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    TRIFECTA: More power, more fun for your 2016+ Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L Turbo (LE2)

      This year, Chevrolet released the long-awaited “Generation II” 2016 Chevrolet Cruze as a follow-up to their globally successful 2009-2016 “Generation I” Chevrolet Cruze. Sporting a ground-up redesign and improvement over the first generation Chevrolet Cruze, the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is an amazing vehicle.


      TRIFECTA is the industry leader in providing aftermarket recalibration (“flash tuning”) for the Chevrolet Cruze and is pleased to announce the Generation II Chevrolet Cruze MY2016+ vehicle software recalibration (reflash) for vehicles utilizing the 1.4L turbo (LE2) engine with either the 6 speed automatic transmission (6T35 / RPO:MNU) or 6 speed manual transmission (M32-6/ RPO: MF3).


      The new Chevrolet Cruze drives fine for what it is, but that didn't stop our GM Small Gasoline Engine (SGE) engineering team from unlocking massive power gains from the LE2 engine, and turning it into the sport compact it should be by drastically improving vehicle driving character while adding TRIFECTA exclusive performance-oriented features such as Performance Auto Stop Mode (PASM) and Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes (DSVM).


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      Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L Turbo

    Power Gains


    Specific gains over factory calibration are up to (uncorrected) 97lb-ft of torque and 59 horsepower, with peak gains showing at up to 74lb-ft of torque and 51 horsepower, with no vehicle modifications beyond the calibration.




    A Sportier Driving Experience


    Beyond power gains, and often overlooked by other tuning outfits, TRIFECTA expended a herculean effort to make the new Chevrolet Cruze drive better. Pedal response is dramatically improved across all driving maneuvers. Transmission shifts become predictive, adaptive, and purposeful. With TRIFECTA, the Cruze just wants to go. The car is ready to deliver performance, when you need it, without a big fuss.


    TRIFECTA Exclusive Features


    With TRIFECTA's calibration, you also get the kind of features you expect from TRIFECTA. Performance Auto Stop Mode (PASM) recalibrates the auto-stop feature on the fly to deliver instant off-the-line performance by inhibiting auto-stop (when PASM is enabled). Driver Selectable Vehicle Mode (DSVM) allows you to revert to a largely stock-responding vehicle when you feel like just putting around. Both features are activated based on the cruise control arming state (factory cruise control required for both features).


    More to come


    Now that TRIFECTA has brought their calibration only package to market, we look forward to developing hardware modifications for the vehicle. High flow exhaust components, and cold air intakes are part of our hardware road map looking forward. Also, support for the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze (including the long-awaited hatch) will be arriving soon!


    For more detailed information and pricing, see the product page. For inquiries, please feel free to send email to info@trifectaperformance.com or Contact Us.

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    1st observation is that it is a good tune. Improved shifting from 1st, 2nd to 3rd. I am seeing boost pressure on hard acceleration around 7+ psi on my UltragGauge compared to the stock tune of 3+ psi. I think Trifecta is holding back on this engines tune compared to the 1.4L LUV Trifecta tune that I have in my 2015 Sonic as I am seeing 20+ psi boost. Overall I am pleased with cars performance.   

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    Got the tune last night. Initial thoughts, it works well and makes makes me not hate the car 10/10 for the tune. Now first time installing it I did not have my power setting properly (my bad) on my laptop and it went to sleep, which interrupts the install, but fear not I just re-flashed and worked properly. Did not brick the car. Now my old man want the tune for his Cruze... Very happy with the product

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    I think Chevy is missing a great opportunity by not offering the LE2 in the Sonic. I was sure the new 2017 would include the LE2 as, at the very least, an option on the RS hatchback. But nope, still the same ol' LUV. I mean, a 10% difference in peak HP is a big deal for cars at this end of the power spectrum. Come on Chevy!

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