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    TRIFECTA presents: 2015 Cadillac Escalade L86 6.2L development platform

      TRIFECTA procures 2015 Cadillac Escalade L86 6.2L development platform



      TRIFECTA has procured a 2015 Cadillac Escalade L86 6.2L as an addition to the current LTx powertrain development process fleet. The TRIFECTA L86 powertrain program will be an extension of and supplement the previous work TRIFECTA has completed for the GEN-V LTx engine, currently used in the Corvette C7. Through this development platform we will be exploring the limits of the L86 engine and releasing powertrain software recalibration product groups and supporting components as product validation completes.


      TRIFECTA has a policy of development, testing, and validation using vehicles within our test fleet. We do not test using customer vehicles.


      When released, the TRIFECTA Performance Cadillac Escalade L86 MY2015+ powertrain calibration will be an easy to install software performance recalibration with an included flash loader device. Preliminary discovery yielded gains of +33 ft-lbs and +24 WHP to a completely stock Cadillac Escalade L86/6L80 MY2014. Powertrain calibration validation and testing has began for for various environments, such as cold/heat, elevation, and variations in fuel quality.

    Additional information and availability:


    -Please contact TRIFECTA Performance: info@trifectaperformance.com or Contact Us for more information

    -This powertrain calibration will be available exclusively through TRIFECTA Performance (as of May 5th 2014): wholesale inquiries are welcome though provided that you are an existing and active TRIFECTA reseller

    -This powertrain calibration includes a TRIFECTA powertrain calibration file specific to your vehicle and includes a flash loader device

    -Pricing TBA

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