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  1. 02/22/2022 10:10 PM | Damienthydevil
    Lol so far this has been great, enough power to finally pass someone and keep up with others. Make sure when you tune to keep your car fully charged or have a battery tender on it. Save the headache I had. Besides that one hiccup from my end this has been a very reliable company and brand. Trifecta forever FullSizeRender.MOV

  2. 02/09/2022 04:34 AM | FujiBravo
    HOLY SH*T   exactly what I was looking for. This time absolutely made my car come alive and brought everything together that I’ve already done to the car. I will again and again recommend Trifecta performance. 

  3. 02/03/2022 02:52 AM | Zacharyafoy
    When I first purchased this Re Flash I was concerned with long term reliability, But I can happily report after 1.5 years and 38,000 miles my car has never missed a beat! I cannot express how happy I am that I decided on this product, And how good my experience with Trifecta was! That being said my fuel consumption has significantly increased. This is not a complaint, merely an observation. Normal summer MPG hovers around 31, Winters MPG suffers slightly more at 27. As stated above I drive with a (spirited) attitude, The car is still able to get good fuel mileage, Its just more fun not to.  

  4. 01/28/2022 11:27 AM |
    I bought trifecta after hearing nothing but positives from word of mouth. All I can say is WOW!!. This tune makes the issues I had with my Colorado non existent. I now get great gas mileage, better throttle response, and just overall more power. I am impressed with this product and recommend it for anyone who wants better performance in their vehicle. 

  5. 01/19/2022 01:51 AM | Skiin_ian89
    Initially I was a little skeptical of the power claims - even though all of the reviews are positive and I'm not new to the idea of electronically tuning a vehicle.  I previously owned a Regal 2.0T and purchased a Stage 1 kit from GM which included a cold air intake and tune.  Allegedly this tune brought the power to GS or more GS like power - but it never felt that different.   Prior to programming, I filled up with 91 octane and ran 1/2 a tank through.  The programming itself was easy and first thing on the road I noticed how responsive the car was.  There is significantly more throttle response and a remarkably better transmission shifting pattern - even as the car was running through the gears for the first time after programming.   My only issue is that I find I need to keep backing off the throttle.  I recommend this tune 100% and wish that my previous tune experience from the manufacturer of my vehicle was this good!

  6. 01/10/2022 03:40 PM |
    Decided to keep the car after looking for something more powerful and a bit newer. Did some research found ZZP and Trifecta. Knowing that i wanted to convert to E85 it was important to find a tuner that could assist me. The car feels amazing even on the factory turbo with ZZP stage 2 kit plus a few other goodies and converting to E85. IT is a different car all around, the car is more responsive, makes more power and i can actually pass cars on the highway without it working hard anymore. Plus the Whole Team is super responsive and amazing to work with. I highly Recommend that if you plan on modifying your car start with the elite tune.

  7. 01/07/2022 03:28 AM | Chris81686
    Purchased the advantage tune for my 2017 tahoe and I must say I’m quite impressed. I was mainly looking to address the disastrous shifting of the 6 speed MYC transmission, which trifecta knocked out of the park. The added power was a bonus. The tune, along with a cold air intake and catback exhaust system (previously installed) really woke my tahoe up. I can even burn the tires off from a stoplight! The added eco mode is a nice touch as well. Recently took an 1,800 mile roadtrip over the holidays to visit family, and was rather impressed at the fact that I averaged 19 mpg’s for the duration of the trip -running 93 octane as recommended by trifecta- running 87 octane you can notice a slight decrease in performance. I also opted for the AFM to be disabled in all drive modes.  I opted to have trifecta recalibrate my speedometer for my slightly larger tire size as well. All in all, I researched for a few months before I pulled the trigger, but am very happy I did. It really does perform like a different vehicle when in sport mode. If you’re debating but hesitant, don’t be. I promise you won’t regret it. I wish I’d done it sooner. 

  8. 01/05/2022 02:42 AM |
    1 month in and I'm amazing at the difference.  The car feels better than brand new.  Great throttle response and I can really feel the added power and torque thru the entire rev range.  Transmission shifts much smoother.  All in all, extremely pleased so far.  

  9. 01/03/2022 11:55 PM | Sassom2112
    I trifecta tuned my 2021 ZR2 Colorado and was amazed at the difference. 1)Better throttle response. 2) 1st and 2nd gear feel much better. 3) Sport/Eco/Tow is a great feature. Everything as advertised. I was especially impressed with the customer service! The process was easy but I hit a snag with the software and the trifecta team responded in a timely and helpful manner. Would recommend to anyone!!!

  10. 01/03/2022 03:30 AM |
    I purchased Trifectas elite tune for my Chevy Sonic 1.4 on black friday as my christmas gift and i will confirm that not only has the results been mind blowing, the customer service has gone above and beyond words, i had my first calibration in 2 days, it actually took longer for the usb port cable to arrive. I had 4 calibrations in total over a week and a half time with top results along with the support back and forth regarding any concerns I might have with my boost levels etc. Steven Vince and the rest of the trifecta group have been nothing short of amazing with the performace they have delivered to my build thus far and i will continue to enjoy the journey moving forward as i continue to add to my build and complete my vision power wise for where i want this little monster to go. Hoping to finally sometime meet The Man Vince in person and have him dyno my setup.

