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    TRIFECTA Performance

    The TRIFECTA Advantage - Twin Turbo V6

       Cadillac ATS-V and Cadillac CTS VSport


    The year was 2014.  This year ushered in an exciting chapter in Cadillac performance.  With the arrival of the new 3rd generation 2014 Cadillac CTS came the VSport trim, which sported a first-ever for Cadillac and General Motors:  A twin turbocharged, direct injected V6 engine (LF3)!  In January 2014, TRIFECTA purchased their first Cadillac CTS VSport.  Within a short period of time, they had the first version of their calibration to market, and, at the time of this writing, the only company to support native flashing of the Aisin TL80SN transmission used in this vehicle.


    In October 2015, TRIFECTA purchased their first Cadillac ATS-V development vehicle, and quickly set to work in developing a calibration for the more powerful LF4-equipped ATS-V.  All was progressing nicely until GM threw a curve ball in mid 2016: the T87A transmission control module.  A new standard was set for the industry:  T87A modification would be required in order to recalibrate the transmission.  Once again, TRIFECTA solved this challenge without requiring hardware modification.



    Today, TRIFECTA remains the longest running, world-wide Cadillac twin turbo V6 tuner due to cost advantages, ease of use, exclusive features and platform experience.  The future is as bright as ever as more vendors build parts for the Cadillac CTS VSport and the Cadillac ATS-V, and as the LF4 legacy continues on in the 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing!

    Platform Features

      CTS VSport ATS-V
    • Ease of use – 20 minutes install time, no extra software needed
      • In-house developed software, no reliance on 3rd party software.  TRIFECTA controls the software end-to-end solution.  Installs in 20 minutes using a Windows laptop or a Mac running Parallels.


    • Extensive chassis dyno testing
      • All TRIFECTA products are exhaustively tested on a chassis dyno, by TRIFECTA calibration engineers using state of the art instrumentation.  Includes loaded / simulated road load scenarios.


    • Extensive environmental testing (altitude, temperature, climate, fuel quality)
      • Our calibrations are tested in various regions, with a specific focus on altitude, ambient air temperature and climate.  Testing is also performed with an eye towards local fuel quality and octane level.







    • Extensive road testing (daily driven by engineering team)
      • Using a concept like large software companies, TRIFECTA engineers not only develop the product, but they use the product themselves on a daily basis.  They take their experiences and improve the product and platform-specific support methodology based on them.

        We ran out of traction with the factory tire, so we outfitted our ATS-V with 305's in the rear to cope with the power delivered by the more advanced modifications we support.

        Proper maintenance of the factory water-to-air intercooler involves bleeding air out of the system via the "Vac-n-Fill" process

        As OE spark plug technology improves, it can be applied to existing models for improved performance or reliability

    • Calibration development process makes CARB certification possible
      • “One off” custom tunes will never be eligible for CARB certification / EPA compliance because there is no standard followed for the product that can be tested.  TRIFECTA uses a tuning process that allows for US emissions rules compliance and has applications pending.


    TRIFECTA Exclusive Feature Set

      CTS VSport ATS-V
    • Active Rail Pressure Management (ARPM)
      • The ever-present concern for direct injected engines is whether the high-pressure pump can provide fuel under the most demanding conditions.  ARPM predicts the fuel requirements based on current operating conditions every 6.25 milliseconds, and dynamically adjusts the power levels to match the capabilities of the fuel system.  For more info, click here:

    • Full boost launch / boost assisted launch
      • Having trouble brake-standing your car at launch?  Full-boost launch / Boost-assisted launch retards the timing while you brake-stand it, allowing the turbines to be fully spooled as soon as your foot comes off the brake.*


        *Dependent on brake/tire combined holding force.  Recommended for track use only.

    • Drive mode switch offers mild to wild settings for drive character
      • While the factory drive mode switch makes subtle changes to the engine and transmission response, TRIFECTA takes it to the next level by offering a daily driver setting in tour mode, and sporty driver settings in Sport and Track mode.  Customers can request different settings, or simply have sport mode always active.


    • Power by mode customizes power output levels by drive mode selection
      • In contrast to the above feature, power by mode adds another dimension, and allows us to dial in different horsepower and torque limits depending on the selected drive mode.

    • Memory modes – your car remembers you shut it down in TRACK mode
      • How annoying is it that your car doesn’t remember that you were in TRACK mode when you turned it off last time?  We can fix that.  Don’t like having to activate Active Rev Match every time you start your car?  TRIFECTA can program your car to remember the last setting you used!  For more info, click here:

    • Engine Sound Enhancement disable
      • Don’t like the fake engine sounds your car produces through the audio system?  Let us know and we’ll disable it.  For more info, click here:

    • Manual transmission launch bog correction available
      • Don’t like the bog you get when you launch your manual transmission ATS-V?  We can fix that.

    • Full transmission strategy tuning
      • Upshift, downshift, demanded torque through shifts, and torque converter lockup are just a few things our product improves on your vehicle.

    • Transmission tuning without TCM removal
      • All transmission calibration features available without requiring expensive and time consuming TCM unlock (all model years supported).

    • Support for upgraded DI pumps without signal translator box
      • TRIFECTA is the only tuner for this platform that can make the Bosch style DI pumps work on the LF3 / LF4 without using a ‘signal translator box’.

    TRIFECTA Service Commitment

      CTS VSport ATS-V
    • Support for modifications (intakes, turbo upgrades, HPFP/LPFP/Fuel cam upgrades, flex fuel, etc.)
      • Have mods for your car?  If we have a quality calibration that meets our standards for those parts, we’ll support them!


    • Data log review and diagnostic support by LF3/LF4 specialists available
      • Whether you’re looking for a checkup, need help diagnosing an issue, or need some remote tuning with your vehicle, our LF3 / LF4 specialists are available to assist you!  For more info about how our tuning works, click here:

    • Return to stock tune
      • Our software allows you to return to stock tune at any time, for any reason (recommended for service visits).


    • Tune feature and version updates
      • TRIFECTA’s development process is continuous – we’re always making new discoveries and finding new ways to optimize our products.  As these updates reach the completion milestone, they are made available to all of our customers of record.  Want to participate in up and coming updates before release?  Watch for correspondence about beta programs as they become available!



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