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  1. 11/29/2016 02:47 AM | ChevelleMan
    Purchased tune in May of 2015. It turned my already healthy running Malibu 2.0T into a wheel smoking, fire breathing monster! Seriously it made a huge difference in horsepower, torque and about an additional 4mpg highway. In the last 18 months I have thoroughly enjoyed driving the Malibu. My wife still can't understand why the car runs so strong, and still gets 42mpg highway. It the best of both worlds. Way to go guys!

  2. 11/25/2016 10:22 PM | pinntde
    Noticeable improvement in both engine and transmission performance. Value of the tune is worth the $300 retail price. Install was fairly easy as well. Throttle response is very touchy under light load, low speed conditions (not always welcomed but it comes with the nature of the tune). The tune really shines at higher-rpm conditions!

  3. 11/24/2016 07:00 PM | affordatech
    I've heard great things, and ordering process was smooth!

  4. 11/22/2016 08:30 AM | mrjakesmith
    I purchased the Trifecta Advantage Tune a year ago for my 2015 AWD Regal GS. I simply have no complaints. My car performs better than ever and has for a year with no issues. Don't hesitate its how the GS should have come from the factory. Thanks again Trifecta!!!

  5. 10/25/2016 01:38 AM | abimed92
    AMAZING!!! Best $400 I have ever spent. I just installed the tune so I have only been able to drive it about half a mile, but nuff' said. It took me seconds to notice the difference, haven't experienced torque steer in this car until today. It's like I'm driving a new car. Really looking forward to my drive to work tomorrow.

  6. 10/21/2016 03:42 AM | Lalo702
    Tune came out great easy to install easily feel the difference the car feels more free

  7. 10/14/2016 10:35 AM | prankechad
    Wow is right. After a few key cycles I had to hold on when mashing it to prevent the wheels from pulling the car sideways from all that torque in first. Shifting omg the shifting improvement. Third gear pulls really great now. Got a cold air intake which makes the turbo sound great on this car and even better now that it's not afraid to reach into the higher RPMs. Will probably upgrade as this is just the stock tune. Oh and if you can get the LTZ RS model Cruze. Seems used they are pretty cheap for what you get - all the bells and whistles (that now I couldn't do without) plus upgraded suspension, seems like brakes but can't remember, upgraded audio... everyone that's seen it is impressed. Guarantee with this tune it's competing with the luxury cars out there in performance and handling.

  8. 10/10/2016 03:01 PM | endurodude
    Trifecta as a company is excellent. Fast response to support questions Tune is great!

  9. 10/07/2016 03:44 PM | Mike P
    Absolutely awesome tune. Like many others the I found that the truck was very sluggish and seemed to require way too much pedal to get it to accelerate, then when it would finally realize you wanted to speed up it would downshift two gears and spike the RPM's when all you wanted was to go a little faster. This tune made a night and day difference, the power is always available now. I just loaded the tune, but I am so glad I found it. I was ready to trade in my truck and found Trifecta as the nick of time.

  10. 10/04/2016 04:32 PM | dadskid1995
    Took 4 days for the tune to arrive and about 20 minutes to flash everything but WOW it makes a huge impact on the Cruze. I used to have to stomp in the gas to merge onto the highway but nope, not anymore! If you have a Cruze this is what you need I'm in love with it. THANK YOU TRIFECTA .

  11. 10/03/2016 03:35 PM | justinmoore15
    Loving the tune so far, you can immediately feel the improved throttle response as well as the improved shifts in the trans. I havent been able to do too much testing on the tune just yet, but so far what I have experienced I have really enjoyed.

  12. 10/03/2016 01:19 AM | igropemotoko
    If you own a non GS Regal and use this tune you will be absolutely shocked at the amount brutal power your car will throw to the ground. My car is 100% factory but it feels anything but. Single best modification you could do.

  13. 09/29/2016 11:08 PM | jimmyfntn
    In my opinion chevy should have just ran this tune from the factory floor. Toggling between stock to tour just really makes you realize how great the tune really is. It just makes the cruze come alive. I would rather sell the car then drive with out the trifecta tune enabled. Great tune. Great customer service.

  14. 09/20/2016 02:00 PM | ryanlam1
    Nice tune for the price and very simple to use the programming makes my car a lot more fun

  15. 09/15/2016 12:23 PM | Cruze2lt
    For what this little turbo is and can do, I'm impressed. Only had the tune installed for about a day now and I'm extremely happy. Can wait to hit the Dyno. Good job trifecta.

  16. 09/10/2016 04:45 PM | depaolibio
    35K miles later and the car still puts a smile on my face at every single ride. Had three upgrades and car went from stock to impressive, then to splendid and then to extraordinary. Thank you Team Trifecta!

  17. 09/09/2016 07:45 PM | wphernon
    The install went smoothly. No problems were encountered. The results were exactly what I expected for a factory stock car. A small but noticeable improvement in acceleration. I am very satisfied.

  18. 09/07/2016 03:13 AM | stevenholtman
    I received my Ez cable today, and re-calibrated my car with the tune, and all I can say is WOW, the team at Trifecta definitely made the Cruze come to life and produce the way it should have from the Factory. If you are even thinking about buying this tune, stop thinking and follow your instinct and buy the tune! You will not regret it, the shifts are so much smoother, and I do not see the hesitation that constantly annoyed me, when trying to get on the free way or just get the car to go. As it states in the description, the car now wants to GO!!!   Thank you so much Tifecta for putting in the work, that honestly shows through your tune. I can only imagine what some of the other tunes for different makes, and or models.

  19. 09/02/2016 01:59 PM | highpsigs
    I was very impressed with the power output with Trifecta Tune. I highly recommend to anyone with GM vehicles. I felt the difference immediately after installing the calibration file. I will always use Trifecta for my GM tunes. The only thing I would love changed is when my ATS is in tour mode to have the transmission not seem like its ins sport mode and have it closer to stock on the transmission shifting. Sport mode would be ideal to have it hold the shifts. It really does not bother me but I would like it to have two separate modes. :-)   Thank you,   Jasen

  20. 08/31/2016 04:50 PM | WillLogan92
    Really woke my cruze up! Zero turbo lag, no hesitant or rough shifting, idle is smoother. Did more for the car than I expected! It's not a vette, but this with this tune and minor mods this little 1.4 can hold its own against new v6 civics, maximas, camrys, etc. Best thing a cruze owner could do for their car. Great Value! Highly recommend!

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