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  • Welcome to TRIFECTA Performance, where it is our mission to bring the best out of your late model General Motors vehicle, whether that be your prized project car or a grocery-getter that needs more get-up-and-go. With a "calibration-first" approach, we work tirelessly to find ways to get the most from your factory stock vehicle via software alone, be it for performance improvement, track manners, or just to make your daily commute more fun.

    Our passion is automotive performance and perfecting the driving experience. It is our ultimate goal to express this though our products.

    Visit our store to discover whether there is a TRIFECTA Performance Calibration available for your vehicle!

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    Thank you to all who placed an order during our Black Friday sale this year!

    Due to shipping delays expected by all major carriers this holiday season, we are starting our sale earlier this year. 

    Since the earliest days of automotive tinkering, enthusiasts have been fascinated by “cam” modification.  And now, ZZ Performance has brought the first known aftermarket camshaft upgrade kit to market for the GM Family 0 Ecotec turbocharged engine (RPO: LUJ / LUV)!  This article explores TRIFECTA’s journey through installing and tuning this camshaft upgrade kit!

    TRIFECTA:  The same customer of ours that had us tune his 2017 Sierra Denali with a Whipple supercharger recently stepped up to a new 2021 Sierra Denali!

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