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  1. 06/01/2020 01:45 PM | Morgan Lee
    Bravo!  This tune finally makes my truck perform off-road like it should with a 5.5” lift and 33” tires. I have tried other tunes, but Trifecta is, by far, the King of all Tunes. Keep up the good work!

  2. 06/01/2020 02:07 AM | Nydad87
    I could pretty much mirror and repeat what alot of people have said already. I waited a while to purchase cause I wasn't sure and  this is the best car performance purchase I have ever made. The car drives so much better not only the power but the transmission and shifting it's a whole new car. Michael was super helpful even remembering an email I had sent over a year ago regarding some questions about the tune. Now I only have one complaint. Where can I buy aTrifecta decal so I can slap it on the Malibu? AAA+++ This tune is amazing!!

  3. 05/31/2020 09:05 PM | mcrodi
    Well when you buy a Chevrolet Trax LS with no Factory Options at all, some might think its not much fun to have. Not if you are a little handy with Tools, have a little Fantasy and a Vision. Then you need Professionals, like Mike from TRIFECTA , a Lift-kit from Russia, Bigger Tires from COOPER and some 25mm Wheel spacers and you get yourself a tribute Car of the 2016 SEMA Chevrolet Trax Activ Concept on the cheap. Long story short the TRIFECTA Tune and Transmission mods and Premium Gas made this sluggish, ugly Duckling in to a sporty fun Vehicle, that almost outperforms my 3,2 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Remember “ALMOST”, but for a 1.4 liter 4 banger quiet impressive. I would buy a TRIFECTA product again anytime. Thank you TRIFECTA TEAM. FIVE STARS FOR ALL OF YOU!

  4. 05/31/2020 08:02 PM | CarlosT77
    This tune does what you would expect a tune to do.....improve drivability, response and overall vehicle feel.  For that reason I am very pleased and woudl recommend this tune for sure if you own the GS.  Have realistic expectations, no your car will not be faster per say but it will have the capability to drive faster and handle better overall especially the shift points making it feel faster at times or more responsive.  Pickup acceleration does feel more linear now on freeway on ramps.  I was mainly going to purchase the auto start/stop delete initially until I noticed Trifecta had posted a full ecu tune. I really am not a fan overall of any cars auto start/stop function as I feel it defeats off the line take offs a bit but that is where things are going unfortunately in the industry.  I would prefer a car keeps idle and know it is ready to go at all times instead of risking a thousand re-starts on an engine personally. So I figured I would go all in as I usually have tuned my past vehicles.  As the other review poster below stated yes this does remove what feels like the "training wheels" of the car and allows it to be 100% fully what it is capable of.  Car manufacturers have a bad habit of playing it safe and keeping things well below threshold to minimize warranties or stupidity liabilities in mass production vehicles.  So as well all know there is always some left over overhead for improvement and responsiveness once you dumb down some of the factory restrictions.  Having owned 3 prior Audi's and a Mustang GT I purchased this Regal GS for something slightly different, looked just as good as the Audi's, you see very few of them if any on the road, soo exclusivity, also made in Germany and the fact it was about $10k less than an outgoing Audi A4 or similar with the "extras" added (not base model).  I'm 42 now and have become tired of receiving too much attention at times on my prior vehicles and my fair share of speeding tickets so I wanted something a little more adult, less noticeable but still sporty enough to enjoy.  I am a big Audi fan but I always keep an open mind and do not mind trying something different from time to time. I have referred to my car since day one as my little "Audi on a budget car" as I felt the value for what we got comparatively was a no brainer for me at the time and the car looks sharp for what it is.  The upcoming redesigned Audi A4's now look like our car now in the front too practically. Back to the tune....so if you own the GS and you would like it to feel more responsive or receive better vehicle feedback than this tune helps.  Also you do not have to be a genius to get this installed yourself.  Just need a current good laptop and some basic software know how.  Can be done in as little as 10 minutes and calibration comes automatically with a stock calibration file to revert back to if you do not like the tune or wish to put back to factory before selling your vehicle later.

  5. 05/29/2020 06:31 AM | Zachery Blackman
    Before the tune my car was really sluggish. didn't wanna move and if you did push the gas it would take a few seconds for it to actually take off. now that the tune is installed the car takes off like a rocket! The low end of the car is outstanding I can't believe it. Thank you Trifecta for putting the spark back in my car! If you're thinking of buying the tune, I would! You don't lose gas mileage its truly amazing. Thanks again Trifecta you guys are AMAZING! 