  11. 12/29/2021 09:04 PM |
    I've gone 95,000 miles in a 2015 Malibu with no modifications, I never thought I needed more power, but every once in a while it would leave me waiting while the transmission tried to find the right gear (to be fair, the powertrain is better than the competition at this price point). I installed 225/50r16 Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S tires (smaller diameter than stock) and Vogtland lowering springs at 95k miles, at that point I was regularly using manual mode to downshift for engine braking on turn-in. At 97k miles I installed the tune and don't have any complaints. I still have to use manual mode for engine braking, but for normal driving it's more responsive. I can definitely feel that little bit of increase in HP and TQ, especially in the mid range. The biggest improvement is the transmission tune, shifts are faster both up and down, and it holds gears a bit longer than before. NVH is unchanged, it can still run a lower rpms like it did from the factory, fuel economy improved a little, probably because I leave it in auto more often.

  12. 12/22/2021 03:41 PM |
    So far I love it. Ive got after market stock internals on a 8+k mile rebuild that i did my self, been working on my own vehicles since I was 17, im 25(26 on February 20th), and out of all my vehicles this has been the smallest least powerful motor and transmission, but with this tune(first tune also) and some external upgrades on an 8k mile aftermarket stock rebuild, my cars pulling like a muscle car in my opinion, with the little 1.4 pulling like it is now vs what it was pulling like before, first time I hit the gas after the tune updates and other helpful support, it made my adrenaline hit me so hard from it pulling so hard so unexpectedly that I had to go back to my grandmothers and calm down for a bit, gotten used to it since then but lord have mercy man what a difference it made, honestly had me scared to hit my gas all that hard at first for fear of blowing the tiny little turbocharged motor because i wasn't used to it, but its held up very well so I guess I did my rebuild very right, and this motor has proven its durability pretty well, had to do some stuck to it when I first got it, but with some tlc she's been a really nice ride and this tune with the upgrades makes it wayyy better. Even before the upgrades with just the stock tune it pulled like a freight train for what it is. Still got a couple upgrades I cant get to right now, but as of right now with the upgrades it has, I love it!!

  13. 12/21/2021 09:15 PM |
    Just installed the advantage tune on my stock '17 2.0 premier...It was effortless took 'bout 15min...I am impressed!  Quicker shifts as where before it would seem like it would drag a bit before shifting like riding a clutch... More punch off the start just more fun to drive... Just wish I knew how much more hp & torque I gained 🤔

  14. 12/13/2021 11:29 PM | Nathan Oikarinen
    5 STARS.  Advantage+ on my 2021 Bison with about 11,100 miles and I love it.  Wish I didn't wait until 2,000 miles to buy it.  Don't hesitate, this tune is worth every penny.  I just decided I wanted AFM disabled full time and the request process is incredibly fast and easy.  Excellent customer support!

  15. 12/13/2021 11:01 PM |
    First I want too thank Trifecta for making my Impala drive better.  After doing a muffler delete I lost low end power and the transmission act differently in not a nice way, it would hang in 3rd and 4th gear longer,  with the tune I got low end back and the transmission shifts better than stock, I strongly recommend Trifecta tune it's great.  I'm noticing better gas mileage on the highway too. Power delivery is smooth and the car run much better all round. 

  16. 12/12/2021 07:30 PM |
    2018 Colorado 3.6L Advantage+  AFM disabled.  Only had tune for two days now and definately can tell a difference. No more shift lags when taking off from a stop. The throttle response is more aggressive and transmission shifts smoother. Even while towing my trailer and atv down a dirt road I can feel the power taking off. When switching to cruise/Eco it still seems to perform better than factory settings. It's too early to determine the mpg's, but well worth the money over the sluggish factory and ability to disable the AFM. 

  17. 12/12/2021 07:30 PM |
    2018 Colorado 3.6L Advantage+  AFM disabled.  Only had tune for two days now and definately can tell a difference. No more shift lags when taking off from a stop. The throttle response is more aggressive and transmission shifts smoother. Even while towing my trailer and atv down a dirt road I can feel the power taking off. When switching to cruise/Eco it still seems to perform better than factory settings. It's too early to determine the mpg's, but well worth the money over the sluggish factory and ability to disable the AFM. 

  18. 12/11/2021 07:55 PM | oschul
    When I purchased the tuneup from Trifecta I wasn't sure if it would be a major upgrade or a small one. Directly after the program finished downloading I took it for a spin. It has been over a month and I'm still amazed from the power and smooth gear transitions! Outstanding performance, worth every penny :)

  19. 12/05/2021 12:16 AM | AlanB
    When I first installed the tune I noticed the throttle response right away, after driving with it on it took me a while to get used to. I’ve had the car for 3 years now and I’m very familiar with the way it drives. It used to seem to say ‘why are you revving me so high?’ Now (when the tune is activated) it seems to be saying ‘why aren’t you revving me higher?’ It’s like I had to re-calibrate my brain to adjust to it. I’ve squealed the tires unwittingly at least 4 times the car really hauls butt when I give it some gas. Now I understand all the positive reviews. It’s like the car is like begging me to drive faster, it’s really strange (in a good way) I’m really not at all an aggressive driver, its almost an unbelievable change to the car, it’s definitely worth the money to get the tune, in my opinion anyway. I agree with one of the other reviewers that with  different octane gas there is a noticeable difference in the way the car drives who would of thought a Chevy Cruze could drive like this? I don’t understand it but I like it!

  20. 12/03/2021 06:46 AM | John Dyck
    Ordered the tune and ez flash cable for my 2016 malibu limited, and all I can say is it is day and night difference! No more annoying stop/start crap. Transmission shifts perfect quick and crisp. Now driving this car is actually kinda fun:) the torque for highway speeds is way better as well as get up and go is much better. The car even does a burn out on dry pavement now🤣 I 100% recommend this tune for the 2.5 malibu!!

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