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EZ Flash Update: OBD2 DTCs & Readiness Monitors Controls

EZ Flash Download Page: https://www.trifectaperformance.com/ezflash

What’s changing?

Effective 02/25/2013, all Trifecta calibrations provided will have all emission control related Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and OBD2 Readiness Monitors set to the original settings that were supplied with the vehicle from the factory. At the same time, EZ Flash version will be released, which adds a new feature that allows end customers or dealers using EZ Flash to modify DTC and Monitor settings at their own discretion.

Why are we making this change?

We currently rely on a written statement from the end user (via the ordering process) that they indeed are only operating their vehicle off public highways, if they request us to modify emission control settings in the tuning we provide. We do not feel this process is ideal for several reasons (mainly that a large portion of our support efforts are to address these concerns for customers), so we’re adopting a process similar to others in the tuning industry in that we leave it up to the end user of our products to decide whether they want to modify the settings, and to what extent.

Will I be affected by this change?

All calibration files produced on 02/25/2013 or later will have the factory DTC and Monitor settings in them. If your vehicle requires changes to the DTCs and/or Monitors, you will need to make the changes yourself using EZ Flash

How do I make these changes?

The EZ Flash user guide located at the EZ Flash download page explains in detail how to make the changes.

What else should I know about this?

This feature (and prior to now, our tuning service as it pertains to DTC and Monitor settings) is provided as a tool/service to end-users that want to have their vehicle control systems configured in a way that aligns with the emission control device configuration of the vehicle, which may be different than the way the factory built the vehicle control system. Examples include pure race track cars, pure off-road (unlicensed) vehicles, and running powertrain swaps into vehicles that are not operated on a highway, ever (e.g. sand rails), or vehicles that are not even operated in roads at all (e.g. fan boats, power boats, aircraft or engines in stand-alone test-dyno situations).

While we are not experts in environmental law nor are we licensed to give legal advice or guidance, it is believed that usage of this feature to intentionally disable emission control diagnostics for the purpose of obtaining a passing result at an emissions test station when emission control devices have otherwise been removed or disabled on a vehicle operated on public highway would be a blatant violation of emission control laws. We do not condone the usage of our products for this purpose, and we do not take responsibility for its use in this capacity.

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