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    TRIFECTA presents: Chevrolet Camaro SS L99/6L80 MY2010-MY2015+ Powertrain Calibration

      TRIFECTA presents: Chevrolet Camaro SS L99/6L80 MY2010-MY2015+ Powertrain Calibration Reprogramming (E38.1 TRIFECTA OS, MK2 Calibration)



      This release post is a presentation of the software engineering capabilities of TRIFECTA Performance: TRIFECTA presents: E38 proprietary operating system with a complete powertrain power delivery profile recalibration for the MY2010-MY2015+ Chevrolet Camaro SS L99 and corresponding 6L80E 6-speed automatic transmission recalibration and reprogramming. The TRIFECTA Performance Chevrolet Camaro SS L99 MY2010-MY2015+ powertrain calibration is an easy to install software performance recalibration with an included flash loader device that will yield specific power increases of +43 ft-lbs and +26 WHP (Peak vs peak gains of +26 ft-lbs and +14 WHP on 91 octane) to a completely stock Chevrolet Camaro SS L99 MY2010.


      With the current generation of TRIFECTA's flash loader solutions and the TRIFECTA Transparency featureset, when flashing your vehicle, the TRIFECTA flash loader does not increment the ECM write counter or increment entries in the ECM flash history.


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    Specifications of the TRIFECTA Chevrolet Camaro SS L99 MY2010-MY2015 ECM software reprogramming:


    -Specific power increases of +43 ft-lbs and +26 WHP under the curve (Peak vs peak gains of +26 ft-lbs and +14 WHP on 91 octane)

    -Powertrain calibration has been tested and validated for various environments, such as cold/heat, elevation, and variations in fuel quality

    -Extended testing of more than 100,000 miles with 100 hrs + of wide open throttle testing

    -Power feels linear and immediately responsive

    -Retains all GM OE diagnostics and ECM functionality

    -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality

    -Emissions readiness checks are present; emissions compliant

    -AFM states recalibrated for improved fuel efficiency

    -Maintains functionality of ABS and TC systems

    -Knock detection mechanisms and OE engine knock detection sensitivity is retained

    -Return to stock functionality included with flash loader




    Specifications of the TRIFECTA MY2010-MY2015+ Chevrolet Camaro SS L99 6L80E 6-Speed automatic transmission TCM calibration software reprogramming:


    -Supplementary transmission TCM reprogramming compliments the ECM reprogramming and completes the TRIFECTA Powertrain Calibration: designed to work in unison with the ECM reprogramming for optimized performance

    -Improved shift times in adverse shift patterns

    -Improved shift strategy

    -Does not shorten transmission life or increase cooling requirements

    -Retains all OE diagnostics and TCM functionality

    -Retains all OE error code reporting and functionality

    -Improved fuel economy with optimizations made to torque converter slip profiles




    Specifications of the TRIFECTA E38 ECM Proprietary Operating System for the Chevrolet Camaro SS MY2010-MY2015+:


    -4bar Operating System: Overlay is modifiable with HPT

    -ECM Transparency State: Will not increment write counter or reflash history ->TRIFECTA's "Transparency" featureset

    -5 dimensional Airflow Coefficient tables, adds air pressure bias and knock history overlay for enhanced accuracy in boost scenarios

    -Torque prediction coefficient based: Easy to tune and modify for additional power

    -Included virtualized torque prediction coefficients recalculation model simplifies modifying torque output coefficients for precise torque prediction

    -Airflow based commanded fuel ratio strategies allow for improved precision of fueling under more conditions; uses queued descriptor set with dynamically alterable condition modifiers

    -Dynamic Airflow vs Speed Density defaulted state triggers added

    -Hybrid Speed Density modes added

    -Driver Demanded Torque tables added

    -Alternate timing tables selectable by sport mode and TC state triggers

    -Multi stage knock sensor decay and recovery rate tables

    -6 Stage octane bias timing tables (Not just a "High/Low" timing table construct)

    -250hz knock sensor polling rate, user modifiable

    -4ms knock sensor reaction rate and knock count based bias tables

    -E85 and additional injector support (requires adding pins to ECM)

    -External dual independent wastegate drivers (requires adding pins to ECM)

    -Enhanced datalogging support

    -Traction Control decay states modifiable

    -StabiliTrak trigger states modifiable

    -Engine load based knock sensor bias added

    -Code clear set intervals added (Automatic Code Clearing)

    -Tertiary MAP sensor support (requires adding pins to ECM)





    Installation Notes:


    -Estimated installation time of ~20 minutes

    -Premium fuel is recommended, but not required




    L99 dyno graph (on 91 octane pump gas) (this vehicle is a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS with a L99 engine) - stock wheels/tires:



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    I have a 2011 ss l99. My tap shift button no longer work. I already replaced my steering wheel w a brand new one. They didn't just stop working they slowly started to fail. Working once in a while. Now totally don't work. Will the trifecta fix my problem with a reflash. Please help. Thank you!!! 

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