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  1. 07/08/2020 09:14 PM | Darrell
    Installed easily, added the expected little bit of pep. Just the ticket to make my Solstice a bit more fun to drive!

  2. 07/03/2020 04:28 AM | Treefork
    LOVE IT.  The car was already fun to drive, but now it’s even better. I’m used to pickup trucks and suvs, but I purchased a 2013 LTZ 2.0, specifically wanting that engine because I knew it was tuneable.  Specifically looking at Trifectas tune because it keeps the engine power within the limits of the transmission while still providing a quick fun vehicle.  This tune, makes this feel like it looks, sporty, fast and handles great.  The only problem I have is keeping my speed under control.  You find yourself flying if you hit wide open throttle even for just a second.   It sure is fun to take off from a light now too.  Still getting used to the wheel spin, even if I gas on it from 30mph it will squeal the tires from a moving take off.

  3. 07/02/2020 05:13 PM | Jebbysan
    I bought this 2013 Equinox 2.4l for my wife after 2 years of her driving a Mazda 3. She complained that it didn’t “Zoom” like the little Mazda did so I did some research and landed here. The car was sluggish and the trans had a mind of its own, a huge complaint of these cars from owners and magazine tests. I purchased the tune and K&N air kit at the same time. Air kit showed up in three days and my tune was ready to download overnight. Read instructions about OP system support and it said Win 8.1 or better for which I E-Mailed Trifecta and got a response within hours saying my Win 7 Laptop would work fine and it did. Air kit required 20 minutes to install and the tune was the same amount of time. After installing I noticed IMMEDIATELY how much better the trans shifted.....no lag or torque control between gears like stock. Power was noticeably increased everywhere and can’t wait to see how it performs with a tank of 93. Highly recommended if you plan to keep your Equinox/Terrain for a while.  

  4. 07/02/2020 05:03 PM | Jebbysan
    Kit went on in 20 minutes.....excellent quality and fit......with the tune it runs great!

  5. 07/01/2020 01:11 PM | James Shultz
    Can’t get any easier. Installed May 2020. 8500 miles Very easy to perform procedure.  Took less than ten minutes to complete process. I noticed better throttle response and awesome feel in the shifting of transmission. (Before very clunky and searching for gears). Its been close to two months since install. I use the sport mode occasionally. It will take off like a jet running down the runway. Quick response and overall better performance.

  6. 06/30/2020 12:38 AM |
    Drove the car for about 10k miles until I realized that it needed more power over its already robust 464hp. After doing research I came across trifecta's tune. Not only is the added power very noticeable over stock the transmission tune on the A8 is worth every penny. Car shifts much better while cruising and WOT. Great tune and great service. 

  7. 06/28/2020 09:50 PM | Camaro6
    I was introduced to Trifecta from a good friend a few years ago. They have done amazing things with his car so I had to tune my 2019 camaro thru them. I got to say I should have done this sooner. The crew at Trifecta are outstanding. From the time I ordered to all the way to install they where about communication and making sure they handled even the small details. This tune makes it like a whole new car again. So much fun to drive. Thanks again for the great experience and product. 

  8. 06/23/2020 01:53 AM | BlindZide
    I purchased the Elite Tune for my 2019 Sonic 1.4T Hatch. With my mods and this tune, the car is unrecognizable. Quick response to get initial tune after my unlock code was sent. 

  9. 06/21/2020 12:33 AM | kellor006
    Easy to install and feels much smoother. The power is constant unlike stock tune. This is my 3rd tune from Trifecta no complaints at all.  5*. Heads up if you are running the red cable you may need to press the on button mid install so the power doesn’t cut out. 

  10. 06/19/2020 06:54 PM | Chiefjimbo
    First off before the tune ever went on the team found that my 13 2.0t Malibu was missing an ECU update which caused a catastrophic engine failure at 71K miles. Glad now to have that update complete and not have to worry about that failure. The calibration was very easy to download from the site and upload to the car and the difference in the car is AMAZING!! Never expected those kinds of results from a little 2.0t. Great work!😍 

  11. 06/18/2020 01:03 PM | Mike Allen
    Two things jump right out! First the throttle response is like driving a different vehicle. No more "Lag" when you want throttle, you get throttle. Secondly I always wished the shift rpms were higher, as it seems like just as this engine starts making power BOOM it shifts out of the "Power Band" if you will. That problem is solved with this tune also! Love the fact that you can enable/disable with the touch of a (Cruise) button. I guess there is 3 things actually, because this always had a "Surge" under WOT in the 3-4K rpm range. Not sure if it's the 93 octane I run now or the program, but that has been eliminated as well. Hats off to whoever designed this program because this car is really fun to drive now!

  12. 06/17/2020 01:03 PM | RED_LINE
    It's been a joy driving my Cruze Diesel especially now with the Trifecta tune! It's now more effortless on pedal response to get me up and moving through town and more passing power on the highway (as if the 264-280lbs torque wasn't helpful enough). It's my first diesel car which I replaced my previous 10' Nissan Sentra SpecV for a more comfortable daily and getting more out of roadtrips, I'm glad I made the switch for better fuel economy and smooth seamless power delivery. Trifecta has made it feel more powerful than what I drove before and that was considered a fairly quick car, you can feel more hp and torque across the powerband. Throttle response when the Cruze Diesel was factory tuned wasn't the best on initial go from standstill, there was some lag but it's made a dramatic difference where you don't think about it anymore since it just goes with more urgency. Lastly, the transmission shifting is much more responsive - you can feel it downshifting which helps on braking and it goes through the gears in a sporty fashion yet you can still drive it in comfort. I highly recommend this tune and also maintenance wise on these cars please use ESP/low sap Dexos2 approved engine oil along with good quality diesel fuel, goes a long way for overall performance and longevity/cleanliness of the engine and it's components.

