment.

  6. 12/12/2018 06:29 PM | kgr132
    This tune made my 2018 Cruze into the car it should've been when it was delivered from the factory. Absolutely a major upgrade for minimal cash. When I'm feeling mellow, I can get 40-42 mpg on the highway, just like the stock tune. If I feel like letting it all hang out, it's a heck of a fun ride. You won't take a Corvette or anything like that, but I've surprised more than one 3-series BMW and Audi A4. I've found that turning off the traction control so it doesn't get in the way helps. I have a manual transmission (yes, the gearing is stupidly wide spaced) and the engine is totally stock right down to the air filter. Your results may vary, but I can hit the redline in 5th gear at a speed not recommended unless you've done something to fix the hatchback aerodynamics. There were a few hiccups at the outset, but the Trifecta Team's customer service has been first rate and my tune is awesome.

  7. 12/11/2018 07:34 PM | JFKerney
    Five star service and support.  I had some gremlins not related to product and Michael walked me through them.  

  8. 12/11/2018 07:56 AM | LTG_Dude
    Pre sale service = excellent. The guys answered all my questions (30+) like Rock Stars.  Post sale service = excellent. The guys kept answering all my additional questions and concerns while waiting for the cable to arrive. Top notch and timely responses.   Tune process = Easy, intuitive, and fail proof (the first three flashes failed due to a bad USB interface on my PC). 4th Flash worked perfectly. No harm done from three failed/interrupted flashes (14%, 94%, 45% completion.... ). EZ Flash has your back.  Tune results (first impressions after an hour drive through back roads) = It is not the same car. The TCM calibration changed how the car behaves. The ECM calibration solves the dip in TQ at 3k... it keeps pulling now. The upshifts and downshifts are faster and purposeful making the car a blast to drive in manual mode (aka sportshift). On WOT in manual mod you have to really be quick on the upshifts.. things seem to happen a lot fast now   Great mod... adds an aggressive edge to this little Caddy. I'm going to need an updated tire budget. 

  9. 12/07/2018 03:10 PM | Tom Pattinson
    I purchased my 2014 Malibu in September 2018 because I love the styling of the LTZ. I Found this site online through a Malibu Turbo forum site.  Didn't think it was a real upgrade until I ordered and installed it. This tune has awoken my Malibu, it was pretty quick before when I bought it, but now its amazing the difference in power.  I drive 65 miles daily to/from work on the highway and can easily pass anyone I need to when I punch the throttle.  I am very happy with this upgrade.  It was very easy to download and program the car.  I am a believer now!  Thanks Trifecta!

  10. 12/06/2018 03:18 PM | franjimo55
    I've been driving my 5.3L Tahoe with the Trifecta Tune and have been very pleased since day one.  This tune updates not just the engine software but the transmission and stabilitrak softwares as well.  This equates to a very complete package that changes the SUV dynamics and makes it very fun to drive.  Also love the fact that you can change your tune from Sport to Eco while driving.  Since my initial installation I have requested a couple of tweaks to the tune (i.e. increased idle RPM) and have always received prompt and professional treatment from the team.  Definitely recommend this tune and this company.

  11. 12/04/2018 03:10 AM | Dallashe
    Trifecta Advantage 2015 GMC Canyon 3.6L V-6 I'll start by saying I wanted to burn this truck to the ground because of the horrible performance, shift sequence and GM support.  I swear the truck would start out in 3rd gear from a dead stop and would dang near get me rear ended during stop and go traffic.  GM was of no help.  The Trifecta Advantage changed all of that (GM service still sucks though). I don't have to hammer on it at stoplights and hope it goes or stay in one lane when on the interstate.  It drives like it should!! 

  12. 12/02/2018 06:37 PM | Hund The Hound
    So I learned 2 things tonight after installing the tune, I need new tires AND brakes. I broke the tires at WOT at 30mph on drying pavement and I have never done that on even wet pavement, thank you guys so much the wife will love how easy it is to pass people. Before when we wanted to pass we had to put the car in the "semi-automatic" mode and downshift when we were ready to pass. now hitting the gas it downshifts quickly.  This feels just as quick as my 2001 Monte Carlo SS but since its lighter it's a bit more squirrely  Thank you guys very much 

  13. 11/28/2018 01:12 AM | Killerman456
    Had some initial problems with the EZ scan not detecting my vehicle. In less than 24 hours Trifecta Support resolved this issue for everybody and did an update for the EZ scan download on their website. After that, they made my calibration for my car and within about 3 hours it was available for download. Download to vehicle was no problem at all, for me only took about  10-15 minutes total. Just got done taking the car for the initial drive after, and words cannot describe the difference it has made to the vehicle. IT IS NIGHT AND DAY!!! The only modification I had done to it previously was an AEM cold air intake (highly recommended for this car btw) which did give it a boost and loudish intake noise. With the tune now it pulls SO hard from a dig, which it never had before (I think like 70 ft lbs from a stop). On the test drive I turned traction control and stablitrak off and actually roasted the tires at the light. Trifecta was a huge help from the timing of purchase to tuning of vehicle, support is always willing to help. Hands down get this tune..........nothing else to say!

