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2012--2018 Chevrolet Sonic - 1.8L - Advantage

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Includes TRIFECTA Flash Loader (EZ Flash Cable)


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  • 17 Digit Vehicle Identification Number.

    Must be exactly 17 digits, 9th digit must be 0--9 or 'X', and cannot contain characters 'I', 'O', or 'Q'.

    We recommend acquiring the VIN directly from the vehicle's VIN Plaque on the dash, or the certification label in the door jamb since insurance and service documents are sometimes incorrect.

  • Please contact support prior to purchasing if you have any questions: Contact Us

  • Support is not officially provided for aftermarket hardware with this calibration, however many hardware components which would normally work without any specific adjustment on the factory calibration may be automatically compatible.

    Examples include:

    -Most Exhaust components

    -Recirculated turbo bypass valves

    -Most brand name intakes (ONLY with any included resonator/venturi designed to prevent the intake from setting any DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

    If you are not sure whether your hardware is compatible with TRIFECTA Advantage, please Contact Us for assistance!


About 2012--2018 Chevrolet Sonic - 1.8L - Advantage

Includes TRIFECTA Flash Loader (EZ Flash Cable)






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I have a 2017 1.8L Sonic RS Hatchback.  I put on a K&N Intake system, ZZP swaybar links, GM's performance suspension upgrade and flashed the tuner with Trifecta and the difference is ridiculous. The throttle response is a beautiful thing, I barely have to step on it for it to go, love the way it takes off from a dead stop.  When on the freeway it has great acceleration as well when needing to pass. Will be doing my Traverse next, thanks Trifecta!

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Jeff hansen


I have a 2018 1.8L Sonic Hatchback.  I put on a K&N Intake system and flashed the tuner with Trifecta and the difference is ridiculous.  My car had no pep, no get up and go.  I thought with it being a smaller vehicle that it would've had some sort of jump but the tuning kept it in low gears.  I did run into issues when I initially tried tuning it and it froze my car completely.  It would not start at all.  However, tech support instantly called me and we walked through steps to get it back to factory.  They tweaked the tune after I gave them appropriate error codes, and once I downloaded the new tune, it worked like a charm.  Instantly gets off the block.  When on the freeway it has great acceleration.  Best money I ever spent making a dollar out of fifteen cents. 

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the trifecta tune made my girls auto 1.8 sonic act like a completely different car. the largest improvement to me was the transmission for example, going 25ish on a 40mph street because of traffic, it would go all the way to 6th..when flooring it to make a move through traffic , the car would search every damned gear 14times before actually selecting a gear and going... a damned death sentence if u ask me.. with the tune the car stays in a certain gear (stays in 3rd in the same situation ) always ready to accelerate quickly....i live in SoCal and the highway speeds of drivers is always 80-100...before the tune the car had nothing at that speed , now the car can make moves without falling on its face...i like the tune more and more the longer i have it... and of course the power increase is very welcomed as is the deeper rev limit...the car is far more explosive on full throttle.. the car loves 92oct.. i dig it

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Chuck's Sonic


Just wanted to say how happy I am with my Trifecta Advantage tune. I have a totally stock 2012 LT sedan with 1.8L and auto trans. I never liked the way the trans shifted - very erratic, and the engine just seemed to struggle with acceleration. I also hated the overly sensitive traction control and would always disable it every time I started the car.

Now it drives like a sports car - the engine has a growl to it - I did not do anything to the intake, only the tune. My wife immediately noticed the improvement. It was always fun to drive but now it's REALLY FUN to drive.

I am pleased to say that my gas mileage has improved (as long as I don't floor it all the time). We just took a 450 mile trip and we averaged 41mpg where it previously would get 38. The mpg was improving while driving in the fast lane at fairly high speeds.

Thank you TRIFECTA and especially Michael for helping me through some doubtful moments.


PS. I'm 65 years old - fun is not limited to a younger crowd.

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