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  1. 10/08/2018 09:44 PM | antman6868
    Trifecta, Your customer service is outstanding. Your product is the best I have every used. My 2014 Sonic gas mileage is up from 28 City to 33 City, and from 35 highway to 40 when I can keep my foot out of the accelerate. I have and will continue to recommend you product to all my friends. Antman6868

  2. 10/08/2018 08:05 PM | bigd7121
    If you're unsure about Trifecta...don't hesitate any longer!!   These guys are very knowledgeable and efficient. They were the ONLY company that was able to tune my 2017 Silverado (6.2, 8 speed transmission) without removing the TCM.  I drive 1,000 miles and their tuning has made my lifted truck drive better than when it was stock. My brother-in-law tuned is 2017 Cadillac ATS-V with Trifecta. WOW! His already quick car quickly turned into a monster with only a tune!   Thanks again to Trifecta!!!

  3. 10/06/2018 04:00 PM | SEPHIA
    Have logged 1800 miles on my 18 Z71 since flashing this tune. averaging 18.5-19MPG so far while in sport mode 90% of the time and a mix of city/hwy roughly 60/40. Only other mod is a K&N plenum tube and filter. The truck is a different vehicle in sport mode! Feels much quicker, hold gears longer at partial throttle, and feels like it has a good bit more power. Much more fun to drive.

  4. 09/27/2018 06:29 PM | HellcatHunter
    Trifecta performance sold me a tune for my ATS-V before they officially launched and I'm very glad they did. This tune completely changes the characteristics of the car and makes it drive like it should from the factory. I've been tuned with them for over 15k miles with no issues other than swapping to a set of colder spark plugs. My car has beat countless other cars and is still somewhat of a sleeper with the quiet exhaust of the stock ATS-V. My car has hit 0-60 (upgraded tires) in 3.3 seconds on the street and ran mid 11s in the 1/4 mile, it's an absolute monster. 500+whp from a reliable car that I daily drive is incredible! Additionally, Steven has been super responsive and a pleasure to talk with and work with, he's customized my tune and has added variable power by driving mode. My car is an 8 speed automatic so I do not have issues with varying power levels taking off from a standstill. As you progress through the driving modes, Tour > Sport > Track, the car changes how still the chassis is, how stiff the magnetic ride is, how tight the steering is etc. With it being a full racecar in track mode, so what we did is we adding power as I move up through the driving modes. My tour mode pushes 13-14 psi Sport mode pushes 16-18 psi Track mode pushes 18-20 psi It's really cool that they are able to alter the amount of power your car stiffens up! 10/10 would buy a tune again and look forward to having Trifecta Performance tuning all my vehicles!

  5. 09/20/2018 02:00 AM | idrive65
    I received the 2.0T Equinox tune today.  I had just finished installing it in my wife's car when she came into the garage.  I took her for a test drive.   OH MY WORD.  The tires (Front Wheel Drive) were chirping in 1st gear.   We both looked at each other in shock.  At the next stop sign, I punched it again and sure enough, the tires spun all of first gear.   Major difference.  I had driven the Equinox the other day, and it wasn't even close to chirping.   This is my 4th vehicle tuned by Trifecta.  All previous tunes have been stick.  This is my first automatic.   All thumb's up again.

  6. 09/18/2018 08:05 PM | Mgfranklin
    Outstanding tune and amazing customer service. I couldn't have asked for a better company to order this astonishing tune from. 

  7. 09/18/2018 06:06 AM | gxpdan
    Amazing difference after adding the budget tune to my 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP 2.0 turbo, car is otherwise stock. I've been working on my Pontiac GTO for 45 years, so I'm used to spending weeks or months and lots of money to add comparatively small amounts of horsepower to the engine. Loading the Trifecta tune on my Solstice GXP was easy and took about 20 minutes. Bought the tune in March and have been enjoying the summer with it. The stock Solstice GXP is a lot of fun drive, but the Trifecta tune takes it to a whole new level! I have the tune associated with the cruise control switch, comes on and off at the touch of the button. No problems since I have installed it, except when I mash the pedal the car now is up to 80 mph before you know it. Great customer support from Trifecta and great programming in the tune itself. Would do it again, without hesitation. Fantastic value for the money. If only I could add this much horsepower to my GTO for $200!

