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  1. 07/16/2019 01:27 AM | Robert Bonzani
    I bought my father an Elite tune from Trifecta for his Colorado. I installed an intake, and catback and needed a good tune to finish it off. This thing is a beast now with some 93 octane in the tank. Even with just 87 octane, the difference is substantial. The transmission performs more predictably, and enjoyably now too. You don’t realize just how conservatively tuned these trucks are until Trifecta gets their hands on them. BUY THIS TUNE GUYS.

  2. 07/11/2019 09:21 PM | Scott Shaeffer
    I have two parts to my review. Customer Service: Ordered the base Advantage as I knew for a fact I would never be doing any lift, or tire size upgrade. EZ flash cable arrived quickly with the program a few days behind that. Having done a similar upgrade to my 2007 Nissan Frontier with a Bully Dog I was familier with the procedure and had my truck in center of garage to keep it (and laptop) out of the direct sun outside. Laptop hooked up to power, battery charger on  truck going through simple install procedure. Download got to 75% complete and then.....stopped. Tried to re start the download, no luck. Truck wouldn't start either. Naturally in a panic I put in a request for customer support and was lucky enough to work with Steven who promptly told me not to worry. Of course I did because we were going into the July 4th weekend. Thinking the EZ flash cable was the issue he overnighted another cable which didn't help. To make a long story short, the issue ended up being with my laptop. For some unknown reason it lost the connection and was unable to re connect not matter what. I then used my Surface 4 tablet after downloading a specific Windows program (as noted on Trifectas website with link) and download completed in just a couple of minutes and truck started just fine. Point of this specific customer service review was that Steven stuck with me the whole time, and I'm sure could tell I was frustrated more so than most customers that call for tech support. He was super quick to get back to me, and quick to send out additional download cable along with a follow up call.   Product review:  While my truck has less that 10,000 miles on it, it's like a whole new truck!  Now it's FUN to drive as well.  I ordered my truck and I ordered it with the factory performance package which includes the Cold Air Intake and exhaust. The Trifecta tune keeps the RPM's in a tighter power band it seems so the tone of the exhaust is much more noticeable in a pleasant way. I have more usable power on demand simply by the transmission making better use of itself in it's shifts without hunting around for gears all the time.   Easily one of the best things I could have bought for my truck.   Scott Shaeffer Omaha, NE

  3. 07/09/2019 10:39 PM | xsquid
    Only wish I installed it sooner. I have a 2014  Impala with the V6. I have a home made cold air intake installed after my factory air tube tore. It really didn't do to much except maybe wide open throttle . But it does sound nice. But after I installed the tune what a different car. It almost completely removed any throttle lag. The car just picks up and goes. I love it. The only problem . It's my wife's car so I very rarely drive it. But now I can't wait . Great product.   

  4. 07/09/2019 08:15 AM | Caveman
    This tune should be a mandatory upgrade for all 1.8L Chevy Cruze.  The throttle response compared to stock is incredible and the car pulls so much harder from about 2500 rpm and beyond. I am completely satisfied with trifecta and their services. Flashing the tune was easier then a hand held tuner. I wish they had a product for my other vehicles. 

  5. 07/08/2019 02:11 AM | Mike Mondello
    All I can say is WOW!! This was money well spent. While this tune is not meant to make the Cruze a race car, it certainly woke it up. The performance is a VERY noticeable improvement. This tune even resolved the majority of the (auto) transmission "chugging" and the shifts are precise. Under hard acceleration, the motor stays in the power curve and passing, even at highway speeds is effortless, as well as just merging into traffic. You don't need to second guess if you're going to make it or not (just use common sense). Overall, I'm super impressed, and the fuel mileage is still awesome. Stop reading all the reviews and JUST DO IT, you won't regret it. BTW, Installation is a snap too.

  6. 06/19/2019 08:11 PM | Flightkid
    Purchased the advantage tune in August of 2018 and purposely waited to write this review. This is some of the best money that I have spent for my 2013 GS. Since I installed the tune the car has had much better performance and I’ve also noticed much better fuel economy this tune is definitely worth the money. 

  7. 06/12/2019 08:13 PM | Fast_rs
    Great tune! Can definitely fell the difference when in sport mode vs tour. Even crackles more often now.  BB6F90BF-7B00-4F15-97DC-1E405440E9A9.MOV

  8. 06/06/2019 05:16 PM | NickW
    My experience has been nothing less than stellar. From customer support, to tech support, to the actual tuner itself, it has been great thus far. I drive a lifted colorado, which means that my fuel range, speedometer, and other internals were out of sync with what the vehicle was actually doing. While Trifecta states that their tuner is made for a stock truck, it has helped me significantly. My speedometer is accurate again, I gained approximately 100 miles to my fuel range, and I feel a lot less vibrations in the steering wheel! I recommend their product to everyone I know who drives a GM, it is truly worth the investment!

  9. 05/29/2019 02:03 AM | Twistedmess
    WOW! super nice just put the tune in my 2019 cruze and took it around the block! Good thing the cops where not around took my stock car with a AEM C/A intake to a hole new level. I put the tune in with the hopes of a small boost in hp and i was taken back by the large kick in the a$$! So i gess what i am saying after 10 mins of having the tune it was well worth the money and i took the leap rite off the bat and went elite package! Money well spent so if your looking to tune your car look no where else no need for a tune in a can from auto store lol  cant wait to see what all they can do once i upgrade the car more !