  6. 05/28/2020 08:02 PM | Eric Dahl
    006--2009 Saturn Sky - 2.4L - Advantage+ Noticeable improvement over stock program.  Only upgrades so for are exhaust header, cat and exhaust.  quick response when sending back the data after uploading original program.  

  7. 05/25/2020 04:19 AM | Grant Huskelhus
    Wonderful tune really wakes this truck up did this for a customer of mine and I was blown away by his estatic reaction you guys are the best 

  8. 05/21/2020 09:29 PM | Justin Miller
    I am very happy with my advantage tune, it really wakes the car up.  The throttle feels much more responsive under all conditions and it pulls so much better on the highway without lag.   The shifts on my automatic are much firmer and quicker too.     I have a 2012 with the only mod being the cruzekits v2 pcv fix kit. 

  9. 05/18/2020 05:19 PM | Robzombie
    I've been running this tune on my 2013 Malibu LTZ for over 4 years now.  From the moment I installed it I noticed a huge difference in power and responsiveness.  If you want your car to perform the way it should have from the factory then install this tune and you'll love your car so much more.  I had to upgrade my tires to control wheelspin, but that's a good problem to have.  Any future vehicle I buy will get Trifecta tuned, very impressive.

  10. 05/18/2020 08:13 AM | 2019MalibuPremier
    Fantastic, over 155mph, 0 to 60 under 5 seconds, 13 second quarter mile, 2300 rpm at 100mph, 1800 at 80, pulls hard at any speed, torque steer manageable, shifts hold in corners, it's crazy...a blast every day. 2019 Premier, badged to an SS now on rear. OEM spoiler, OEM lowering springs, Trifecta tune, roof painted gloss black, OEM black  bowties ,front lighted bowtie, OEM racing stripes, antenna painted red, and 19 inch Redline wheels w Michelin Pilot Sports.  

  11. 05/12/2020 02:23 AM | mrjasenr
    Just uploaded the tune to my 2016 premier over the weekend. got on the highway a couple of times and this car wants to rocket. getting on the highway was good before, but now it's like damn!!! 1st and 2and feel like they shift later which is what I like. Very impressed and well worth it. 

  12. 05/10/2020 12:15 AM | Paul Auman
    Tune was in place before I had the license plates. Very good boost. I risked it while new/under warranty, in part because I like the feature of turning it off with cruise control. We only use when we really want to. (Which is all the time when my wife lets me drive.)   If we put in 2wd there’s now a lot of torque steer and tire spin even at 4500 feet elevation. In AWD just a whole lot of SURPRISE! for other drivers on the on ramps. Very fun. Wife comes home almost every day bragging about how fast her car is in one way or another.     Also: VERY easy to use your service and load the file, and great service and replies to my questions before purchase. Honestly, this may keep me looking at GM products for any future purchases when I might normally have been looking at other manufacturers vehicles I’m more familiar with for working on and using a competitors tuning software—your service and product are just that much better. 

  13. 05/04/2020 01:51 PM | Jlinklater
    My 2018 Colorado LT 4WD 2.5 ext cab was ran on the stock tune for 15000kms. I have been a customer of Trifecta Performance on 2 previous vehicles always with great results and this Colorado tune is no different.  I was averaging around 9.2 liters per 100kms stock, with the Trifecta tune I was able to drop that down to 7.2 added a K&N intake on top of that and got into the 6.8 range at 100kmh highway driving, My in city driving I was averaging 10.2.  I recently added a 2" level kit, removed the front air dam and installed 265-70-17 Cooper STT Pro off road tires (over sized and a good 25lbs heavier than stock size not too mention 1.9" taller) I purchased the tune update to change my speedometer to correspond to the new tire size and the truck is every bit as smooth as it was before.  With the large off road biased tires on the 2.5 Colorado the truck is working harder to maintain speed but with the tune it still drives very close to stock with the exception of more downshifting on hills.  I am now averaging 9.8 liters per 100km on highway and around 12 in city driving which is pretty much what the rating is on a stock truck.  I am more than happy with my purchase and with the great customer service and fast turn around time on any tune updates.  I fully recommend Trifecta performance and the great tuning work they do.

