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    TRIFECTA: Is Your TRIFECTA product genuine

      We have received reports recently (which are currently being investigated) that there may be individual(s) passing off “performance calibrations” as “TRIFECTA” products.  This article is meant to provide guidance in establishing whether your calibration is a genuine TRIFECTA product.

    TRIFECTA products are only installed using EZ Flash software

    With the exception of in-person dyno tuning, all TRIFECTA products are installed using a Windows based application that runs on a Windows PC, or inside a Windows virtual machine (VM).  This application is called EZ Flash, and the splash screen will look as follows:


    In some cases, TRIFECTA has provided “rebadged” versions of EZ Flash to resellers, however, at present, none of those resellers are active.

    TRIFECTA products are only installed using EZ Flash, and never installed using any other piece of software.


    TRIFECTA products are only installed using a USB to OBD-II adapter

    Over the years, TRIFECTA has supported only four different types of USB to OBD-II adapter for installing its products:

    • The “black box” which is a retangular box with a USB connection on one side and a 15pin D-Sub connector on the other side, which the OBD-II cable attaches to.  (pre-2010, no longer supported)
    • Special version of the Tactrix OpenPort2 USB to OBD-II adapter.  (pre-2010, no longer supported)
    • The “red cable”, which is a special version of the OBDLink SX OBD-II diagnostics tool.  It is a one-piece assembly with a USB connector on one end of the cable and an OBD-II connector on the other end.  It may carry the TRIFECTA logo, though some units in the field will say OBDLink SX (see below).
    • The “black cable” which, like the “red cable” is a one-piece assembly.  It carries the TRIFECTA logo and the model number TFEZ010U (see below).

    Illustration:  TRIFECTA “Black Cable”


    Illustration:  TRIFECTA “Red Cable”

    TRIFECTA calibrations are never installed using stand-alone handheld devices or any other “flash cable”.

    TRIFECTA will vigorously investigate alleged instances of sales of “fake” product

    Individuals or entities that choose to engage in the activity of selling products or services that are advertised as TRIFECTA products or services, and that are mutually understood to be genuine TRIFECTA products or services by both the buyer and seller, but are in fact not genuine TRIFECTA products should be aware that they are likely:

    • Violating various laws regarding fraud and misrepresentation
    • Causing damages to the TRIFECTA brand
    • Displacing profits that TRIFECTA was entitled to
    • Exposing themselves to substantial civil monetary penalties 
    • Exposing themselves to criminal penalties

    TRIFECTA will vigorously defend its brand, will investigate all alleged instances of fraud, and, when appropriate, refer the results of its investigation(s) to authorities if it believes a crime has been committed.

    Contact us if you have concerns

    If you are located in North America, and you believe you were sold what was represented as a TRIFECTA product or service and you have a reason to believe it was not an authentic TRIFECTA product or service, please contact us via email at:


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