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  1. 12/04/2022 05:49 AM | MasonBosher
    Definately an improvement on my 2010 v6 camaro. It pulls a lot better in every gear, where as before it would pull kind of weird when i would floor it at around 35 mph as it's the end of 1st gear. Now however, it surprised me how well it pulled. The ghost cam is pretty cool, and it rocks the entire car.  It shifts a lot more agresssive and overall its a lot more fun to drive. I also love how the rev limiter is removed. 

  2. 12/04/2022 01:11 AM | Seth olson
    I was skeptical at first but after some digging I was like screw it and bought it on Black Friday. Had to do a bit more tweaking than I expected like switching my Mac to Windows 10 and buying a USB to USB-C adapter to for Flash Cable to work with my MacBook Air. I would say I finally got everything in place and the time it took to tune my Cruze was so short I was wondering whether it worked or not. Left my garage and practically immediately felt the spike in torque, then I got into the country roads and the horsepower late gears compared to before is beyond words. I have a K&N cold air intake and the turbo you hear after about 3000RPM makes it a completely different car. Very fast replies from the team working here and shoutout Michael for helping me. Proud purchase.

  3. 12/03/2022 11:39 PM | ZacBach77
    Noticeable difference! Crazy how much more power and torque I received from this. This is how this car should have been from the factory, I also love the fact it removes the "start/stop" mode which drives me crazy that it cant be turned off without something like this tune! 10/10 worth it for the 2.0T 😎

  4. 11/15/2022 01:33 AM | David Muchmore
    I love it!!  I always liked my truck -- but now I LOVE it!! I park my truck on gravel.  So after the tune I touched the throttle and spun the back wheels without trying!!  It is soooooo much more responsive at all speeds.  I love the feel of both tunes (with the cruse control off and on), but have gotten totally spoiled with the new feel with the cruse control off.  I do have to be a bit careful accelerating through tight corners with no load in the bed.  The extra torque can make to back end lose traction.  I have not had any long enough trips to get a good handle on the change in MPG.   And Michael was a tremendous help with his quick responses to my questions.  Thank you soo much.

  5. 11/15/2022 01:23 AM | David Muchmore
    I can't improve on the posts below. . . except to say that my non-technical wife loves her "new" car!!  Both of us notice the differences.  And the lowering of the water temp to 205 before the fan kicks in along with a modified thermostat to open at 185 (I couldn't find one for 195) has gotten rid of a pesky issue with the "High Temp AC OFF" error message.  I'm thrilled!!

  6. 11/11/2022 11:57 AM |
    Never put my 2014 Camaro v6 on a dyno, but definite, noticeable improvements in performance.  The best power adder you can do short of a supercharger or turbo.

  7. 11/09/2022 11:01 AM | JDM
    I installed the adv+ program over a year ago. I have had no issues with the software. I have loved the increased power. It is definitely worth the money to me. 

  8. 11/03/2022 05:29 PM | Jeremy Sears
    Trifecta was a last ditch effort to fix a problem and I came across a reference to them in a Chevy Colorado forum discussing the infamous transmission issues. I have been chasing down a stuttering problem with my 2015 Chevy Colorado for years. I had the transmission rebuilt, Ive replaced the O2 Sensors, I replaced the Air Flow Sensor, Ive used additives, somethings helped but none eliminated the problem. At lower RPMs and either stop and go traffic or going up slight hills, the truck would stutter. After flashing with the Trifecta program, the stuttering went away using the sport program or the ecco mode. The sports mode is a blast but a bit of a gas guzzler and the ecco mode gets me a couple miles per gallon over the stock program. The program was real issue to use, had a slight hiccup when it tried to do a firmware update but customer service was right on it had immediately helped me through the issue. Definitely not disappointed.

  9. 10/29/2022 07:35 PM | Q Bari
    I just installed the Advantage level, it was unbelievably easy. So, of course I had to test it to see if it was really in there. Welp, the increase in torque was noticeable right away; then, just barely 100 feet from my house, I punched it a little and it snapped my head back - didn't see that coming! Yup! It works!!! I cruised down to the main road and punched it a few more times and got 22psi boost easily each time. (I never seen more than 16psi doing the same thing). I was a little concerned if my Solstice GXP was going to handle the same with the extra torque and HP; but, it seems it was already designed for the extra power. I handled it better than I expected. Amazing tune!