  13. 06/16/2020 11:21 PM | Rex Sutton
    I am creating an odd toy. The difference has been amazing. Gained 4 tenths in the qtr. And still getting 35 plus overall mpg. THANKS  looking forward to future mods.

  14. 06/12/2020 01:17 AM |
    Outstanding product in all respects .

  15. 06/06/2020 11:43 PM | rmg2800
    When I owned my Cobalt SS I went through several tuners. I used a well known tuner from the forums, and then a well known performance company. My car never ran right. Always suffered from drivability issues. When I purchased my 2016 ATS V I didn't want to make the same mistakes I chose trifecta because they have been in the business for years and have a long track record of having great tunes. Man I'm glad I chose them. I ran their base tune for over a year. The tune was perfect from the beginning. No data logs or fine tuning was required. Car ran like a raped ape, but had better drivability than stock. I dyno'd right at their advertised 500 whp from the base tune with no revisions. Video below. After a year I began to get the itch for more power. Since then I have been through revisions for 2 aftermarket intakes, 2 sets of down pipes, 2 aftermarket fuel cams. In stead of just buying the best from Renick performance from the beginning.  I kept cheaping  out and running the after market parts to their limits and had to upgrade later. Each time I was given a new tune for the new parts, and every time the tunes performed flawlessly. With all the changes in parts and power I have sacrificed 0 driveablility. Every revisions runs flawlessly every time. I now have 4 separate tune files for various levels of octane and race fuel. Anyone who says trifecta is a canned tune, or doesn't do custom tunes, has no idea what they are talking about. Car is an absolute monster. Trifecta also has some great features that are not offered any where else. Like memory modes, If wanted the car will stay in track mode through ignition cycles. The tune also has a full boost launch feature. I was able to snap my neck at the track and launch at 19psi. A trifecta tune was by far the best mod I have ever had on a car.   

  16. 06/06/2020 11:12 PM | Zach Styacich
    Exceptional tune!  I came from Tapout Tuning who is a well known tuner for the ATS V.   I ran into quite a few problems with the Tapout Tune and I left the company to seek a better quality tune, Trifecta was the answer!  The difference between the two tunes is quite incredible.  At Tapout, they couldn't t really make the tune shift smoothly, was very jerky and their tune lost drivability from stock power.  The throttle response was also worse than stock on the Tapout tune.  Trifecta's tune keeps the drivability the same as stock and the throttle response is even better!  Their tune is a much safer, better and refined tune.  If you are debating on choosing Tapout or Trifecta, Trifecta is definitely the answer, don't make the same mistake I did choosing Tapout.  Tapout also turns off quite a few safety features that Cadillac puts into the car from the factory such as the boost limiter until the car is warmed up to operating temperature. Trifecta leaves them in for safety reasons to make your tune last.  I wanna thank everyone at the Trifecta team for developing a refined, and super fast tune.  I cannot wait to be working with y'all the more mods I put into the car.  Amazing quality tune! 

  17. 06/06/2020 11:02 PM | RYRO14
    The Trifecta tune for the ATS-V hits like a mule kick. Get prepared to blast off into orbit with ARPM and power select mode. Free updates for mods and beta testing by Trifecta & Saturn V to ensure a safe journey and experience in your V.

  18. 06/06/2020 07:26 PM | Jerry Lundberg
    I received the Trifecta cable and download about one week after I ordered it.  When the cable came I then went into my e-mail and found Trifecta had also sent the download links for the calibration software. I read the instructions first and then downloaded the calibration and program software into my PC. Everything went smoothly.  I then loaded the calibration into my Sky Redline.  That went smoothly also.  I chose the "Competition" button to activate the Trifecta software.  My Sky Redline normally would register 16-18 psi at max.  When I switched to the calibration software using my competition button I was seeing 23-24 psi.  The kick in the pants from the added power is very exciting.  This tune is worth every cent of it's cost.  The car is even more exciting to drive than before.

  19. 06/05/2020 02:41 PM | TourX Dad
    Didn't know what to expect...but pleasantly surprised!  While I definitely noticed a difference off the line with quicker acceleration and better throttle mapping (tune holds the gears longer but still shifts smoothly), where I really noticed the difference was at freeway speeds.  When wanting to pass another vehicle or merge onto the freeway, the car's acceleration is much, much stronger!  I could be going 50-60, pass another vehicle, and before you know it I'm going 90+.  Since the shifts are still smooth and the TourX's ride is already good, you don't even notice how quickly you've accelerated.  Highly recommend.  Super easy to install and when I had a question about installation, Trifecta was quick to get back with me and guide me in the right direction.

  20. 06/05/2020 01:25 AM | flybynight
    I found out about this tune on a facebook sonic group, I had seen lots of debates on the best tune but after a lot of research and awesome feedback to my questions from their support and the fact I don't plan on modding out my car much that would require a new tune I went with the Advantage stock tune. For sure it makes a HUGE difference! As others have reviewed it sure makes it more peppy and responsive. Its still a sonic so don't expect a race car but I would say this tune alone makes it close to being a sleeper car.  I also like driving in the manual mode and shifting up it was like a true manual but downshifting just didn't feel right, now with the tune doing a downshift feels more like manual and the shifts up are much smoother as well. For the boost before the best I got was a 10.1 and after the  tune I got a 14.3 using Torque pro.  Also for a added bonus, the Trifecta sticker went great with the Harry Potter sticker I already had on the car 🙂     

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