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  1. 12/27/2020 04:17 PM | Matthew DiMenna
    Installed the Advantage+ tune into my 2017 Chevrolet Colorado 3.6L and the truck completely transformed into a much better performing truck.  All aspects of driving the truck has greatly improved.  The only negative is that I lost about 1 MPG in ECO mode while highway driving (91 octane).  This is a very small price to pay for an overall better truck.   Overall I am extremely happy with the tune!  Thank you Trifecta.   Regards,  Matt

  2. 12/27/2020 01:24 PM | christopher.kennelly.1976_55796
    I purchased the Trifecta auto-tune for my 2012 Chevy Impala LT Fleet. The benefits have been amazing and the car runs like brand new. I've paired it with a Magnaflow exhaust system and new air filter. I'll be replacing the struts and this car is better than new. I only paid 900 for the car and had the body restored at a local  vocational school reasonably priced. Trifecta just makes it all worth it!

  3. 12/13/2020 09:59 PM | Dylan1303
    Huge night and day difference in my 19 cruze. Highly recommend trifecta over every other tuner. Cruise control option is super nice to have in slow city traffic. Car pulls way harder now and shifts are firmer and faster. Car doesnt lug around as much anymore.  

  4. 12/11/2020 09:15 PM | Bill W
    Job well done, Trifecta!  The improvement in throttle response, transmission response and transmission shift points is exactly what I was hoping for.  All these improvements have a VERY OEM feel to them.  Nothing "racy" or "aggressive" to detract from how great these Malibu's drive.   I have NO doubt that (as the previous reviewer stated) MPG is going to be incredible on the highway.  Just the last two days I've driven it, my MPG calculator shows exactly 2 MPG better than my normal average on mostly smaller roads and highways with one interstate run of about 10 miles.   Oh....and let's not forget the increase in power!  VERY impressive and linear power delivery that Trifecta has tuned the transmission to work with perfectly! I truly have NO complaints.   Thanks, Trifecta!  

  5. 12/11/2020 09:36 AM | jchevy87
    I have a 2017 1.8L Sonic RS Hatchback.  I put on a K&N Intake system, ZZP swaybar links, GM's performance suspension upgrade and flashed the tuner with Trifecta and the difference is ridiculous. The throttle response is a beautiful thing, I barely have to step on it for it to go, love the way it takes off from a dead stop.  When on the freeway it has great acceleration as well when needing to pass. Will be doing my Traverse next, thanks Trifecta!

  6. 12/10/2020 06:37 PM | marko806
    All I can say is WOW!!! Night and Day difference how my car changed. I got my tune in just last night not 30 mins ago got it downloaded and installed with ease. Immediately, I noticed the throttle response, its more responsive and I was barley push the gas petal down! Going full throttle my tires were peeling out and just crazy how much power it gained. Well worth the money and you wont be disappointed, customer service is TOP NOTCH!. Response time is incredible, Michael was the one assisting my through out the process and very knowledgeable.  If it wasn't for him I probably still be waiting for my tune! Thank you! its been a great experience, I wanted my car to have a little more ump to it and Trifecta made it happen.

  7. 12/07/2020 08:32 PM | bnelson967
    WOW.... The reviews here are not hyperbole.  I just installed this tune on my 2017 Malibu 2.0T and .... WOW... The car was pretty quick before if you would push it and anticipate turbo lag, etc.   None of that anymore! Power is on-demand, and it just keeps giving.  Seriously, the car is an absolute BEAST now.  

  8. 12/05/2020 03:39 AM | Zachhiiee
    I purchased this tune on December 27th. It was part of Trifecta's Black Friday sale. It was $348 for the Elite compared to $498. I received the EZ Flash Cable in the mail on December 2nd! Connected the Cable to my Mac (Running Windows 10) and via a USB-C Adapter. A Video is included in the EZ Flash Cable Guide, which shows you the program in action, and instructs you on how to put your vehicle in Permanent Accessory mode (for those with Push Button Ignitions). Once I sent them a screenshot of my ECM Security Code, and VIN for Verification, I received my Tune Calibration in literally 5hrs. Once I received the TRX file (File that is flashed to the vehicle) I connected the vehicle again, and Initiated the Programming. From start to end, it took roughly 10mins. When it's completed, I turned the car off, disconnected the cables, and started the car. I took the car for a drive.    I AM TELLING YOU, THE CAR SHIFTS SMOOTHER, SHIFTS FASTER, and When Cruising, I've been seeing MPG improvements UP TO 20% Better! The Shifts are Aggressive! I can pretty much maintain speed with a Mustang GT 5.0 (The Sonic is roughly 600lbs lighter.) I'm lightning quick off the line from a light! I've been finding any excuse to drive it! This is how the car should have came from the factory. Worth every penny! This Tune in Combination with a ZZP Cold Air Intake, literally gives you the feeling of owning a brand new car for under $600 combined. If you purchase the Elite Tune, you get free of charge calibrations for any added mods after the time of Purchase!   GO TRIFECTA!

  9. 12/04/2020 09:20 PM | Camicus
    So I have been debating the purchase ever since I bought my 2017 Malibu 2.0 Premier 3 years ago.  I have to admit that I am an extreme pessimist and I half expected that everyone raving about this tune were suffering from a placebo effect (you want to believe its great so it seems great).  I was wrong!!  If I didn't know that the tune was installed, I would still know there is something awesomely different about the car.  Biggest improvement is throttle response.  It no longer feels like the car is deciding when to accelerate, it feels like I am the driver again.  Every little movement of the pedal is instantly felt! Second largest improvement is power.  The car doesn't hesitate to give you power anymore.  Its just there when you ask for it.  If you think the car was fast before, hold on!!  It gets better. A big concern I had was with the 9 speed transmission and how the tune would change it.  With 9 gears I was worried the tune would make it shift oddly or hard.  I'm please to say that I don't notice any difference in shifting and I am glad that they haven't gone crazy making it shift hard or aggressive. Someone else said it and its true.  The tune makes it a totally different car.  The tune not only woke the car the he$$ up but it also pissed it off!  Very happy with the tune and glad I bought it. 

