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  1. 08/31/2015 02:49 AM | Keirasdad
    Thank you WOT-tuning   I able to download on my regal 2013 GS the advantage tune. I was new at this this stuff sooo it took a few emails to support and MICHAEL was able to help me out. But NOW with this TUNE I totally can MERGE better (wink) (wink). There is so much torque at lower RPMs and I can hear the turbo whistle at me. And during my TOP SPEED runs after running out of room I have gained 10mph which is pretty impressive.   Soooo thank u trifecta and wot-tuning.

  2. 08/28/2015 02:01 PM | Cass98
    This is a great tune so far. I installed it last night on my 2013 GS (Automatic) and it made a very nice improvement. Vehicle is much more responsive, you can definitely feel the extra power and boost. The best part about this tune is the ability to have it re-calibrated as more speed part's are installed. The customer service and support is hands down some of the best that I have ever experienced. If you have one of these Turbo Buick's you are a fool to use any other tuning supplier for your vehicle. Great product and an even better customer experience. Could not be happier. Thanks a lot Michael and crew.

  3. 08/27/2015 03:47 PM | MintCaddy
    I took a chance and ordered this for my 2015 Vsport, and let me tell you that you will not be disappointed! It now has pull that is linear, and your butt dyno will feel the surge of the increased torque off the line. Further, I am not tech savvy and they offered first class support to walk me through some of my questions. I strongly recommend this to all Vsport owners, as it brings an already phenomenal car to a whole new level, It is an incredible bang for the buck. You will thank yourself later.

  4. 08/26/2015 03:00 PM | gohootie
    Fantastic Tune. Truck shifts are perfect, no more bogging on low accelerations or passing accelerations. Noticeable improvements in fuel mileage. Easy installation and warp speed support. Completely satisfied!!!

  5. 08/25/2015 02:49 PM | blackbehr
    Really happy with the tune for my CTS V Sport. I have been also very impressed by level of customer support that the Trifecta has given to their customers pre and post purchase. A few customers requested a modified tune for our vehicles and Trifecta made it available to all of us at no additional cost. The tune itself is amazing. The boost comes on earlier and peaks at 18psi. The transmission calibration really helps the Aisen 8 speed. I don't find it hunting for the right gear constantly and it also holds gears a lot better. The tune is straightforward to apply and can be easily removed. Money well spent.

  6. 08/20/2015 10:57 PM | RedV
    I have had Trifecta's tune on my 2014 CTS Vpsort since purchasing the car new a year ago. It now has about 19,000 trouble free miles. The tune totally transforms the car. So much so that I requested that they offer a tour stock mode so my wife could drive it without all the extra power. Having received other similar requests they graciously developed a revised tune that returned the tour mode setting to stock at no cost and within just a few days.All other modes (Sport, Track) have the tune. Quite impressive. I am exceeding pleased with their product and customer service and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good, safe aftermarket tune.

  7. 08/20/2015 06:45 AM | Sonny
    This has been one of the best decisions I've made regarding my cobalt. The power increase with this tune was unbelievable. On top of that, the customer service using trifecta is incredible. Any questions I had were answered the same day and an update to my tune was even dealt with in a single day. I would definitely recommend this product/service to anybody. I look forward to working with this company in the future!

  8. 08/18/2015 09:12 PM | dkatinsky
    Trifecta's package has taken my car from very good to superb. I can hardly wait to drive it each day.   Not only is there noticeably more power, but the transmission behaves much better than stock.   Customer support has been responsive, and I fully recommend this product and company.

  9. 08/18/2015 08:45 PM | WWK888
    As we all know the VSport is a great car straight from the factory. When you add the Trifecta tune it turns the car into a beast. My experience from purchase to install has been nothing but exceptional and professional. They answered all my questions and concerns prior to the purchase and any follow up questions in a timely manner. Knowing how much research and testing they did prior to releasing the tune gave me lots of confidence in their product. The fact that they also addressed the transmission as part of the tune is a huge plus. In my opinion you cannot go wrong purchasing this tune for the VSport, best bang for the buck!

