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  1. 07/24/2021 05:14 PM | James Morgan
    Well I waited a while to write this because I wanted to see how it did with all grades if gas and in both modes as well as how hard I stay in the pedal well I can say this is a great time I can see where some mods could be made to make it better like it is alittle rough going uphill at about 30 the acceleration is not smooth at all and exhaust sounds bad but becides for that and smoothing out the eco mode acceleration would be all I can say could make this any better and gas mileage GM driving easy in eco my best average was 32mpg and driving in sport mode is just a blast it pulls through all gears

  2. 07/24/2021 11:51 AM | LMFJ
    I am really glad I took the time and found Trifecta! Completely changed the car, shift points, acceleration and horsepower. Love driving the car every time I get in it. I know you all did something right when I have guys driving Chargers, Camaro's and Mustangs (not the top of the line editions) who all are still slightly faster but are not able to pull away from me very easy, all asking me "what the hell kind of car is that and what did you do to it, that thing is fast!!"  Extremely thrilled with this product and the performance!!! Next stop is turbo upgrade!!

  3. 07/23/2021 03:45 PM | braedenp4
    I used to have a 2014 Cruze that had a tube on it and it was so responsive and quick. The car was totalled and I replaced it with a 2016 Cruze. The new Cruze feels sluggish and choppy and weak most of the time or the odd time it would feel alright but was not consistent. I was on the fence about the tune but I read all of the other positive reviews and I was convinced. After I flashed the new Cruze, WOW I have the crazy responsiveness and power that the old car had, I agree with others saying it feels like a totally different car.    I have so far only drove for 20 minutes as I did this all my lunch but just that this feels amazing, finally fun to drive again. If anything changes I will update this review.   Also note that when you do this flash your dash might say watch for ice and the temperature reads 0, I thought something was wrong but after 5 minutes it came back to normal.

  4. 07/23/2021 01:54 PM | Cbecker
    Just added this to my 2018 Equinox 2.0T AWD Power is there,very abundantly. This car was no slouch from the factory. Now becoming quite the sleeper and really pissing off Teslas (literally nothing makes them more angry than fast ICE, lol). Shift patterns are definitely more race-oriented than stock especially on the downshifts when coasting. There's a more meaty growl under heavy throttle, that is new, it surprised me. AWD launch test was pretty bonkers. I had upgraded the stock tires to something more performance-oriented. It put down all the new power with a little whoosh. Really just exploded off the line. I'm going to add a GFB DV+ for even smoother power delivery. Then I think my tuning is done on this vehicle.

  5. 07/18/2021 02:53 AM | corchoca13
    Love this tune!  BEST BANG for the BUCK ! 🤟😈

  6. 07/16/2021 09:43 AM | Greg Moles
    Well after much figuring out how to make this tune work....It works!!!! I'm very happy with the results. If you want an uncultured windshield free of a tuner that obstructs your view then you have found one with this trifecta tune forrrrr sure.  The customer service is excellent. They WILL work with you at every step of the install. Needless to say the end result is in a word FANTASTIC!!!     Trifecta your the best!!!  

  7. 07/12/2021 11:07 PM | Patrick M.
    For a 2017 Chevy Malibu, 1.5L. 6,400+ ft in altitude: daily commute before was 26 mpg (Live in the mountains), currently 29 with little highway travel. While driving at 75 mph on a level surface 45+ mpg was seen over a distance of 20 miles, but not done any long distance driving to confirm average. Previously averaged 36.8 mph over 3300 miles last year so will update if I do anything like that again. Now there is no question that this tune makes a massive difference in power while retaining good fuel economy, and definitely feels like the power gain stated in the information. There is a noticeable difference between using 86 and 91 octane fuels, so be aware of that, but being that when you fill up its only a few dollars more to get a better gain it's worth it.  Install of the tune was nice and easy, just requiring a basic laptop and the provided cord and took about 10 minutes.

  8. 07/02/2021 01:10 PM | Leaflike92
    If I could leave more than 5 stars for this product I would. This turned my sluggish six-speed four cylinder into a completely different truck. General acceleration pulls you forward in your seat on 87 octane gasoline. To say that there is a noticeable power difference is an understatement. I highly recommend this tune if you are a Canyon/Colorado owner. Likely the best performance upgrade you can do for this truck that's under $300.

