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    TRIFECTA: 2014+ CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system calibration

      TRIFECTA presents the 2014+ CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system calibration. Already established as the best-in-class offering for the CTS VSport with LF3 engine and Aisin TL80-SN transmission, TRIFECTA takes your Cadillac experience to the next level of performance with Corsa. The Corsa "axle back" exhaust system for the CTS VSport offers flow improvement, increased power, and response.

    While not required with existing TRIFECTA CTS VSport calibration, this application-specific calibration offers the best experience with the Corsa exhaust system by optimizing engine and transmission characteristics for all drive modes. Tour mode (stock tour mode) delivers a factory driving experience, with a quieter exhaust note, for everyday driving. Sport and Track mode allow the engine to "rev out" further in each gear, combined with increased throttle demand to give off a more performance-oriented exhaust note. ECU dynamic recalibration in Sport / Track mode offers a performance over economy option, offering quicker turbo and vehicle response, a side effect of which is a more aggressive exhaust note at idle.
    TRIFECTA's powertrain calibrations are tested and validated for various environments, such as cold/heat, elevation, and variations in fuel quality. Each vehicle type is validated on TRIFECTA's test fleet for a minimum of 100,000 miles and 100 hours of full throttle application prior to retail release. We make no compromises in comprehensiveness, safety, and power.
    Specifications of the TRIFECTA CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system calibration:
    - Corsa mufflers offer 20% improved flow over stock: more flow, more power
    - Specific calibration for Corsa exhaust system
    - Retains all OE diagnostics and functionality
    - Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality
    - Emissions readiness checks present; all emissions systems retained / factory compliant
    Driver-selectable modes (Sport and Track):
    - Optimized for performance over economy
    - Provides quicker turbine acceleration (turbo spool) by on-the-fly recalibration of:
    Fuel injection timing (single and dual-pulse)
    Independent camshaft phasing
    Ignition timing
    Throttle angle ramp rates
    Turbocharger wastegate and bypass valve control rates
    Torque-prediction coefficients
    Airflow-prediction coefficients
    - Offers a more "aggressive" exhaust note at idle (similar to dual mode exhaust on CTS-V)
    - Recalibrates Aisin transmission shift characteristics
    Tour mode remains at factory shift points / firmness
    Exhaust note is quieter
    Sport and Track mode optimized for performance and driver experience
    Improved firmness
    Optimized "torque management"
    Shift strategy recalibration
    Exhaust note is louder
    Purchase details / availability:
    - All TRIFECTA CTS VSport customers of record of 12/15/15 that previously purchased a Corsa exhaust system before 12/15/15* will be
    eligible for a free upgrade to the TRIFECTA CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system calibration at no charge
    - After 12/15/15, calibration is available when purchased with a Corsa exhaust system through TRIFECTA or an authorized TRIFECTA
    reseller offering the TRIFECTA CTS VSport calibration
    - Calibration expected to be available Mid-Late January 2016 (pending final endurance and environmental tests)
    - TRIFECTA CTS VSport / Corsa exhaust system package pricing TBA when calibration is available
    * Dated proof of purchase may be required for redemption

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