  14. 04/30/2020 02:32 AM | Moises Bemudez
    I looked into upgrading my 2015 GS performance wise and ran into this last year. After a little research, I pulled the trigger and purchased this tune. I am very happy with the results, better acceleration and obvious HP increase. I have a manual GS which makes it that much more fun to drive with the tune. I would definitely recommend this. 

  15. 04/24/2020 02:25 PM | Bob Morone
    I purchased the Advantage package; as my powertrain and wheels/tires are stock. Awesome Tune!!!! my 2016 Colorado Z-71 now performs like it should have from GM. The lagging in shifting and in RPM's and the sudden awkward gear changes and lack of power are gone. It is like the truck now has a "sport mode" and it is so fun to drive. I almost sold this truck before I got this tune. Now I love this truck. I highly recommend this tune.  

  16. 04/23/2020 03:17 AM | Zecrono
    Easily the best mod I've done to my Sonic yet. People are pretty surprised at how fast it is now (it's still a Sonic, but it actually has some pickup now). The tune raises the boost, changes throttle mapping, fueling, timing, etc. It all adds up to a big difference in power. From my testing stock boost was only at like 11-12psi, it has since gone up to ~16psi since the tune. The cruise control tune control is really smart and I use it all the time. It works flawlessly and quickly every time. Good work Trifecta, I think I'll spring for the Elite upgrade next to raise the boost even more

  17. 04/22/2020 06:57 PM | Rquinn2013cruze
    After a few bolt on modifications to the motor which were pretty inexpensive. i purchased the trifecta elite tune. And bam whole new car it seems like. amazing smooth power and very good support from the guys here at trifecta. highly suggest them for your tuning needs if they have one for your vehicle. 

  18. 04/21/2020 01:59 PM | Josh K
    I bought a Sonic for my daughter as her first car.  Great vehicle in general.  It's inexpensive to work on, fairly low maintenance, efficient, safe, and with plenty of features.  Unfortunately the Sonic has two deficiencies in my opinion - the tiny econobox brakes fade easy in heavy stop and go traffic (I remedied this with better pads, and rotors).  The second and more important one is the total lack of power.  A loaded school bus would out accelerate this car.  As my daughter will have to make left hand turns and get across 3 lane highways at times, I was worried she was going to get t-boned by someone flying through a set of blind bends she has to pull out from.  The Sonic is too under powered to get out of its own way.  I bought the Trifecta tune, zero other power mods done to the car.  I was absolutely amazed.  I've tuned other performance cars before, with supporting mods, and picked up great gains.  I did not expect much from a 1.4L with no additional modification.  The car isn't going to win drag races by any stretch, but it will certainly move now.  It accelerates good enough to move in a hurry, but not so fast that it will lose traction or become unstable - perfect for a new teenage driver.  Gauging by the butt dyno, it's not a 17 second car anymore.  Maybe more like a 15 second.  My daughter didn't know I was making modifications to the car to improve the driving characteristics.  We went for that first drive after a tune and she immediately cracked a smile.  Her words: "This is actually really fun to drive now."  Thanks, Trifecta!  We'll do business again.

  19. 04/19/2020 07:46 PM | Pistol Pete
    Thanks to Michael with support I was able to get the few things corrected before they actually wrote my tune. I kinda held up the process a lil but i appreciate their help. As far as the tune, night and day difference. Shift points are a LOT better. Power is good, but being my Canyon is lifted and rollin' on 20" wheels so I wasn't expecting it to blow my hair back. However, you can definitely tell the difference.  

  20. 04/17/2020 05:11 PM | mjpeterson777
    2019 ZR2 gas stock 4500miles I purchased this truck mainly to drive the 65 miles from sea level to 4800' and then transverse another 5 miles of rough roads to my claim, every weekend.  Before the Tune the truck was sluggish and had a terrible lag when accelerating out of a turn to maintain speed, going up the steep grades I would be 3/4 peddle and RPMs would be too high and too low. 14 MPG going up and 24 MPG down hill. With the Trifecta Tune my truck has been literally transformed from a sluggish, RPM violent curve, wild all over the place shifting to an intelligent almost telepathic RPM/shift pattern. The difference is astounding, I'm an old school manual transmission type of guy and the shifts with RPMs being maintained at a level that rivals high-end sports cars, I would rarely need to put hardly any peddle activation to achieve and maintain a constant speed, its as if the truck wasn't struggling at all going up hills and going into and coming out of the whiplash turns was simply exhilarating. Kudos to the Trifecta Team on establishing such an awesome product!

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