  14. 11/26/2018 05:23 PM | KCCO_MI
    All i can say is Wowwwww!!!  This tune with the AWD 9 speed trans is sick.  It will still break loose in AWD mode on dry pavement.  When i put it in FWD mode it will spin the tires for days.  I have pulled away on cars that the NOX has no business running against.  I have had 4 cars Tuned by Trifecta and will not have any other company do my tunes.

  15. 11/26/2018 01:06 AM | jkrumenacker
    I have a 2014 manual transmission Camaro LS (with other mods).  I was initially skeptical because I didn't see much anywhere about the tune with manual transmission (most posts I read are with auto transmissions).  However- for any others with manual transmissions, I have been totally surprised with the performance.   Much more responsive, quicker, faster, and more fun to drive!  I sometimes find myself thinking "wow" when I pass someone because of the power gains.  The only bad thing is, that its almost winter and I don't want to risk driving too fast with possible ice on the roads!  The gas mileage has been about the same, but then again the MPGs do always go down in the winter- so hard to tell until spring rolls around again.  Mileage honestly doesn't matter to me because the noticeable performance upgrade is definitely worth it.  It's like I have a new car, not kidding.  Honestly, before the tune I was about to consider getting an SS for more HP, but this has provided so much of a difference that I am totally excited with my current ride, and cannot wait to drive every day!

  16. 11/23/2018 03:22 PM | travlore442
    2016 Colorado V6 WT 4X4 All stock except for a K&N drop in filter and changed the 16" steel rims to the 17" Alloy. Not a single issue. CT driving is always up and down hills and mountains and my MPG per tank was always 17-19 depending on how much longer highway driving I'll do. After install and only going from 87oct to 89oct (91 isn't an option in my area. only 93) my mpg went to 20-25. All the low speed passing issues I had are gone. No more needing to stomp on it to get to downshift to pass someone doing 30 in a 45 zone. And that's in economy mode. Performance mode is unbelievable. Wanted to see if the 99mph cap was lifted with this. On the highway one night put it in performance and punched it. 70 to 115 in less than 3 seconds. Only reason I didn't go faster was because I ran out of straight road. Took less than 10 minutes to install after hookup to my laptop. Side note: Remember to be in economy mode when driving in snow.....

  17. 11/15/2018 02:59 PM | Jason Lewis
    Best $300 ever spent!! 2015 Colorado Z71, was never happy with how the truck shifted, from the day I got it. Asked dealership, every time that I went in, if others were complaining about their trucks not shifting right. They said it was the way they were supposed to shift. I had gotten to the point that I was driving mine in the "manual" mode and just shifting it myself, but still it would chug and lurch, if I didn't get it shifted down in time. I kept waiting for there to be a recall or something - but, it never happened... Finally, I went to the Colorado complaint forum, and someone mentioned the Trifecta Tune. I was hesitant, but after reading the reviews I was eager to give it a try. Like countless others on here have said - I actually enjoy driving my truck, now. I drive 95% in the ECO mode, and the truck shifts like it should!! I cant believe I drove for 40,000 miles before finding out about this. Just makes no sense to me why Chevy didn't have this truck tuned like this from the factory. Anyway, if you are contemplating the tune - GET IT! you wont regret it.. One other comment - if you want true peace and joy - like this world can not give - give your heart to the Lord (Jesus Christ). It`s the greatest thing that ever happened in my life! Greatest thing that could ever happen in yours, too ! May the good Lord bless all who read this.... Jason

  18. 11/14/2018 07:11 PM | goliath414
    Exactly as advertised...  As so many others have stated, this makes the Cruze perform the way GM "should" have built it. This tune won't turn the car into a high performance machine, but it will put the fun back into driving it - putting a smile on your face. A must have - great work on Trifecta's part. (if only they could fix the horrible gear ratios in the manual trans - such tall gearing for fuel economy kills it - with this tune and the right gearing you could truly make a hot hatch out of this car).  Oh well - still fun to drive now.

  19. 11/13/2018 01:18 AM | gesmias
    The tune was the answer to several issues. I bought my 15 Canyon with 24k miles . I installed a fiber glass cap and a Bed slide and taller tires.(255/75/17) 2" taller with a lift an level kit 3 1/4". All of these added to the already adequate  power and poor shifting habits , and I towed a 2 axial trail couple time a week.   The trifecta tune has made the truck  pull the extra weight with no problem , turn the taller tires like stock size, and pull the trailer in tow mode with ease.   Then turn off the cruise control ,and sport mode will impress , hard to keep your foot out of it. Love driving this truck now. Just put it in sport mode to pass or jump off the line, then switch to the eco.mode after you blow them away.   Best of both worlds, better mpg. better performance and towing. Support is great and the install is simple. And removable if needed(but you'll never want to!)    Looking forward to trying my stock size tires to feel it performance then. I can change the speedo for tire size anytime I need ! With the advantage Plus+ YOU will NOT be Sorry!    Its not just a young mans thing I like it too!      

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