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  1. 04/01/2023 02:21 PM | tjrshredder
    I bought the Advantage for my 2019 Colorado. I purchased it new in 2019 and its been my daily driver. It had around 26k on the odometer when I installed the tune. I have always been pretty satisficed with it overall but always thought there was room for improvement. I have looked at a couple of options on improving the performance without affecting the daily drivability. I came across a video on youtube on the Trifectas Advantage tune. It looked easy enough to install and if I didn't like the results I could easily revert to OEM programing. I have waited to do this review until i had a a couple of thousand miles on it. At first it was acting a little strange ,but that's kind of normal when you re-flash. The more I have driven the better it has gotten. Gone is the half throttle sluggishness and the transmission  hunting for the right gear. Feels like a totally different truck. And this is with 87 octane fuel. i doubt I will ever even try it with premium gas I'm so happy happy with the results. I usually drive it in Eco mode and have also put it in performance mode to see the difference., definitely a difference. It should have came this way from Chevy. I would recommend this to anyone that would like to fix and improve drivability of their Colorado. Very, very pleased with the results.

  2. 03/30/2023 02:57 PM | Gilbert_Castelano
    This woke up my truck! My 2014 GMC Sierra V6 4.3 used to be sluggish but after this I was able to make it go faster. It's not fast and the furious fast but just faster than what the factory intended to be. It's a lot more fun to drive my truck! I also added a throttle response controller to my truck so I can control my pedal in eco mode since it tends to jump when I'm at a street light or stop sign.  I definitely recommend these guys!

  3. 03/20/2023 08:58 AM | John Hood
    Hello I have purchased 3 performance tunes over the years.This performance tune has unleashed the most amazing performance ever.  I am also very impressed with the changes that have been made to the transmission shifting points.  I would recommend this change as a great result for anyone looking for unleashing the potential of the automobile.👍

  4. 03/16/2023 11:52 PM | Blazing
    If you riding a 6th gen camaro ss, then you must need this tune.   8L45 transmission has a critical flaw, if you didn`t follow the mechanical instruction correctly you will destroy your transmission and differential gear. If you change aftermarket products other than genuine transmission fluid or slightly more than required capacity, trans fluid will take more pressure and it causes leakage to your transmission fluld cooler which is located in your differential gear, and it will flow into differential gear, it will destroy the differential gear, and transmission has no trans fluid so it will causes burn or wear the transmission gear.   I`ve seen 3 cars that destroyed their differential gear and transmission, and it takes almost USD 10K to replace it. Trifecta tune is almost the only way to prevent these problems.

  5. 03/16/2023 11:29 AM | dan007ut
    Wasn't happy with the stock throttle lag so my first attempt at fixing this was to get one of those plug in throttle controllers for $100. worked well for about 6 months but then kept giving me codes and putting my truck into limp mode.  I SHOULD have just did the Trifecta route in the 1st place.  This is how the throttle should have always reacted and I love the pep.. even on ECO mode its way better than stock. Looking forward to taking the truck up some canyons/mountains soon and see how it feels. 

  6. 03/11/2023 10:26 PM | PdacGT
    Fantastic customer service with these guys. Fast to answer any question. The tune itself is great! Feels like the car is what it should have been from the start. 

  7. 03/10/2023 12:42 AM | Curtis
    I have used many gasoline tuners in the past.  This is by far the best I have used.  The “area under the curve”, throttle response, and shift points are much better.  During the test drive, it put a smile on both our faces (my son and I).  As a pleasant side effect, the sound is even better!  I would highly recommend this upgrade for anyone with a Colorado/Canyon!  The service was fast and the staff as responsive as my throttle now!  :)

  8. 03/04/2023 07:01 PM | DevinWtf
    I am extremely satisfied with this tune and this company. My 2017 Sierra 6.2 Denali now feels how it should've came from the factory. The notorious problematic 8 speed has been revived, tight shifting while under hard acceleration while still driving smooth during traffic. The throttle responsiveness is perfect. No more random shifting on small hills or clunkiness in low rpms. I removed AFM to no longer hear it deactivate through the straightpipes. Their support team was quick and very helpful. I would recommend this tune and company to anyone looking to get their GM right and then some!

  9. 03/02/2023 08:12 PM | Bruce Thurston
    The program did exactly as advertised. The truck is more responsive and the transmission shifts better. I am very pleased. 

  10. 02/17/2023 07:03 PM |
    Installed the "Advantage + tune with AFM disabled in Sport mode" to my 2022 Colorado Z71 Midnight Edition Shortbed Crew Cab a month ago, and running on 91 Octane. Other minor mods include Cold Air Intake and Wind Booster Throttle Controller set to "Sport 9." Truck is actually fun to drive, and the performance since the tune has been impressive for a V6 midsize truck. Mileage has also improved from 18mpg to 22mpg. Thank you for the outstanding boost in performance and mileage, Trifecta! So far I'm only at 10000 miles, and only been on the tune for roughly 1000 miles.  We'll see how it holds up as I put more miles on her.

  11. 02/16/2023 02:06 PM | Eddie Rivera
    ordered the tune for my 2014 Chevy Malibu LTZ 2LZ very skeptical, but oh boy let me tell you this is probably one of the best purchases i’ve made for this car other than putting gas in it lol, came in about 4-5 days from purchasing and I couldn’t be happier, my car is super responsive now and i can definitely feel the power difference between stock and the tune it probable knocked a whole second or 2 off my 0-60 time i think now i’m sitting around the 5 sec mark if not lower once i get used to launching this thing because all it wants to do is spin spin spin i can also tell that my transmission shifts a lot quicker now and it’s super quick compared to stock. i even did a 25 roll while break boosting and my tires spin from 25 to about 45 which is insane for a lil 2.0 4 cyl turbo but other wise i’m super happy with the tune and I can’t wait to play around with it some more!