  8. 09/15/2018 02:07 PM | GSofine
    I purchased the advantage tune for my Regal GS and the difference is  like everyone else says "night and day". The price is well justified for what you get. I look forward to future products with Trifecta. Great work guys

  9. 09/13/2018 09:15 AM | Bperry80
    I'm gonna be very honest here with my review. If I see a tune that is too good to be true I normally dont buy it, but I had to try the Trifecta tune. I can honestly say I'm very glad I did. The difference between stock and tuned is night and day. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't of tried it. I can say, I wont be returning back to stock anytime soon lol. I love this product and I'll let all of my friends know to get it asap. Thanks Trifecta for giving my Cruze RS some power!!

  10. 09/13/2018 05:34 AM | Rjones1214
    I have had more fun with my Cruze in the last couple of weeks since switching to Trifecta than I have had in years. Even after being tuned before, this is above and beyond. The tune is great, runs perfect and pulls super hard. Their No Lift To Shift works perfectly and adds a unique feature you can't get with another tune.  The customer service is incredible, response times to any request is faster than I could ever ask for. The website and support section is easy to use and having all the downloads available through the website makes it easy to have access from anywhere. 

  11. 09/09/2018 04:39 PM | mzissman
    VERY happy with the product and timely customer service.  Put a 6" lift and 33's on my 2016 Colorado and this tune not only took care of my speedometer calibration, but the tune, itself, still gave me several more MPG's than I had before the modifications.  Even after the bigger tires and lift!  Highly recommend!  Thanks!

  12. 09/08/2018 03:18 PM | NCboy94
    Love the product car has so much more power and still keeps it mpg!!!

  13. 09/07/2018 07:50 PM | dleonard1
    The Advantage tune for my 2011 Buick Regal Turbo has been fantastic! The increased horsepower and the transmission shifting has been greatly improved. It makes the car so much more fun to drive, my commutes to and from work have never been more enjoyable. Thanks Trifecta!

  14. 09/05/2018 11:54 PM | PHoldcraft
    Best thing I’ve done so far for my truck was to install this tune. Very noticeable change in over all performance. More responsive, more power, more fun.  One of my main reasons for this was the MPG improvement. My city adverage went from 17.6 to 20. Hey is up from 23/24 to easily hitting 25 and sometimes even 26. 

  15. 09/05/2018 10:56 PM | jamyzd30
    First let me start by saying the tune by Trifecta is second to none. It makes the car feel how it should from Cadillac. The difference is NIGHT and DAY. Their customer service is amazing and they review logs fast. The drivability of my Cadillac has been drastically enhanced with the Trifecta Tune. Heck, The power increase can be felt immediate. The power delivery is smooth, deceptively smooth. The car literally pulls WAY harder and does it without any drama. The engine rev’s faster and the acceleration has been improved, especially at higher speeds.  The throttle response has also been greatly improved. The accelerator pedal actually feels like it is connected to the throttle blade. The throttle response is crisp, direct, and immediate.. I’m impressed. No easy task.  Overall, the Trifecta Tune is an impressive upgrade and has made my car much more fun to drive!!!!  I highly recommend Trifecta! I’ll definitely be doing business with them in the future!

  16. 08/29/2018 05:19 PM | glm707
    Hello,I have been very satisfied with this tune,nice power gain,the transmission shifts are very good.

  17. 08/29/2018 01:05 PM | deuces442
    The Trifecta Tune has significantly enhanced this amazing car into a full blown sleeper out on the road. Not only can you feel the additional power across the entire rpm range, but the transmission retune has definitely improved shift times and overall shift feel and quality. I have noticed no significant decrease in mpg for all the additional hp and tq, and have over 30K miles since installation without any issues.   The team at Trifecta have been quick to respond with any questions I have, and provide amazing customer service. I would highly recommend this tune to anyone with hesitation.

  18. 08/29/2018 01:13 AM | jimisbell
    I added my Trifecta to the Sky RedLine and programmed it to use the traction button. I call it my "Jesus Button"

  19. 08/29/2018 12:32 AM | Rhutchins
    I decided to go with this program due to shifting and mileage issues with my 2015 GMC Canyon. The down loading was easy and boy! did I get a surprise the first time I backed out of my driveway. It was like a completely new high performance truck. I have the 3.6L V6 and can’t be more happy with it . I had the program installed since around 15k miles and now have 51k. Abosolutely nothing but go things to say about the Trifecta program. My milage jumped from around 18 city to 23mpg. On the road driving the speed limit and truck empty I’m getting 25 to 27 MPG. That is in the economy mode. I will buy this program for my next truck for sure but I’m loving my truck so much now it is going to be a long while before I trade or sell it.

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