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  1. 01/31/2020 08:42 PM | madmax.11
    Everything with Trifecta has been great - from chatting with the guys to the functionality and install of the tune itself. It is awesome that you don't have to pull and send away both your ecm / tcm to get programmed or have it stuck at a shop for a day or more. Another huge selling feature was the fact that they are able to remedy the notorious issues of the 8 speed transmissions (mine fortunately only had a few minor hiccups pre-tune). I love the selectable modes with the Elite + and am glad I went with the top tier tune. I am averaging about 10L/100km (23.5mpg) with a full 2" levelling kit on heavy 285/50-22 Nitto TerraGrappler tires. I gained back about 3L/100km that I lost when up-sizing my tires from stock. So now I am thinking about returning the truck to stock height or slightly lower and going back to a lighter street tire. I want to get the mileage into single digit territory as this truck is part daily driver and mostly summer road trip unit. 😁 Will keep you all posted! 🤘 Thanks again! *picture of the truck is before the larger tires*

  2. 01/31/2020 07:55 PM | Bart A Donzella
    Extremely satisfied with this tuner installed in my 2019 GMC Canyon All Terrain . It made the world of difference in performance ! I had installed larger tires and now the speedometer is now calibrated back to normal . The shift points are spot on when in ECO mode and in performance mode .This tuner really woke up this engine as it should have been right from the dealership . I also use the tow mode which made a world of difference also , Don't even feel the boat ! So glad I made the decision to purchase this . You will not be disappointed with their support team ether . Very knowledgeable ,supportive services ! I highly recommend this program and look forward to driving my truck every day ! Thanks again Trifecta !! 2019 GMC Canyon All Terrain, Eibach Pro Kit springs and shocks ( Front only) , 1.5 Bora spacers , 265/70 R17 Goodyear Duratracs , ARE Cap, Yakima Roof Racks , AVS In-Channel Vent Visors

  3. 01/29/2020 03:17 AM | Raceonedge
    I want to start off by saying how extremely satisfied I am with Trifecta Performance. I emailed them about a month before I began my project to see if what I wanted done would be possible. I was creating a top mount supercharger kit on somewhat of a budget for a 2013 Camaro LFX V6. I was extremely surprised how fast they had responded. They said they could definitely help me out. I finished my supercharger fabrication and install of an Eaton M90. I then purchased the Camaro LFX Elite Tune. I received my EZFlash cable a few days later and loaded the tune into the ECM. I then took the car for a spin. It is unreal that they could make my project come to life. We are now in the process of data logging and I'm looking forward to working further with the guys at Trifecta. It's pretty snowy and miserable here in Wisconsin, so I hope it clears up enough soon to continue testing. 

  4. 01/27/2020 12:30 AM | cwb0711
    Consistent with other Trifecta tunes I've had, this one for my 2018 Regal TourX has transformed the driving experience. Much better throttle response overall, and especially at freeway speeds. The tune has improved the shift characteristics dramatically; lower gears are held longer during moderate acceleration around town. Once in a higher gear, a slight blip on the throttle gets a decisive response. Tip in is smooth. Much easier to modulate at all vehicle speeds. Excellent, smooth acceleration when needed. Fuel economy is very good, though I have no real reference since I switched to winter tires right after I bought the car. Even so, I think 25 or so around town and around 30 on the freeway in winter is good for a larger car like this. Very smooth and responsive overall, with much improved performance, while retaining the Buick's serene nature while cruising, that's an accomplishment. Highly recommended.

  5. 01/20/2020 09:04 PM | tim garrett
    What a great product. The car is so much more enjoyable to drive. I have tuned numerous vehicles over the years with handheld tuners, but Trifecta has hit a major home run with this car. This 2014 Buick Regal GS turbo is a completely different animal with the Trifecta tune. Better mileage and MUCH better response. Thanks for a great product!!!

  6. 01/13/2020 10:27 PM | ray213
    EXTREMELY SATISFIED! Bought the Advantage+ on stock tire size since I was going a tad bigger in the future. Cable came in after 3 days, and the Tune was posted the next day.  Holy cow what a difference it made! Even with Cruise Control on (Eco mode) there was a HUGE difference! No more struggling to find a gear! With Cruise Control off, the truck wants to take off like a bat out of hell! Once I went with bigger tires (265/70/17) the truck did feel a bit sluggish. I shot Trifecta an email. They were able to update the existing one to accommodate the new tires. Bam! We are back in business! Great service! Great product! 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend! 

