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  1. 05/06/2017 11:24 PM | dl1071
    I bought the 2016 Chevy Colorado about 8 months ago. I love the truck but was disappointed by the lack of power and acceleration it had. The transmission was sluggish especially the low gears they were so rough in shifting. Then I bought the Trifecta Performance Tuner. Wow! What a difference. I noticed it as soon as I backed out of the driveway. The acceleration has improved tenfold. The truck is like a brand new truck. The lower gears where I noticed the sluggish response (1100-1500rpms), was totally corrected. Chevy has done a huge disservice to its 2016 Colorado. I really cannot believe the change. All the problems with the automatic shifting and downshifting are gone. I would recommend this to anyone. If you can operate a laptop then you will have no problem downloading then uploading the Trifecta tuner.

  2. 05/05/2017 01:50 PM | robbpoe
    I am extremely happy with my Elite Tune for my Colorado. I hate driving the truck without it. The stock program is not good for shift points, etc. This tune takes care of those and gives me more power even in Eco mode. When I push the fun button (completely turning off the cruise control master puts it into sport mode), it makes me giggle like a little school girl as it screams down the road. Best money I've spent in upgrades on my truck hands down.

  3. 05/02/2017 07:54 PM | FelipeBarr
    The difference is pretty great, I love it but I do wish there was Mac capability other than that it was smooth sailing.

  4. 04/26/2017 07:03 PM | timc2406
    I purchased the budget tune for my 2008 Saturn Sky Redline and WOW! This tune turned my Sky into a fire breathing beast. Loved it and recommend it highly.

  5. 04/10/2017 11:50 PM | ROBERTBROCK
    The tune really woke the SRX up! Very aggressive throttle response and definite gain in power. Thanks!

  6. 04/10/2017 12:55 PM | ozziegomez20
    Trifecta's tuning is incredible! Everything they say it is and more. The throttle response , smooth shifts, and overall performance is beyond what I expected. I actually have to retrain myself on the throttle, pushing down on the gas peddle from a complete stop will have me launching now verse what the car use to do. I installed this tuning in a 2015 Camaro RS with a V6 Engine but I highly recommend it for any car.

  7. 04/04/2017 08:07 PM | erstadw
    With all the great reviews i decided to purchase the advantage tune. Got the ezlink cable in about a week and the calibration file was sent a day aftere that. Installation was very easy and only took about 20 minutes. Very impressed with how much it boosted power output. I can definitely feel the difference. I really like how you can toggle from eco and sport anytime you want via the cruise control on/off switch. Like others have said, As far as performance upgrades go its the best bang for your buck. Did contact Michael in customer service for a few questions and he was very helpful and responded to my e-mails quickly.   -Wade E Bloomington, MN

  8. 04/04/2017 05:58 PM | raceready
    The tune was an easy install with the Trifecta software. On the test drive I immediately noticed both an increase in power and higher shift points. Both of these were as advertised. Further on, in uphill mountain driving the my Terrain would downshift and hold the gear rather than continuously searching for the right gear. The higher shift points and increase in torque were the enablers of this performance and exactly what I wanted out of the tune. While the GMC 3.6L Terrain in no hot rod you can certainly feel the difference in acceleration versus the stock tune. If you are out to surprise someone this tune will do it. Trifecta also increased neutral/park rev limiter to 5000 rpm per my request on the order. I use the higher revs to demonstrate the exhaust note from the Magnaflow exhaust system. Good job Trifecta!

  9. 04/03/2017 05:06 PM | rbink455
    Excellent tune for all around driving pleasure. I have 90K miles on my tune so far with zero side effects. Just bought another one for my kids sonic, would (and do) recommend to anyone.

  10. 04/01/2017 12:59 AM | Fran6sQc
    1st: Fast shipping 2nd: Easy to install 3rd: Really impressive!   The product is really impressive and powerful. If you think than your stock 2.0T is faster, with the trifecta tune your car is a rocket! I love Trifecta Performance. Thank you very much!

  11. 03/13/2017 03:28 AM | flightman56
    I have to give this tune a lot of credit! For any 1.4L Chevy cruze owner out their, this is a must have for your vehicle. The extra power that this tune can get out of this size engine is just simply amazing. Being a first time customer to this company, I have to say that the product was exactly as described and also that they have great customer service as well as support for answering any questions. So glad I was referred to them, and I will be recommending Trifecta to anyone looking to get some more power out of their vehicle. Couldn't be any happier with how my car performs with it!!

  12. 03/12/2017 04:43 AM | nate1977
    This did a great job with my Cruze it's not sluggish anymore transmission shifts great big Improvement for this car

  13. 03/11/2017 09:51 AM | ogNOX
    Amazing product. I bought a 2017 Chevy Equinox 2.4l for my wife for her birthday to replace an aging and costly 05 Equinox. While the car has roughly the same hp as the 2005 Equinox v6 she had we had noticed that there was a big drop in acceleration and shift times particularly when trying to merge into traffic. After doing research about trifecta i decided to pull the trigger and order the upgrade. Huge difference now after the install, the throttle response is much faster, shift points updated and feel sharp and smooth and not laggy and the acceleration greatly improved. Bone stock car aside from a K&N air filter and I couldn't be happier with the upgrade. Install was a breeze, about 20 min and the car was up and ready to go. Worth every penny and will defiantly be recommending this product to any and every gm owner that i know.

  14. 03/10/2017 02:51 AM | Culatar
    Best money I ever spent, the car feels like this is the way it should've came from the factory!

  15. 03/09/2017 11:19 PM | ttimerr
    WOW, WOW! Im blown away. Cannot believe the difference. I might actually keep this 2016 chevy colorado now. The wonky transmission was my only complaint,trifecta just fixed it thanks TIM in pittsburgh,pa.

  16. 03/09/2017 10:52 PM | Regalnfs
    The tune was easy to install. I must say that it woke up the car. The Regal Sleeper is in full effect! Car runs so better thanks Trifecta!

  17. 03/09/2017 04:32 AM | Bossirocz
    Easy to use site! When i install the new tune i will get back with ya.

  18. 03/08/2017 03:30 PM | mikegator40
    Just want to start off by saying Trifecta has amazing customer support!!! My tune was for a 2010 V6 Camaro with Spectre CAI and MBPR Exhaust. I also had the Speed limiter removed with the correct tires. I have seen a gain in power, torque, and gas mileage driving both conservatively and aggressively. I also turned on the aggressive ghost cam option and it sounds amazing!!!! 10 thumbs up Trifecta thank you!!!

  19. 03/08/2017 03:42 AM | David13camaro
    I purchased my tune for 2013 lfx camaro on 3/2/2017 and i have had a great experience so far. Tune show up on expected date and had my tune installed within 10 min of opening my laptop.

  20. 02/16/2017 03:38 PM | lewie145
    The trifecta tune is an absolute must on the Buick GS or any of the LHU/LTG 2.0 turbo gm cars. From the factory the car has reasonable performance but after you add the tune the car really shines. The power delivery is noticeable throughout the entire band, and the torque gain is outstanding. You will be hard pressed to find more value for your money with this tune. On top of the performance and value you will receive from trifecta, you will also receive customer service that is second to none. I was in an unfortunate accident with my first GS and ended up purchasing a second GS -- Trifecta went above and beyond and took care of me when adding a tune for my second GS as well. Trifecta has also responded to any question or concern within an hour EVERY time. I can't say enough about the performance, value, and customer support -- I would recommend this to anyone looking for exactly that!

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