  9. 06/29/2021 05:54 AM | shane243
    This product has been great for me. I own a 2017 2LT and I can say that this tune has really increased the drivability of the car at higher speeds. The new increased throttle sensitivity will take some getting used to in the beginning but you will find that the cars shift points are more in relation to how far you've pressed the gas pedal down. After you've learned that, downshifting in auto mode is a breeze and more predictable. Also, having AFM turned off is amazing, I have an aftermarket exhaust so v4 mode used to cause my car to make a terrible flapping noise which has now been fixed in Sport mode. Customer support has been fantastic as well, Trifectas staff is very helpful and responded to me ALOT faster than the times they told me to expect a response in so that was cool. I can't attest to the exact performance gains, but I can say: my shifts feel more firm, increased midrange torque, and the car does feel stronger during WOT pulls now from all speeds.

  10. 06/28/2021 05:00 PM | Alli Ehrhardt
    Had to hold off with getting the Trifecta tune until just the right time.  But now that I've purchased and installed it, all I have to say is WOW!  This was the first time I've tuned a car, despite owning a number of cars with GM's 2.0 series of performance engines.  Trifecta made it so easy to do, between the software, the cable, and their instructions.  My 2014 Buick Regal 2.0T now drives like it should have from the factory.  The gears can be a little jittery with shifting at times, depending on how I'm driving the car, but it definitely takes off and burns rubber like the 2.0T should.  I mean, when you can keep up with a Benz on the highway?  Boo yeah!  This ain't your grandaddy's Buick!

  11. 06/27/2021 11:39 PM | Casey Cole
    WHOA!! WHO LET THE DOGGS OUT... the hardest part about the install was setting up my wireless router so I can have internet connection. Very satisfied with the performance

  12. 06/27/2021 09:09 PM | Afcop17
    Bought this tune for 2020 Impala and boy did it wake up the beast! Gas mileage has improved and the tune makes my car perform better than I thought it would...highly recommend if you want to smile every time you put your foot on the gas pedal.

  13. 06/24/2021 03:11 PM | JoeU
    First thing I did after collecting the '19 Zr2 was add the Advantage + tune to the truck. I did a fly and drive and drove 500 miles or so without the tune, and now have another 1,500 miles on the truck include a 1,200 mile road trip.  I mostly drive in the eco-mode which is so much better than the stock truck, better shifts and improved drivability. Have a buddy with a matching truck and the side by side difference in how the truck drives is very noticeable with the Trifecta being the clear choice.  The end to end process is quick and easy.  If you are even considering a tune, do not hesitate to add the Trifecta tune.   

  14. 06/18/2021 10:09 PM | Jim Boyd
    Trifecta is a class act. I ordered the Advantage tune for my stock Colorado around 12:30pm on June 16. By 3:30 that that same afternoon, the EZFlash software and tune file were ready for me to download...you simply can't beat that kind of service. It only took about 10 minutes to flash the tune to my truck, and I could not be happier. In "Sport Mode" the truck shifts better than it ever has, and the throttle response is incredible....power to spare. I live in the Eastern Foothills where the roads are hilly and curvy...so this is the mode I will likely use most often. "Eco mode" feels a lot like the stock tune, with only slightly better shifting, but, according to the trip counter, it about 6mpg more on the highway this afternoon. All-in-all..I am extremely happy I decided to pull the trigger on this and would recommend this product to anyone looking to get the most out of a vehicle.

  15. 06/16/2021 12:25 PM | Roberto perez
    Outstanding performance gains on it I purchased the stock advantage at first not knowing it wouldn’t adjust to my mods so trifecta assisted me with upgrading to the custom elite tune which also took care of cel light issues and got hella gains thanks guys for helping me through the process 

  16. 06/14/2021 11:10 PM | Masplumber
    Awesome product. My 2019 Colorado was running pretty good but just seemed sluggish under certain conditions.After uploading tune the difference was immediately noticeable. Throttle response is pleasantly enhanced. Acceleration is smooth and transmission shift points almost unnoticeable, except under hard acceleration. The takeoff hesitation is all but gone, which was my major complaint about my Colorado. I also gained a couple mpg. That was surprising considering how aggressively I have been driving. I use the economy mode most of the time but “play” occasionally in sport mode, with auto 4 wheel turned on to keep rear wheels from too much spinning. Highly recommend this product!