  7. 01/10/2020 02:20 AM | oldassz
    EZ flash cable shipped asap. Great customer support system in place. My car has a K&N intake and some minor exhaust modifications. The tune complimented these modifications very nicely. The install took literally 12 or 13minutes tops. Even though the roads here in Alberta are ice and snow covered you can tell there is a huge difference in the overall driving dynamics of the car. Excited to drive the car this spring on drier roads. Highly recommend anyone interested in tuning to consider Trifecta for their vehicle. 

  8. 01/07/2020 01:46 AM | rstefffner
    I have had the Trifecta tune for about 2.5 years and love it. It gives your Vsport a much appealing performance. The change in calibration of the transmission is great.  Lately I have been driving it in Sports mode and have experienced improved gas mileage in the city and on long-hauls, even though you can easily loose it by a few quick passes or red-light stops (but that happens in std touring mode as well). This is probably the cheapest bhp you can buy! I take it in to the dealer or regular services with the tune installed and never had any problems. Besides the performance enhancement, the crew at Trifecta are absolutely outstanding when it comes to customer service!!

  9. 01/05/2020 05:26 PM | PhilBJr
    Got a 2017 Camaro RS 2ltr turbo, all stock. Had typical turbo lag and sluggish throttle response at the pedal – even after you stomped it. Been considering this tune for 2 years and finally got the Elite when it went on Black Friday sale in 2019.  It took 6 minutes to program. Incredible… driving now is a joy. Immediate throttle response, strong revs, and quicker shifting in low to mid RPMs. Just a bit of lag at first when stomping on the pedal. I haven’t dyno’d it yet. Thinking about a street run dyno soon although they’re not as accurate as a run on a dyno machine. I’ve put only about 100 miles on since the tune. Have not noticed a mpg improvement yet. I’ve always used 93 octane gas. I’ve kept it in sport mode since the tune. Usually kept it in touring mode beforehand. Touring around town or cruising on the highway feels the same as long as I’m light on the pedal. I might get some basic mods like CAI and catless pipes. Good thing about the Elite package is that I can request another calibration after modding. Yes, get this tune.

  10. 01/02/2020 03:21 AM | Garret Grau
    2016 Canyon Crew Cab/ Long Bed. After putting on suspension and bigger tires my truck became much more sluggish. This tune is exactly what the truck needed to get its balls back and fix the terrible shift timing that came stock with the truck. Very happy I tuned the truck, wish I did it sooner. 

  11. 01/02/2020 02:59 AM | Theron Conley
    I am so impressed with the tune by trifecta performance. My 2014 cts v premium not only being extremely awesome and quick with awesome power I read alot of reviews about the tune before purchasing 12/01/2019 and all the reviews were on point. So I took a leap of faith and besides being extremely easy to apply the tune it has outrageous gains in power and torque actually I'm speechless and so amazed. The response time from trifecta when a question or concern is simply on point. Anyone looking to do a tune an unleash the beast definitely want go wrong from tour  mode it's a beast and remains at the stock settings although mine appears to be a tab more responsive but settle but going to sport or track it just simply changes to a monster so proud of my ride you can flat out tell the difference in the shifting of the transmission to to power and torque the turbos really spool up and just get wicked you definitely cant go wrong this is real talk

  12. 12/31/2019 01:57 AM | Fing Carlos
    Acquired my CTS Vsport with 40k on the odometer and was thrilled with the car as it was. After poking around on some forums the Trifecta tune kept coming up so I thought I’d give it a try and purchased on Black Friday. Shipping was quick arriving in only 3 days and installation was a quick 15 minutes. All I can say is WOW!! Initially had a misfire to which the folks at Trifecta recommended some hotter burning plugs which I swapped along with the coils and what a difference above stock. This car was intended to be a second ride with my truck my daily driver but I think the truck is getting jealous now, I have a hard time not hopping in the car and mashing the pedal. Trifecta tune is highly recommended from this guy!

  13. 12/31/2019 01:52 AM | headrocker07
    I am blown away by the difference Trifecta made with my 16 Impala Limited LT, the gas pedal feels like I put a commander on it! The shift points are very sporty, and as a side effect, my downshifts have gotten less clunky due to less throttle input being required to change gears. I also enjoy the cruise button feature since I can turn my tune on or off on the fly. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who enjoys enthusiastic drives and who can also plug in a cable and press a button since that's all it takes!