  12. 02/12/2023 08:42 PM | Josh82992
    Well i am impressed, my 2018 2.0t equinox was definitely no slouch before the trifecta tune but now it is even better. The engine holds boost better, lags less and shifts when it is supposed to now. Works well in either mode for standard daily driving but really rips in trifecta mode(and no dumb auto stop) it puts you back in your seat without much fear of issues in the long run. 

  13. 02/02/2023 02:28 AM | Kameron B
    Up to the customer service and even shipping this product was great. Installing it wasn’t too bad either, overall the tune gives great performance and you’ll really feel it, it opens up the car so much more, I have the 2.5L with a K&N intake plus a valved muffler and this tune gave my car some actual get up, this car has surprised a good amount of people in the week and a half I’ve had this installed, great purchase and I’d recommend to any 2.5 owner.

  14. 02/01/2023 04:22 PM | Lindn Rogers
    Product done exactly what I wanted it to do, disable the auto-stop function. Their description of the process is accurate. I followed the instructions & it worked flawlessly. No more auto-stop!  Wouldn't hesitate to contact them again if I needed something.

  15. 01/27/2023 05:40 PM |
    I have waited a while to write this review, partially because I wanted to see how my Sonic would respond to the tune. But in all honesty I guess its because I haven't gotten to writing one until now. All I can say is I am very, very impressed! The added HP and Torque are most definitely noticeable! Looking back, I don't even know how I drove my Sonic in stock mode, it was so disappointing, but now I can say that the car is a whole lot more fun to drive!! Don't get me wrong, its a grocery-getter, but now its a grocery-getter that has some performance!! I have a 2019 Sonic Premier, and I am thoroughly happy with this tune and how well it has worked with my vehicle! Thank you Trifecta! If you are on the fence about getting the tune, I would recommend going for it, from all of the reviews, and my personal experience, you will not be disappointed!

  16. 01/25/2023 01:35 PM | Mark Widak
    We are on our second Trax lease and this time have to buy the car at the end because we put way too many miles on it. When we sat down to think of reasons not to keep the car we came up with a lack of heated seats and it being underpowered. Heated seats is easily rectified, but more power? Trifecta made this easy. We have had the base tune now for one month and love it. It does not turn the Trax into a race car by no means, however, it now has the acceleration it should have had from day 1. No check engine lights, car starts and runs as to be expected from the factory. You would not know it’s tuned unless you had driven a stock Trax before to know how slow they are from the factory. 

  17. 01/22/2023 03:44 PM | John Glutting
    This is by far the best upgrade I have made to this truck. I have a 2016 canyon and it was nice but had the trans hesitation issues and always felt like it was lagging. After loading the Trifecta tune (which was extremely easy) it's like a whole different truck. I have tried cold air intakes and exhausts but they just make the truck to loud to enjoy. I took all that off and only have a K&N air filter and the Trifecta tune and WOW. It was less expensive and a lot less dirty to do. The Eco mode would have been enough and I would have been happy with that. But Sport is a beast. If your looking for an easy quick upgrade to your truck that actually works. This is it.

  18. 01/20/2023 03:30 AM | Rob Frigerio
    I will keep this short and to the point. Other than a Flowmaster muffler, my 2022 Colorado ZR2 truck is stock in regard to performance and drivetrain and tires. I couldn't be happier with the Advantage+ tune. Living in Colorado Springs at almost 7K feet elevation, the truck was especially underpowered in the thin air. In sport mode with the new tune, it's definitely NOT a racecar but the overall drivability is so much better. The throttle response and shift points just make it much more responsive and I don't feel like I have to try so hard to keep up with the normal flow of traffic. The ability to change modes on the fly is awesome and you can really feel the difference between Eco Mode and Sport Mode on the butt dyno. Even my wife said that she can tell the truck is more responsive from the passenger seat. Buy a Trifecta tune asap!!!!

  19. 01/19/2023 02:04 AM | NightFury
    I was very hesitant to spend the amount it cost for the 2017--2022 Chevrolet Colorado - 3.6L - Elite tune. I even talked to Trifecta personnel a few times to make sure I understood everything correctly. I only had one issue loading the tune which was that the program doesn't support the Windows OS that I have on my Surface, once I used my regular laptop everything went very smoothly. I did find an article about the modified OS for Surface systems on Trifecta's site. I have to say I haven't ever had a time where I performed a standalone upgrade o a vehicle that produced the amount of performance I got with this tune. The reason I picked the Elite tune was because I will be making further upgrades to the exhaust and input and Trifecta will modify my tune as many times as needed for the different upgrades. I'm extremley pleased and I'll sugest Trifecta to anyone wanting to improve performance which also includes towing performance.

  20. 01/18/2023 02:35 AM | Justinmurray
    I will admit, I was quite skeptical as to what the tuners at Trifecta would be able to pull off.  I am pleasantly surprised!  I have only had my '13 Traverse LS AWD tuned for a week, and I could tell a difference the moment I gave it gas!  This thing HAULS!  I do like that I can deactivate it, otherwise, my foot would be in it all the time!     Thank you, Trifecta!  Another happy customer!

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