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    TRIFECTA presents: Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG EFR Turbocharger Powerkit (TRIFECTA T55)

      TRIFECTA presents: TRIFECTA T55 Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG MY2013/MY2014+ EFR Turbo Powerkit



      This release post is a presentation of the engineering capabilities of TRIFECTA Performance: TRIFECTA presents a Borg Warner EFR turbocharger based integrated wastegate cast exhaust manifold powerkit upgrade featuring CNC machined 347 stainless steel cast construction; an OE turbocharger replacement Powerkit (TRIFECTA T55.X) for the MY2013/MY2014+ Cadillac ATS LTG.


      Radiused equal length runners in the TRIFECTA T55 ATS powerkit balances and optimizes exhaust flow across all cylinders with a merge collector, eliminating hot spots while increasing power efficiency and component reliability. By investment casting a 347 stainless steel seamless monoblock, plenum space before the turbocharger turbine is reduced for improved transient response, high thermal inertia is retained, and less heat is radiated into the engine bay; with improved reliability and dimensional stability over fabricated manifolds. The exhaust manifold design maintains compatibility with the stock catalytic converter downpipe, the OE electronic bypass valve, and integrates the wastegate into the exhaust manifold retaining ECM control of the turbocharger; also retains the stock AC (air conditioning) lines and includes all fluid lines and heat shielding for a turnkey bolt-on installation experience.


      The TRIFECTA T55 MY2013/MY2014+ Cadillac ATS LTG EFR turbocharger powerkit is complemented by a TRIFECTA powertrain power delivery profile software recalibration, providing peak power increases of +154 ft-lbs and +223 WHP (on 93 octane) to a MY2013/MY2014+ Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG (with supporting TRIFECTA Powerkits and engine build).










    Design parameters (and specifications) of the TRIFECTA Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG MY2013/MY2014+ T55 turbocharger powerkit and corresponding ECM software reprogramming:


    -Peak gains of +154 ft-lbs and +223 WHP (on 93 octane)

    -Borg Warner EFR 7064 / (EFR 7670 optional) / (EFR Hybrid 76/64 optional) turbocharger supercore (EFR 8374 TBA)

    -Monoblock 347 stainless steel investment cast integrated wastegate integrated turbine housing exhaust manifold is 3D profiled and CNC machined for dimensional accuracy on all critical surfaces

    -CAD/CAM/CMM engineered turbocharger exhaust manifold balances exhaust flow across all four cylinders for equal exhaust pressure distribution (equal length runners)

    -Retains compatibility with OE catalytic converter and maintains emissions readiness (compatible with the T35.1 Resonated Motorsport Exhaust Downpipe for high performance motorsport applications)

    -Does not require cutting or splicing of any OE fluid lines; all adapters and replacement oil/water fluid lines are included

    -Retains the OE/stock electronic bypass valve

    -Retains the OE/stock AC (air conditioning) lines

    -Fits under the stock hood

    -Designed to be silent and reliable: without increased interior NVH during vehicle operation

    -Extended testing of 100,000 miles with 100 hrs of wide open throttle testing

    -C.A.R.B. pending

    -Cast in Canada and CNC machined and assembled in the USA




    Specifications of the corresponding TRIFECTA ECM software reprogramming for the TRIFECTA T55 Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG MY2013/MY2014+ T55 EFR turbocharger powerkit:


    -Proprietary TRIFECTA 4bar airflow coefficient operating system maintains accuracy of the metered air and air pressure to 4bar

    -Virtualized torque prediction coefficients recalculation model for improved accuracy modifying torque output coefficients for precise torque prediction

    -Powertrain calibration has been tested and validated for various environments, such as cold/heat, elevation, and variations in fuel quality

    -Power feels linear and immediately responsive

    -Retains all GM OE diagnostics and ECM functionality

    -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality

    -Emissions readiness checks are present; maintains emissions readiness

    -Maintains functionality of ABS and TC systems

    -Proprietary TRIFECTA OS maintains OE functionality of the Haldex AWD system, with rebalanced torque biasing

    -Knock detection mechanisms and OE engine knock detection sensitivity is retained

    -Return to stock functionality included with flash loader




    Specifications of the TRIFECTA Performance MY2013/MY2014+ Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG T55 EFR Turbo Powerkit Hydra-Matic 6L45 6-Speed automatic transmission TCM calibration software reprogramming:


    -Supplementary 6L45 transmission TCM reprogramming compliments the ECM reprogramming and completes the TRIFECTA Powertrain Calibration: designed to work in unison with the ECM reprogramming for optimized performance

    -Improved shift times in adverse shift patterns

    -Improved shift logic

    -Does not shorten transmission life or increase cooling requirements

    -Retains all OE diagnostics and TCM functionality

    -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality

    -Improvements made to fuel economy with improved torque converter slip profiles




    Installation Notes:


    -Estimated installation time of ~8 hours

    -Does not include but requires additional purchase of EFR supercore for installation; requires additional coolant and engine oil for installation; includes all other required hardware

    -Premium fuel is recommended, but not required




    Dyno sheet: TRIFECTA T50X Cadillac ATS 2.0T LTG T55 EFR Turbocharger Powerkit dyno graph (93 octane pump gas) (this vehicle is a 2014 Cadillac ATS with a 2.0T LTG engine, vehicle configuration includes: TRIFECTA T55 Powerkit, EFR upgrade option T55.1, TRIFECTA Forged Pistons, TRIFECTA 4340 Forged Engine Connecting Rods, TRIFECTA T30.1 Intake Powerkit, T35.1 Resonated Motorsport Downpipe, TRIFECTA ATS-R Intercooler, and a TRIFECTA specification LTG engine build):




    Additional information and availability:


    -Please contact TRIFECTA Performance: info@trifectaperformance.com or visit WOT-tuning: www.trifectaperformance.com for more information

    -The TRIFECTA T55.X EFR turbocharger powerkit and corresponding powertrain calibration is available exclusively through TRIFECTA Performance and WOT-tuning; (as of September 19th 2014): wholesale inquiries are welcome though provided that you are an existing and active TRIFECTA reseller

    -This EFR turbocharger powerkit includes a TRIFECTA powertrain calibration file specific to your vehicle and includes a flash loader device

    -Powertrain calibrations currently exist for the US, CA, EU, RUS/CIS, MEC, and Asia areas, with more regions to follow

    -Pricing TBA

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    On 12/30/2015 at 1:43 PM, rabbit61319 said:

    I am looking to get supercharger kit for SRX (E5).

    My email is api_help@hotmail.com



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