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  1. 04/20/2021 06:28 PM |
    The tune really made my truck what it should of been from the factory. In sport mode there is a definite power upgrade plus a more smoother transmission shifting! Definitely recommend!

  2. 04/19/2021 01:27 PM | Nilva Valeriy
    I bought the tune for my 1.4 Sonic RS and it's amazing. Love that I don't need to floor the accelerator to shift down and overtake. I still use the stock mode on traffic jams though because the fast mode is too jumpy to go that slow.  

  3. 04/19/2021 05:41 AM |
    I have been doing lots of research and trying to find the best solution to tune my Sonic 1.4 L Turbo. It's a great car, but I just want to get more power out of the Turbo engine. I am not really a car guy, always try to find the most cost effective way. I joined few Sonic tuning facebook groups and Trifecta is most recommended solution by many people. After doing more research about it,  I believe I found the right one!  The customer support is pretty good, asked all of my questions in details. I didn't wait and placed the order. The shipping was fast, I was able to get my package downloaded on the next day after I submitted the required information. The installation process was very straight forward, all instructions are quite clear and helpful. I have been driving the care for 3 weeks, I have to say, I am so glad I pick up Trifecta solution, it's easiest one and it works great! I feel the extra power, shifting is smother, responding is quicker and the fuel efficiency is increased by about 20%, that really impresses me! If you are looking for a easy solution to tune your Sonic, it won't disappoint you! Thank you, Trifecta!  

  4. 04/18/2021 09:41 PM | Discobedience
    I went from a 2005 Saab(aru) 9-2x turbo with manual transmission, to my 2018 Cruze Hatchback/Automatic when I began commuting 60 miles a day. The car was acceptable and efficient, but a major fun downgrade. So much to the point where recently I was considering trading it in. I had a Cobb Stage 1 in the 9-2X, and it made a difference. When I found Trifecta did a Cruze tune, I figured it was worth the $350 dice roll (vs. the $10k I'd probably eat in depreciation, trading it in with 12k miles). WOW, is all I can say. The car has completely transformed. The throttle response delay is gone. The shuddering at low RPMs in 5th-6th gear is gone. It feels like the car stole a VW GTI engine with the gobs of low end torque and smooth, powerful top end. I can't say enough about this product. Where the Cobb tune gave my 9-2X a little extra punch, the Trifecta tune completely rocked this car's (and my) world. I love driving it now, and honestly this feels like the best $350 I've ever spent in the automotive world. I was worried about installation but the Trifecta customer support has been very responsive, and it couldn't have been smoother. It went perfectly the first time I attempted, which is not the norm for me and IT. As soon as I turned out of my driveway and felt the stronger pull and absolute lack of throttle delay, I knew it "took". Once the car was warmed up and I had to get by an Outback going 35 in a 45, I gunned it. I was not ready for what happened, quick downshifts, slingshot like acceleration to redline with smooth shifts, and in what felt like 3 seconds I was north of 60 and the other car was gone. The little Cruze stretched my arms for the first time, and it was awesome. There is NO WAY I trade in the little sleeper now, it's super fun to drive and I haven't noticed any drop in MPG other than the times I dip into the throttle, which I haven't done more than twice probably since I bought the car. Now it's twice a day, minimum. PLEASE do yourself a favor and if you're driving a 16-19 Cruze, treat yourself to this tune.

  5. 04/18/2021 05:58 PM |
    Great calibration, really woke up the car and with my mods I definitely felt the difference currently waiting on my revision which has taken quite a bit now and I wish that was a bit faster but all in all service is good but wish they followed up more with customer, definitely get the elite if you’re gonna add more mods so you don’t have to pay again for re calibration 

  6. 04/17/2021 09:36 PM | Kyle brickle
    I've had the advantage on my truck for about a month now and it's a totally different truck now, throttle response and shift points are spot on now and the power is a huge difference I totally recommend this tune its completely worth the money

  7. 04/16/2021 03:31 AM | Dom711
    I literally race my equinox with everybody in my town. The throttle response and shit time as delayed by at least 2 seconds and this tune makes it hit almost immediately. Took the launch control from 3k to 4K depending on how far I push down gas. It’s insane I definitely recommend this if your looking for something to make your grandmas car into a kinda sports car 

  8. 04/16/2021 02:20 AM | DGS
    I purchased this tune for my 2013 Malibu LTZ. The performance is excellent and the shifting issues were corrected. I run 93 octane in the vehicle. If you don't run 93 you will notice and day and night difference in performance. The vehicle loves to cruise at 80 mph and the boost from this speed to 125 or so is amazing. The vehicle will out perform many vehicles on the road and many are shocked when you beat them on the launch and leave them behind or from a highway cruise. The mileage is improved. At steady 75 mph I get 28.5 avg. and at 85 I get 24.5. Note the lambda wideband readings from my AEM gage - perfect. I had an issues with torque steer, so I added the UR Racing strut bars front and rear. Now the vehicle is bullet straight. This vehicle smokes for what it is. I would not hesitate to purchase this tune or any Trifecta Tune. The customer response is excellent. Also note the lambda wideband readings from my AEM gage - perfect.

