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  1. 10/23/2022 08:01 AM |
    i have a 2019 redline 2.0 equinox turbo and purchased the trifecta tune im curently modded before the tune. After the tune what a world of difference. feels like a rocket. spins tires in front and in awd. well worth the money. she screams at quarter throttle look out. I highly recomend the tune if u own a 2.0 Equinox. What a screamer now. makes my apexi n1 shake cars beside me. Trifecta Thank u. 

  2. 10/16/2022 10:04 PM | rice13039
    Exceeded my expectations. I was leery at first mostly because I work in IT and I was afraid of bricking my engine but I'm so so so glad I did this. I expected slight gains in my performance and really expected nothing in the transmission performance but wow. I should have done this much much sooner 

  3. 10/16/2022 08:09 PM |
    I purchased the advantage tune from Trifecta last month and I love it. I know there is more power because my seat belt keeps looking on me when I hit the gas. To put that in perspective, I had a pedal Commander before the tune and that didn't even lock my seat belt as much as this tune.  Great job. Not only was the tune spot on for adding performance. Their costumer service is top notch. They were extremely responsive with my questions and made me feel like a friend and not a customer. I recommend Trifecta to everyone. 

  4. 10/11/2022 07:26 AM | expedition904
    Worth every penny!  Installed this tune on my 2020 Impala Premier late yesterday and hit the interstate.  Real seat of the pants gain in horsepower!  Car feels like a rocket even when gently pressing the gas and I couldn’t be more happy with it.  If you’re on the fence about Trifecta Performance tunes, don’t be!  

  5. 10/06/2022 09:46 PM | Jon_R
    Excellent tune for Chevy Impala 3.6L. The car wasn’t designed to be a performance sedan but with this tune it makes the car feel very sporty. You will feel the difference in the low end from a stop to go, more torque too. Acceleration is increased and it runs very smooth. It will definitely keep up with the other V6 sport/muscle cars on the road 

  6. 09/26/2022 11:48 PM | 2019_C7_GS
    All I can say is wow! This tune is incredible, truly wakes up the car making it feel the part and not just look it. I am very satisfied and Trifecta is extremely helpful answering  questions and customizing your tune for your car. Better than a dyno tune in my opinion, no risk and all reward. 5 stars!

  7. 09/24/2022 07:13 PM | PorkchopExpress
    The Trifecta tune has been a huge upgrade to the Truck. The throttle response is greatly improved, regardless of what mode it is in. There's a massive difference in low-mid range torque. Mix in the torque with changes to the transmission tuning, and it's much better around town and cruising on the freeway (no more downshifts because of a minor elevation change on the freeway). It also made my tire change a breeze. MPH, MPG are spot on. I am getting better gas mileage even after upgrading to 32's with a harsher tread pattern. Absolutely recommend this tune if you have a Canyon or Colorado. 

  8. 09/24/2022 05:33 AM | Philip Dashiell
    I purchased the 2.0L Turbo Advantage tune for my 2014 Buick Regal, Premium Tii, and have been very pleased with the vehicle's performance since the upgrade.  If this car was tuned this way, as a performance option from the factory, there would have been tons of people clamoring for a true rebirth of the Grand National!  With this tune, my Buick Regal - Premium, Tii is much less a sleeper, but rather more like a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

  9. 09/17/2022 07:32 PM | bgt332
    *2018 Chevrolet Malibu Premier 2.0T*      After about 6 months with my elite Trifecta tune, I can say that I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. With a few basic modifications and this tune, my car feels not only faster, but more intelligent as well. My mod list includes: K&N CAI, ZZP catted downpipe, and upgraded spark plugs.  10/10 would reccomend.

  10. 09/08/2022 08:55 PM | Patricio
    Finally decided to purchase after having my 2016 GS for 2 years. Definitely a huge improvement! Install took about 15 minutes and was super easy. Completely changed the way this car drives. It will take a while to get used to the more sensitive throttle but absolutely worth it! 

  11. 09/06/2022 09:34 PM | Freebird5049
    I have to say WOW.  I put larger tires on my 2019 equinox, 245/65/17's and even with those it will spin the front tires from a stop if you get on it. Very touchy but very responsive throttle.  Night and day difference.  It will put you back in your seat and my only regret is not pulling the trigger on this sooner.  Very easy to install and very good customer service.  They answered all my questions within minutes.  That made me decide to finally purchase it because of the great support and responses.  No question about it, it's worth the money.  

