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  • Welcome to TRIFECTA Performance, where it is our mission to bring the best out of your late model General Motors vehicle, whether that be your prized project car or a grocery-getter that needs more get-up-and-go. With a "calibration-first" approach, we work tirelessly to find ways to get the most from your factory stock vehicle via software alone, be it for performance improvement, track manners, or just to make your daily commute more fun.

    Our passion is automotive performance and perfecting the driving experience. It is our ultimate goal to express this though our products.

    Visit our store to discover whether there is a TRIFECTA Performance Calibration available for your vehicle!

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    The year is 2020 and the first generation 1.4L turbocharged engine (RPO: LUJ/LUV) is going on to it’s ninth year of production!  Enthusiasts around the world have more choices than ever for parts to tune up their 1.4T vehicles with!  This article explores one of the latest power adders to arrive on the market, and we’re impressed with the results!

    Hi Everyone,
    We hope you are all staying safe and healthy throughout this difficult time. Our families and lives have all been affected by this, and we are doing all we can to support each other.

    We have received reports recently (which are currently being investigated) that there may be individual(s) passing off “performance calibrations” as “TRIFECTA” products.  This article is meant to provide guidance in establishing whether your calibration is a genuine TRIFECTA product.

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