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  1. I added the DV+ to my 2018 Equinox with the 2.0 LTG engine. It was dead simple: unclamp air intake tube at both ends move intake tube up and out of the way leaving the braided manifold connector attached (be ready to catch oil drips from intake tube catch can) now you can locate the stock diverter easily for removal. I had to use a standard allen key to unlock the bolts and then a small hand driver to carefully remove them without dropping. to remove the wire harness from the solenoid, use a screwdriver to first back out the light colored clip, then you have to squeeze really hard on the back end of the clip to release. follow the DV+ assembly and install instructions Reinstall intake tube and tighten hose clamps Works great, I seem to have steady boost and zero leaks or weird sounds. The sound is completely unchanged from stock. The stock plastic seal that the DV+ replaces is a complete joke, now that I've seen it falling apart after only 25k miles, I can see how it is definitely worth replacing. *UPDATE* Today I was in just the right situation with low road noise and I got a chance to hear the diverter (it is very subtle) working during hard acceleration. It puts my mind at ease knowing that the valve correctly manages pressure, I wanted to be absolutely certain of correct installation. I continue to have no CEL or any other problems, and I'm an amateur, so this install is indeed very accessible. Do it!
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