  9. 04/13/2021 12:06 PM |
    Transformed my 21 ZR2 into an entirely different truck. My vehicle came pre-equipped with GM's Performance Package (CAI + Catback) however on the stock tune it amounted to nothing more than a better sounding vehicle. The Trifecta Elite Tune filled in the missing pieces; the truck not only sounds good but MOVES as good now. Totally TOTALLY worth the investment.

  10. 04/13/2021 12:06 PM |
    Transformed my 21 ZR2 into an entirely different truck. My vehicle came pre-equipped with GM's Performance Package (CAI + Catback) however on the stock tune it amounted to nothing more than a better sounding vehicle. The Trifecta Elite Tune filled in the missing pieces; the truck not only sounds good but MOVES as good now. Totally TOTALLY worth the investment.

  11. 04/11/2021 05:11 PM | Chino28396
    This tune has made my commuter a lot faster and fun to drive now. It disables the start stop feature which I’m glad because that was really annoying and puts more wear and tear on the flywheel teeth and starter. I highly recommend to others and it’s easy to install tune. Made my car a little torque monster that will surprise a lot of people on the road.

  12. 04/10/2021 10:14 PM |
    Just added the tune to the wife's car, she was very impressed. I did have to watch a video which was helpful...also cannot use with a chrome book as it does not support the software. Had an HP Windows, and it took about 20 min to load (laptop is about 3 years old). Make sure your car battery and laptop are fully charged. Would highly recommend.

  13. 04/10/2021 12:22 PM | b80m4rl
    I flashed the Trifecta tune for my Regal a few days ago, and there is one word that comes to mind...." AWESOME!!". The power added was immidiately noticeable, the added torque is snappy, and the ease of installation was simple and straight forward, and took less than 20min. I let the install run, went inside to grab dinner, and when I came back out the tune was completed.  The vehicle appears to be completely stock during normal driving on city streets, but when the demand for performance is called upon, the car reacts instantly, and snugly places my body a little further back in my seat now. Not only is this tune absolutely worth the price in my opinion, but the service is also there to match the greatness of the product itself. I have had several questions that I directed to the support team at Trifecta, and they were right there to answer far faster than I expected.  This is a great product, and I recommend it to anyone that wants to wake their vehicle up, and put some more fun in the drive to your destination. The bonus with this package is knowing that as I continue to modify the car and add more parts at my own pace, support will continue to work with me to modify the tune to work with those new parts as I go,  squeezing a few more drops of performance out of my ride, as well as a few more ear to ear grins out of my face. Well done Trifecta......

  14. 04/07/2021 11:05 PM |
    I purchased this in December and have waited to write this review because I wanted to live with this tune and see how it performs on the daily, so far I have about 4000+ miles on this tune and no regrets. I drive a manual so I can't say anything about how it effects the transmission, but it effects the engine in the best way possible. My car finally feels alive! At first it seemed twitchy because I was used to how dull it was from factory, now it actually picks up and goes when I step on it. I can hear how the turbo holds boost longer, and I can feel it too. On average I get the same 32ish mpg I did from factory, even with my lead foot, but it really shines on the highway where I got over 38mpg over 2000 miles from east coast to west coast. I debated getting this for a few months and I recommend you skip the debating and just buy it. Don't mistake me, the Cruze isn't a fast car but this is much better than factory. I've recommended this to my friends who have Cruzes and they are planning on getting it after riding in mine. I can now justify putting money into my car instead of leaving it stock "because it's my daily."

  15. 04/07/2021 09:39 PM | Navy84
    So I have been running the calibrations for about 500 miles.  I have to say I am very happy!! 😃 Haven’t seen the increase in MPG but I’m sure that is because I am running 87 octane.  Going to run a couple of tanks of 89 shortly..  The take off will put you back in your seat.  The ECO mode on the interstate has been great.  I can’s tell you how happy I am to get rid of the gear search that has plagued this model.  Install it was very easy without issues.   ALL I CAN SAY IS “YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS UPGRADE”

  16. 04/02/2021 10:41 AM |
    Well worth the purchase. The neck snapping body pinning torque makes me feel like I'm in a rocket. Just got 30 mpg on a road trip. Tires screeching upon take off. It's wonderful 

  17. 04/02/2021 03:14 AM | Matt Johnson
    The tune feels very comprehensive and well thought out. It feels sporty and it instantly felt faster even with 87 octane. I find that I don't have to use as much throttle when driving around town because of the increased torque. It shifts quickly when you're just trying to get to where you're going, no more rev hang and waiting around. Just the mod it needed.

  18. 03/29/2021 09:41 AM | sasierra789
    I bought this tune as a gift for my girlfriend and it has been nothing short of perfect. She absolutely loved the tune, noticed an immediate increase in power and overall performance, and overall just makes the car more drivable. 100/10 phenomenal product and amazing support.

  19. 03/27/2021 08:00 PM | Nbingham
    I'm not a man of a lot of words in these arenas.  So said, I don't think you could possibly get more for your money.  The difference is extrodenary.  Instalation was straight forward.  And I love beings able activate it at will.  I would recommend this as the first, if not your only performance upgrade for the late model Colorado's. Neild

  20. 03/27/2021 06:00 PM | VassilyB
    The auto-stop delete calibration process was a breeze. The engine doesn't shut off at every stop any more, and the battery is relieved of an additional load, too. I had read that disabling auto-stop may affect the remote start functionality, but Michael from the Trifecta customer support assured me that it wouldn't happen, and he was right - the remote start is working fine.

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