  10. 10/23/2022 08:01 AM | FastEquinox
    i have a 2019 redline 2.0 equinox turbo and purchased the trifecta tune im curently modded before the tune. After the tune what a world of difference. feels like a rocket. spins tires in front and in awd. well worth the money. she screams at quarter throttle look out. I highly recomend the tune if u own a 2.0 Equinox. What a screamer now. makes my apexi n1 shake cars beside me. Trifecta Thank u. 

  11. 10/16/2022 10:04 PM | rice13039
    Exceeded my expectations. I was leery at first mostly because I work in IT and I was afraid of bricking my engine but I'm so so so glad I did this. I expected slight gains in my performance and really expected nothing in the transmission performance but wow. I should have done this much much sooner 

  12. 10/16/2022 08:09 PM |
    I purchased the advantage tune from Trifecta last month and I love it. I know there is more power because my seat belt keeps looking on me when I hit the gas. To put that in perspective, I had a pedal Commander before the tune and that didn't even lock my seat belt as much as this tune.  Great job. Not only was the tune spot on for adding performance. Their costumer service is top notch. They were extremely responsive with my questions and made me feel like a friend and not a customer. I recommend Trifecta to everyone. 

  13. 10/11/2022 07:26 AM | expedition904
    Worth every penny!  Installed this tune on my 2020 Impala Premier late yesterday and hit the interstate.  Real seat of the pants gain in horsepower!  Car feels like a rocket even when gently pressing the gas and I couldn’t be more happy with it.  If you’re on the fence about Trifecta Performance tunes, don’t be!  

  14. 10/06/2022 09:46 PM | Jon_R
    Excellent tune for Chevy Impala 3.6L. The car wasn’t designed to be a performance sedan but with this tune it makes the car feel very sporty. You will feel the difference in the low end from a stop to go, more torque too. Acceleration is increased and it runs very smooth. It will definitely keep up with the other V6 sport/muscle cars on the road 

  15. 09/26/2022 11:48 PM | 2019_C7_GS
    All I can say is wow! This tune is incredible, truly wakes up the car making it feel the part and not just look it. I am very satisfied and Trifecta is extremely helpful answering  questions and customizing your tune for your car. Better than a dyno tune in my opinion, no risk and all reward. 5 stars!

  16. 09/24/2022 07:13 PM | PorkchopExpress
    The Trifecta tune has been a huge upgrade to the Truck. The throttle response is greatly improved, regardless of what mode it is in. There's a massive difference in low-mid range torque. Mix in the torque with changes to the transmission tuning, and it's much better around town and cruising on the freeway (no more downshifts because of a minor elevation change on the freeway). It also made my tire change a breeze. MPH, MPG are spot on. I am getting better gas mileage even after upgrading to 32's with a harsher tread pattern. Absolutely recommend this tune if you have a Canyon or Colorado. 

  17. 09/24/2022 05:33 AM | Philip Dashiell
    I purchased the 2.0L Turbo Advantage tune for my 2014 Buick Regal, Premium Tii, and have been very pleased with the vehicle's performance since the upgrade.  If this car was tuned this way, as a performance option from the factory, there would have been tons of people clamoring for a true rebirth of the Grand National!  With this tune, my Buick Regal - Premium, Tii is much less a sleeper, but rather more like a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

  18. 09/17/2022 07:32 PM |
    *2018 Chevrolet Malibu Premier 2.0T*      After about 6 months with my elite Trifecta tune, I can say that I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. With a few basic modifications and this tune, my car feels not only faster, but more intelligent as well. My mod list includes: K&N CAI, ZZP catted downpipe, and upgraded spark plugs.  10/10 would reccomend.

  19. 09/08/2022 08:55 PM | Patricio
    Finally decided to purchase after having my 2016 GS for 2 years. Definitely a huge improvement! Install took about 15 minutes and was super easy. Completely changed the way this car drives. It will take a while to get used to the more sensitive throttle but absolutely worth it! 

  20. 09/06/2022 09:34 PM | Freebird5049
    I have to say WOW.  I put larger tires on my 2019 equinox, 245/65/17's and even with those it will spin the front tires from a stop if you get on it. Very touchy but very responsive throttle.  Night and day difference.  It will put you back in your seat and my only regret is not pulling the trigger on this sooner.  Very easy to install and very good customer service.  They answered all my questions within minutes.  That made me decide to finally purchase it because of the great support and responses.  No question about it, it's worth the money.  

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