  14. 12/30/2019 03:24 AM | marcmag
    My last car (an '08 Astra) looked like it was more fun than it was. Sure, it was built well (by Opel in Europe) and handled great, but it was certainly no more than adequately fast. I thought I'd made a similar purchase with my '18 Cruze RS Premier hatch. All the equipment I wanted and great looks. Decent handling but not very quick. The tune from Trifecta changed that. The car is eager now. So much so that, with the autostop disabled with the tune enabled, I need some pressure on the brake to keep the car from creeping from a stop sign or traffic signal. Certainly more so than other cars I drive as rentals or fleet vehicles. But it is so worth it to have the better response when merging or passing, more fun when just driving and knowing it is easily made more docile by just pushing the cruise button. Brilliant! Anyone with an ounce or more of driving enthusiasm is missing out by not getting this tune.       

  15. 12/26/2019 01:53 PM | cmldavies
    I contacted Trifecta regarding a tune for my 2017 Acadia SLT AWD with LGX and inquired as to whether they could tune this platform as there wasn't anything listed on the site. I knew they'd worked with the LGX and 6T70 trans separately in other platforms so I figured it wouldn't be a problem.  From what I understand this was the first tune for this engine trans combo they've done and were more than happy to give it a try as a "Beta" of sorts.  The whole experience was totally painless and went smooth as silk. The PC software and cable interface worked beautifully and in no time I was up running.  Low to mid-range torque is very noticeably improved. Top end power is improved and the extended rev range allows you to make better use of the top end power. When the engine is warmed up to operating temp the rev limit is increased in 2nd gear onwards to 7,000 rpm.  I'm not sure what exactly they've done with the transmission controller tune but the shifts seem faster, firmer and gears are held longer giving it a sportier overall feel.  My wife drives the Acadia daily and she hasn't complained about any drivability issues. When I jump in after not having driven the Acadia in awhile I instantly notice the sharpness of throttle inputs and improved performance. I drive all my vehicles hard it hasn't missed a beat.  To sum it up, OEM tuning is like granny mode compared to the Trifecta tune! I highly recommend Trifecta Performance and this product is well worth the price.       

  16. 12/24/2019 05:14 AM | Nicktbh
    I have a 14 chevy impala. The tune is very fairly priced for what it provides. Id say there is at least a 5-10% difference in power, the throttle response doesn't lag as hard and its completely worth it. The trifecta team has a good formula and a quick and responsive team to back it up. I would recommend this product to anyone I know with an impala. Ive read about other products at different price points and trifecta has done a good job fitting into this range. The price does not mean quality. But for trifecta its well balanced.

  17. 12/22/2019 03:40 PM | Kingpimpdaddy
    I bought the trifecta tune for my ATS V and installed it in minutes by myself. I immediately noticed increased boost and HP. Customer service is always easy with an email and a response right back. Easy to uninstall/ reinstall. Factory boost I was only getting 12 PSI. With trifecta, with one warm up run I get 17PSI and then get 19PSI for my ATS V. I just have K&N air filter replacements and the tune. My car is not loud and I love it when someone pulls up beside me thinking they even have a chance because they will be going up against 600HP. Also, not being loud makes great everyday driver in tour mode. Switch modes and you better know KPDaddy is coming and coming fast. 

  18. 12/18/2019 01:32 PM | Daniel Perlstein
    I had some minor issues at first installing software on my ZR2. However, Trifecta had amazing customer service (thanks Michael) and we got it to work. The truck shifts like butter through the gears! 0-60 is way faster!!! Great job Trifecta! I will be buying another tune from you guys down the road for my Canyon.  

  19. 12/16/2019 06:59 PM | Parker Adzema
    I bought this calibration to fix the janky shifting of my stock Chevy Cruze. I was extremely pleased to find the tune completely smoothed out the shifting and the car feels much more comfortable. The car no longer hesitates when changing from low to high speed or high to low speed and does not throw me forward in my seat. To add to this, the performance gains are much higher than I expected them to be. My Cruze feels like a completely different car. I have no idea why the stock tune on the Chevy Cruze was so bad but trifecta did a wonderful job fixing it. The tune was very easy to install and only took a couple of minutes. Trifecta support was extremely helpful and always answered my questions completely in an incredibly fast manner. While I cannot speak to the quality of the other tunes, I can say Trifecta is an incredibly easy and professional company to work with that made this process go very smoothly. 300 dollars is certainly a lot of money to spend on a Chevy Cruze but I can say with confidence it is worth it if you plan on keeping the car for a decent amount of time. Overall I have zero complaints with Trifecta and I would recommend the Cruze tune to practically anyone who has the money. 

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