  10. 11/30/2020 01:54 PM | Gary Chesney
    Thank you Trifecta! My Colorado is bone stock. I added the Trifecta tune and couldn’t believe the improvements. I’m a old guy so I run almost always in Eco mode. My daily driving fuel mileage went from 22.5 to 26. The drive-ability is greatly improved. Shift points so much better. It went from a good truck to a great truck!

  11. 11/30/2020 12:37 PM | polishderp
    I was on the fence about this tune for about a year, I wish I would have gotten this tune when I found it. I have the AWD trim and this tune improved my gas mileage and throttle response. 

  12. 11/29/2020 05:39 PM | John Virginillo
    Love this tune. This is how the car should have come. Shifts much earlier meaning you lose that ‘mushy’ throttle response. Definitely has more get up and go as the tires break traction off the line easier. Overall just a much better feel especially with 94 octane. Don’t buy this to try and make your Equinox a race car buy it because you want it to have a better overall drive experience. Oh and my cold morning engine shudder is gone when partially warmed and stopped at a traffic light. Anyone who has experienced this know what I mean. It’s like the car is trying autostop but can’t make up it’s mind. In my experience totally worth it. Thanks again guys!

  13. 11/28/2020 11:27 PM | Eddie Bayne
    I have a 2020 ZR2 and I just downloaded the trifecta tune! Amazing change in the mid range and overall drivability. I wish I would’ve done this sooner! I’m hoping they come out with a tune for my 2017 ZL1 Camero. Thanks trifecta!  PS Eight speed transmission now shifts  like a dream.

  14. 11/19/2020 05:29 PM | Benito Villegas
    I purchase TRIFECTA not knowing what to expect. Looking online everyones products promises results. But I took a leap and purchased this tuning for my stock 2016 colorado and brought new life to my truck. I have it on sports mode all the time now and the shifting is seamless. Great product for the cost!

  15. 11/11/2020 06:58 PM | Michael Welling
    The auto-stop delete from Trifecta worked like a charm! I was nervous performing the process but it was easy and took only about 5 mins and ever since no more auto-stop yay! Thank you Trifecta! If you are unsure of moving forward on this I encourage you to go for it. You will be much happier with your Blazer! 🙂

  16. 11/09/2020 11:31 PM | anthonye
    2019 Colorado RST Crew Cab V6 lifted with 32.5" tires Advantage + tune with AFM disabled in Sport mode Miles driven: 5000 Fuel : 93 Octane Hands down best bang for your buck modification on a naturally aspirated V6, driveability and power delivery has greatly improved. I originally purchased  the Trifecta tune to help improve  midrange torque  not expecting a complete transformation of the vehicle and waited 5000 miles (various driving scenarios) to review. All expectations were met and the complete transformation of the truck continues to deliver while in sport mode. Fuel economy has not changed but has not decreased with the addition of larger tires and removal of the front spoiler. Avg. 20.7 with spirited driving. Purchasing process was fast and easy, installation time less than 10 minutes... very happy with the product and  Trifecta team!  Highly Recommend.  

  17. 10/31/2020 11:24 AM | navfam46
    I have had a few of the Canyon's since they were reintroduced in 2015 (had 2015 SLT 4x4, 2016 SLT4x4 and now the wife drives 2018 Denali) and I have always hated the way it seems to hold on to gears way to long, shudders when entering the highway, etc. I found the Trifecta tune a few years ago but with moving a lot while active duty and such I never really bit the bullet and bought a tune. Now that were are "settled" for the next 3-5 years in Germany with all the roundabouts and the autobahns and such I went ahead and bought the Elite just before COVID hit back in Feb / March. I was finally able to have some time this weekend to get the tune uploaded to the truck and O...M....G what a difference. This is like a completely different truck. While I am NOT saying it goes like my V8 Sierra did, this tune has completely breathed new life in to this lil V6. I took it for a spin and there are about 3 roundabouts within 2 miles of my house on my trip to work and the way I was able to slow down and enter and EXIT the roundabouts were night and day to how the truck responded just yesterday on my way to work.   THANK YOU Trifecta for such an amazing product and keep up the great work Trifecta Team!!   NAVFAM46

  18. 10/30/2020 04:32 PM | Hardcor
    I recently purchased this product for the main reason of speedo correction with these larger tires, 100% bang on now. The transmission shifts with the added HP of the supercharger needed improving and that was also taken care of, customer service is A+ and this tune plays nice with the engine tune from Callaway. I've only got good things to say about Trifecta give them a try you wont regret it 👍.

  19. 10/27/2020 11:38 PM | lscottparker
    Have the Trifecta tune on my 2020 ZR2 3.6L V6 and it has made a world of difference. I strongly suggest this tune to all ZR2 owners as a priority mod! Even in the ECO Mode the trucks drivability is so much better. These 8 speed transmissions tend to “hunt” for gears and the stock shift pattern is lousy at best. The shifting is much improved and no more hunting for gears! Then there is the Sport Mode and oh man is the truck fun to drive in this mode! The combination of the changes to the shifting and the responsiveness of the throttle the truck now feels like the performance truck I was seeking when I bought the ZR2! After thousands of dollars spent in mods for my ZR2 this tune is the best money I have spent on it!  

  20. 10/27/2020 02:53 AM | Matt Rowe
    2020 Colorado 3.6 great product definitely needed something to help since I put the lift and bigger tires the advantage plus was perfect 

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