  10. 05/28/2019 07:49 PM | Tom Bejma
    I had some experience with Trifecta on my 2013 Cruze 2LT manual so I already knew about their great customer service and reliable tune! When I got my 2018 Colorado ZR2 back in February 2019, and coming from a 2017 Camaro SS,  I knew that a tune was going to be on my list for improved performance.  While definitely not quite there compared to the Camaro (lol!) it really woke up the Colorado!  I got the the AFM delete in Sport version and I was really surprised that my mileage still went up from stock.  You can imagine the improvements in Eco mode!  Wow - I'm well into the 20 mpg range now and when I can keep my foot out of Sport mode, I'm still at almost 20 mpg with a big grin on my face!  Forget Pedal Commanders, this tune really makes the throttle response much better!  With my Flowmaster CAI and Catback exhaust, I now have a nice little growl and a truck that can get out of it's own way! Thanks Trifecta!

  11. 05/21/2019 01:13 PM | Terrell A Smith
    this company is amazing. responded and answered all my questions and the e85 tune on my 12 lacrosse is insane. the car is freakin fast I love it!!! thanks trifecta

  12. 04/24/2019 11:48 PM | Ethan Epp
    I bought this for my 2015 sonic turbo and went ahead and got the elite package. This is a great product and just the new tune from stock setting was a fairly big inprovement! The biggest thing that I have loved is that as im slowly building the car I can have it always up to date on its tunes. The elite package is definatly worth the money i would recomend it if you plan on doing any modifications to the motor or exhaust in the future.  I dont have a single complaint and trifecta has far exceeded my expectations!

  13. 04/22/2019 11:46 PM | fjordiales
    My wife drives a 2018 Ford Focus ST with upgrades of... -bigger intercooler -cold air intake -catless downpipe -1step colder plugs -EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 235/40r18 -custom magnaflow exhaust system -custom tune Now what's the point of mentioning these?  My trifecta tuned 2017 Malibu 2.0T beat her merging on the freeway on-ramp from a stop light.  Also, she has been driving my car stock when I was deployed and after the tune, she said it felt like a different car.  The only aftermarket upgrade I got was a custom exhaust system(same as my wife's) and a turbo blanket.  Now the sound matches my performance, which is a minor con cuz people wanna mess with me since I also have quad tips with it too.  Prior to the exhaust upgrade, the "stock" looking Malibu just QUIETLY zips past ANY STOCK v6 and below vehicles from a dead stop.  I love the usable power(20mph-90mph) it produces.  Passing is a breeze.  Gas mileage is the same as stock. Owners of dodge charger/challenger v6, camaro v6/2.0T, mustang v6, Subaru wrx sti, civic si, Subaru brz, dodge magnum hemi, RAM 1500 hemi, all have the SURPRISED PIKACHU face when i punch it.  They try to step on it but when they realized the truth, they just get smaller in my rear view mirror.   IMHO, this is the best thing to get 1st, then ultra high performance tires since the conti OEM 245/40r19 I have don't grip really well with the tune.

  14. 04/20/2019 12:52 PM | Jetfan
    Tune was installed March 29th, 2019 on a 100% stock 2018 Colorado LT Ext Cab V6. It has a little over 4,000 miles. I had the Torque Converter "Shudder Issue" and had the latest GM TSB 18-NA-355 performed on the 8L45 8 speed transmission. This fixed the problem but I wanted to do some preventive maintenance by installing the tune. I mainly wanted to disable AFM in all modes because of the effects it has on the transmission. The tune is solid and the transmission works like it's supposed to holding gears longer, shifting and down shifting correctly. I mainly drive in Eco Mode and the mileage is about the same which is remarkable seeing as AFM is disabled and gears are held longer. Now I have the competitions software and have used it since 2003. It would have cost me $200.00 to get a license and another $200.00 and the loss of my vehicle for 2 weeks to be able to tune the transmission. It would have also cost me a bunch of time tuning and testing and driving illegally. I didn't have to do that! This tune does everything I wanted to do and saved me a lot of time. I have the Advantage + tune and the truck is 100% stock. I highly recommend this tune for a stock vehicle.

  15. 04/16/2019 03:04 AM | Randy Taff
    Advantage + tune with AFM disabled in Sport mode Stock - I hated the way the truck drove. Tuned - the truck drives like it should have from the factory. Sport is a bunch of fun. Do not wait. Do not hesitate.

  16. 04/15/2019 07:03 PM | CorsairSky
    My Sky Redline was quick but now, it's scary quick. Easy installation, too. Amazing how these microprocessors on wheels can be tuned by zeros and ones.

  17. 04/13/2019 01:12 PM | Aaron Downs
    Completely satisfied with the tune and the customer support. Would recommend to anybody!

  18. 04/11/2019 04:51 AM | Malcom Thomas
    I want to start by saying there are not enough reviews out here for this tune! After flashing my 17 Camaro v6 it pulls so much harder and it just wants to go! I’ve raced a diablo tuned 2015 Camaro SS and actually beat him we even did a highway roll and we where dead even! I’m so impressed I’m purchasing another tune for 14 Malibu turbo great job trifecta thumbs up!

  19. 04/10/2019 03:35 AM | COLORADOfan01
    At first I was iffy what this tune would do for my truck as I came from a 5.7L V8 and was never impressed with the 4 cylinder in this truck. I even considered trading the truck in for the V6 version. I decided to try this tune and it is a completely different truck. I love driving this truck so much more now. The responsiveness, power, and the shifting are all a lot better than the stock tune. I highly recommend this tune, even Trifecta in general after this, because of the great job they did!

  20. 04/08/2019 10:02 PM | Joelunchbox
    If GM had put this tune in the car from the beginning, they would have sold a ton of these. This is my wife's car and I drive it occasionally. But I couldn't stand the disconnected feel between the accelerator pedal and the engine. Put the tune in and this is now a fun car to drive. 

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