  10. 08/18/2015 07:14 PM | hedrives
    I've had my Trifecta tune in my 2014 CTS V-Sport for nearly a year. The original tune for about 9 months and a stock Touring version since. I've driving mostly in Houston miles but have spent a weekend at Texas World Speedway where I was instructing with PCA. The car is a beast compared to stock. This SEEMS to be done mostly with boost, but the other parameters including the transmission work seamlessly to be factory-like. You will experience a touchy throttle tip-in at first, but your body will acclimate with time. I heartily recommend this tune to all CTS V-sport owners without hesitation. The car wakes up and becomes a total Q-ship. Well done Trifecta.

  11. 08/18/2015 06:58 PM | luthor5
    I have had my tune for quite some time now and have been meaning to leave a review for months!!! I absolutely love what this tune did for an already amazing car. I was completely blown away by the immediate difference in throttle response and the transmission shifts so much more aggressively but appropiately. You never feel like there is anything that has been modified that will cause a problem with driveability either. Basically this tune releases all the potential of this car without needing any other modifications. I had zero problems installing it using the supplied instructions and cable. I have a lot of boosted and modified vehicles and this is the most power for the money I have ever gotten. If you have this car you need this product!

  12. 08/18/2015 06:41 PM | Ericlemberg
    If you have a V sport you need this tune!!! It transforms the V sport into a total beast!!! Well worth the money! The ability to leave the touring mode stock was really important for me for those weekend trips with the wife and kid. The Trifecta team was amazing and answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

  13. 07/31/2015 07:42 PM | knowklew
    I got the hardware on Wednesday and programmed the car last night. Big difference, the trans program alone is worth the money and tuning effort. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround. This car is a lease, but when i get a new one next year i will be looking for a tune for that one as well!

  14. 07/30/2015 09:39 PM | jwilliams
    The tune is like night and day! It really makes the car fun to drive in performance mode and eco mode is very pleasant on the wallet. The trans calibration is 10 times better than stock. You guys hit the nail on the head with this tune!

  15. 07/17/2015 05:30 PM | StrictlyHIDs
    Hello, my name is Erick and I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze RS LTZ 1.4l Turbo.  I build cars for a living and I want to keep my Cruze completely stock but I was looking for a little more throttle response and a little more power.  I contacted Trifecta to ask some questions about the tune including, can the Dealer see it? Does it leave foot marks so the Dealer knows it has been tuned?  Does it help with gas mileage?  I do not want to lose my warranty.  Steve at Trifecta reinsured me that I would not have those issues and that I would be really happy with this tune.  So I ordered the Advantage+ tune.  Wow was I surprised!  They have super-fast shipping, super easy download and even easier upload into the Cruze.  Out on my first drive after installing the tune and I already noticed a HUGE difference in power and throttle response.  It shifts so much better and firmer also I do not have that "No boost" felling anymore when the AC is on high and the best part of it all is that I am up 5 MPG over my average.  I have now put about 2000 miles on this tune and I could never be happier, passing on the freeway is easier and safer, Cruze is faster, and my MPG is up.  Thank you so much Steve at Trifecta for all of your help and service.

  16. 07/17/2015 01:00 PM | marents
    Installed Tune a Week ago on wifes Cruze. Wow what a improvement it made. Makes the car a lot more responsive and fun to drive. Will reply later with updates on mileage but so far so good.

  17. 07/11/2015 01:19 AM | civicicon
    I've had this in my car for a week now and i am very pleased with the results!

  18. 07/11/2015 12:39 AM | mesaman
    WOW !!!!!   The best money I've ever spent on an car. Not only did I get more power, my gas mileage has gone up about 20%.   Thank you.

  19. 07/05/2015 09:40 PM | KeipherLC
    video of my 2014 malibu lt 2.5 before and after tune. 80mph-120mph https://youtu.be/PTY1Q7HxQuU

  20. 06/12/2015 03:00 AM | Tonster95
    Big thanks to these guys for great customer service and a great tune at a affordable price!   Pro's In sport mode, you will feel the difference and have so much fun! In eco mode, I did a 50 mile drive both ways on the same highway and I did gain around 4mpg Great Customer service Easy to work with tune, almost anybody can do this, great software! They provided a great website to navigate and use and get all your downloads needed!   Cons None other then me getting newer tires sooner haha!

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