  17. 06/10/2021 01:42 AM | marty.bishop454_57710
    Excellent tune.  2018 Canyon 2.5L 6 speed manual.  Like other reviews, I reached the same conclusion:  You will notice the difference in the butt-o-meter.  There is no guessing, it definitely pulls stronger throughout the gears and rev range.  Before it was a weak 4 cylinder.  Now it feels like a moderately powered v6.  Not bad at all for $300.  

  18. 06/08/2021 05:42 AM | Brian Cheever
    Tune installed June 1st 2021 2020 Colorado Crew Cab Long box Z71  K&N Cold Air intake model 63-3104 Tested using both 89 and 91 octane fuel 21,000 miles on truck at time of tune DO NOT WAIT to purchase this tune. The folks at Trifecta Performance have hit the nail on the head and sunk it in 1 swing. I love my Colorado. I've been wanting a Tacoma for nearly 30 years. Once I finally finished paying child support. I used the money saved to buy myself my dream truck. After test driving every type of Midsize pickup truck. I fell in love with the Colorado. It handles better, more comfortable, and much better drivability, or so I thought. I did notice that it took forever to get my truck to downshift and that slight throttle changes seemed to tax an engine that has plenty of power. I read about using a Cold Air intake and Cat-back to help get a little more throttle response and power out of the 3.6L v-6. I installed the Cold-Air intake and did get a noticeable increase in power, throttle response and sound. It still wasn't hitting where I wanted. The guys at Trifecta Performance have done their homework. The truck in sport mode wants to take off like a stallion. You can tell a huge increase in 1st gear take off. It holds the power curve by using every bit of the RPM now. My Colorado just wants to get going, even with your foot barely on the pedal. This tune makes my truck so much fun to drive, and it didn't hit my gas mileage. Before the tune I would get 15-16 MPG in city and 20-21 MPG on the highway. After the tune in Sport mode. I get 18-19 MPG in city and 22-23 MPG on Highway. This was with my foot as far down on the pedal as it would go. I am in love with my truck all over again. I love Sport mode so much. That I haven't even barely used ECO mode. I did test the Tow mode with my 4,000 lbs 19FT camp trailer. It has much better torque and the transmission actually stays in the sweet spot for torque curve. Before it would constantly need my foot all the way down to even accelerate a small amount, but after the tune in Tow mode. I barely need to hit the gas to accelerate and it has noticeably more torque. It doesn't want to shift into 8th gear at 30 MPH. Then it hits the right gear to keep the RPM between 3,000 and 4,000. I can't say enough good about what this product provides. I have only put about 400 miles on my truck since the tune, but can't seem to find a down side to any of the settings in this tune. Thank you very much for helping to make my truck so much fun. I am still gonna install a good Cat-Back since this stock truck has almost no exhaust sound and I want it to sound like a truck. Plus a 40 horse increase is gonna be great with this new tune.  I bought the Advantage+ knowing that I already have purchased a 3 inch front 2 inch back lift, but waiting for my 35,000 mile warranty to run out. I can't wait to see what the lift and bigger tires do for 4 wheeling. It will be nice to get a tune to help with speedometer and ratio adjustments. I am a very satisfied customer and I will recommend Trifecta Performance to any of my GM driving friends. My only complaint is I can't afford my Camaro SS to test their tune on. Maybe in the next couple of years. 

  19. 06/06/2021 10:51 PM | KSIP
    Outstanding tune!  It really woke up my ride (2013 Sonic RS) and worked great with my other installed mods.  Amazing customer service as well.

  20. 05/30/2021 02:59 PM | thebac101
    Hol--ee--crap, did the Advantage tuning wake up my daughter's 2016 RS sedan!    Under stock tuning, the car was very sluggish, especially off a start, but that is not the case now.  There is a noticeable change in power and throttle response  at all points of the throttle, and thats on 87-octane gas.   The car is actually fun to drive now. The transmission shifts have become crisp and on-time, and the car downshifts when passing without hesitation.  I also  flat-out love the fact that GM's stupid start/stop is gone, too.    Its still too early to tell if any noticeable mileage loss, but on my first 50 mile drive after uploading the tune, I did see that my average mileage kept going up and instant stayed the same as stock.  If you're on the fence about buying this tune, dont be.   Its worth the money.

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