  12. 08/29/2022 04:34 PM | psyco6string
    Just installed Advantage + tune and even though I have only taken a test run I can already feel that the sluggishness is gone. The transmission shift points are perfect for My 2022 Colorado Bison V6 and sport mode is how a ZR2 should have come from the factory. Easy install and great service from Trifecta. Time will tell if it was worth the price and I will review again in a month or two 

  13. 08/23/2022 01:38 AM | Lindsey Ifland
    A couple things I didn't like about my C7 were the trans shifts points and the AFM. This tune took care of those problems and also really improved the throttle response. My first time on the autocross track after the tune, it took awhile to get used to how different the car behaved both shifting and throttle application wise and overall drivability was much better than before. Definitely recommend this product. 

  14. 08/18/2022 09:03 PM | Allen Hoover
    2022 Traverse AWD The Traverse really came alive at lower RPMs. Definitely more power and the transmission feels equally tuned to match. I was pleased when they told me that the tune is active when I turn adaptive cruise off. When using adaptive cruise it's in stock tune and stop/start is enabled again. You could say there's cruise mode and sport mode. I'd say "for best results" turn off traction control, just my experience. I also notice quite a difference between 87 and 93, so I have basically only run 93 since getting the tune.  For MPG, we frequently see 30+ in the DIC. I would like to calculate MPG and add to this review (stock tune vs. trifecta). I really can't say enough about the customer support and open dialogue. I inquired about H-rated tires and they were able to write the tune for that specific tire rating. I already had the K&N air filter and they said that was fine. They were happy to hear that I'm running 93 and getting the most out of the tune.

  15. 08/16/2022 10:25 PM | Bjbutorac
    I have to praise trifect for providing such a necessary upgrade.  I paired this tune with GM cold air intake and Borla S-type cat back exaust. The intake and exaust had little effect after installation, besides added sound.  The tune was instantly noticeable and  without doubt a huge improvement over stock.  The other comments here explain all the benefits.  Needles to say, I am stoked that I have two mean trifeta tuned Chevys in my garage.  Thank you team Trifecta. 

  16. 08/10/2022 05:13 PM | Dave Morgan
    Just the thing to turn this daily driver into a fun ride. The touch of a button releases the monster in it now! And you can turn off the annoying auto stop. More torque than my stock 07 Solstice GXP had. Mileage has improved slightly, would be better but it's hard to not get on it.  Very easy to load the program. 

  17. 08/05/2022 12:20 AM | TimBull
    Wow!!!!     Well worth the money.    My  V6, 2017 Canyon, thanks to this performance upgrade has been unleashed.     The speed has increased a lot.     Transmission shifting is very smooth.    Climbing the mountain roads in now a pleasure.  It no longer struggles and it's a pleasure to drive.      Passing other vehicles when needed is a piece of cake.     Thanks Trifecta performance.

  18. 08/02/2022 07:42 PM |
    Overall good tune to purchase for 10th Gen Impala 3.6. I have spent some time on a 1/4 mile strip and for the altitude the car reponds very well. The on/off tune with the cruise control is a bonus feature that Trifecta does. I have had excellent customer service with Michael and the support staff. I recommend Trifecta not just for a good product it's the customer service after the sale that goes a long way. thanks MSmith 2019 Impala.

  19. 07/28/2022 12:29 AM |
    I had heard about Trifecta from a co-worker. I wasn't looking for any performance tuning but rather disabling of the start/stop feature specifically. Well, I took plunge to the Advantage package and all I can say is wow! The car drives more responsively, the transmission is not laggy and undecided when shifting anymore. For the little extra money the jump from just the basic start/stop disable to this was well worth it! Thank you Michael & Steven for the awesome backend support too.

  20. 07/26/2022 02:40 AM | davidXTS
    Definitely the best BANG for your buck, i felt backed into a corner knowing that aftermarket supplies little support for such a beautiful and fast car but this tune makes me feel like i dont need much more. i'm adding lighter wheels and swapping coilovers and saving weight all the way around to make it an even better enjoyable car as the XTS is already known for its rough ride and shocks going bad so two birds with one stone, but with that little alone i will feel massive gains and less disappointment in the aftermarket.

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