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  1. 08/18/2015 07:14 PM | hedrives
    I've had my Trifecta tune in my 2014 CTS V-Sport for nearly a year. The original tune for about 9 months and a stock Touring version since. I've driving mostly in Houston miles but have spent a weekend at Texas World Speedway where I was instructing with PCA. The car is a beast compared to stock. This SEEMS to be done mostly with boost, but the other parameters including the transmission work seamlessly to be factory-like. You will experience a touchy throttle tip-in at first, but your body will acclimate with time. I heartily recommend this tune to all CTS V-sport owners without hesitation. The car wakes up and becomes a total Q-ship. Well done Trifecta.

  2. 08/18/2015 06:58 PM | luthor5
    I have had my tune for quite some time now and have been meaning to leave a review for months!!! I absolutely love what this tune did for an already amazing car. I was completely blown away by the immediate difference in throttle response and the transmission shifts so much more aggressively but appropiately. You never feel like there is anything that has been modified that will cause a problem with driveability either. Basically this tune releases all the potential of this car without needing any other modifications. I had zero problems installing it using the supplied instructions and cable. I have a lot of boosted and modified vehicles and this is the most power for the money I have ever gotten. If you have this car you need this product!

  3. 08/18/2015 06:41 PM | Ericlemberg
    If you have a V sport you need this tune!!! It transforms the V sport into a total beast!!! Well worth the money! The ability to leave the touring mode stock was really important for me for those weekend trips with the wife and kid. The Trifecta team was amazing and answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

  4. 07/31/2015 07:42 PM | knowklew
    I got the hardware on Wednesday and programmed the car last night. Big difference, the trans program alone is worth the money and tuning effort. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround. This car is a lease, but when i get a new one next year i will be looking for a tune for that one as well!

  5. 07/30/2015 09:39 PM | jwilliams
    The tune is like night and day! It really makes the car fun to drive in performance mode and eco mode is very pleasant on the wallet. The trans calibration is 10 times better than stock. You guys hit the nail on the head with this tune!

  6. 07/17/2015 05:30 PM | StrictlyHIDs
    Hello, my name is Erick and I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze RS LTZ 1.4l Turbo.  I build cars for a living and I want to keep my Cruze completely stock but I was looking for a little more throttle response and a little more power.  I contacted Trifecta to ask some questions about the tune including, can the Dealer see it? Does it leave foot marks so the Dealer knows it has been tuned?  Does it help with gas mileage?  I do not want to lose my warranty.  Steve at Trifecta reinsured me that I would not have those issues and that I would be really happy with this tune.  So I ordered the Advantage+ tune.  Wow was I surprised!  They have super-fast shipping, super easy download and even easier upload into the Cruze.  Out on my first drive after installing the tune and I already noticed a HUGE difference in power and throttle response.  It shifts so much better and firmer also I do not have that "No boost" felling anymore when the AC is on high and the best part of it all is that I am up 5 MPG over my average.  I have now put about 2000 miles on this tune and I could never be happier, passing on the freeway is easier and safer, Cruze is faster, and my MPG is up.  Thank you so much Steve at Trifecta for all of your help and service.

  7. 07/17/2015 01:00 PM | marents
    Installed Tune a Week ago on wifes Cruze. Wow what a improvement it made. Makes the car a lot more responsive and fun to drive. Will reply later with updates on mileage but so far so good.

  8. 07/11/2015 01:19 AM | civicicon
    I've had this in my car for a week now and i am very pleased with the results!

  9. 07/11/2015 12:39 AM | mesaman
    WOW !!!!!   The best money I've ever spent on an car. Not only did I get more power, my gas mileage has gone up about 20%.   Thank you.

  10. 07/05/2015 09:40 PM | KeipherLC
    video of my 2014 malibu lt 2.5 before and after tune. 80mph-120mph https://youtu.be/PTY1Q7HxQuU

  11. 06/12/2015 03:00 AM | Tonster95
    Big thanks to these guys for great customer service and a great tune at a affordable price!   Pro's In sport mode, you will feel the difference and have so much fun! In eco mode, I did a 50 mile drive both ways on the same highway and I did gain around 4mpg Great Customer service Easy to work with tune, almost anybody can do this, great software! They provided a great website to navigate and use and get all your downloads needed!   Cons None other then me getting newer tires sooner haha!

  12. 05/21/2015 01:07 PM | kovich14
    Worth Every Penny This tune is worth the money for the improved 6-speed transmission performance alone. Shift speed and timing is greatly improved (without being harsh) and the low speed shift pattern is much more logical- no more surging in stop and go traffic. I can also feel a marked power increase with better throttle response at any speed and less interference from torque management. Before, the stock ECU seemed to slowly ramp up power when I hit the gas, now the power is instantly on. The truck even runs and sounds better in v4 mode, something I didn't expect. Gas mileage is the same as before the tune. I didn't want to sacrifice the truck's decent mileage for more power and it turns out I didn't have to. I'm completely happy with the tune and highly recommend it.

  13. 05/20/2015 07:56 PM | GaryssHTX
    Been running this tune for a few weeks now and have put a ton of miles on it and this tune is amazing! Throttle is so responsive and top end power pulls strong. Bottom end also feels great as well, absolutely love the tune!   Also have the K&N CAI installed.

  14. 05/16/2015 02:08 PM | cyiam43
    I have had this tune on my 2013 Chevy Malibu for several weeks now.  All I can say is WOW!!!  This tune and transmission tune is outstanding.  You literally have to retrain yourself on how to drive the car because it is so responsive now.  I love it and it's so much faster now.  I do have the K&N CAI for this car installed but stock exhaust.  I run 93 octane.  The car is so much more fun to drive now...it is hard to explain unless you have a Malibu and then install the tune and drive it.  You will experience an incredible change and it will put a huge smile on your face!

  15. 01/28/2015 11:45 PM | saegc7
    Just finished flashing my car and WOW! What a difference! This was a Jekyll and Hyde transformation! Disabled the TC and screeched the tires in second gear @60 mph. Massive torque at the low end and the boost doesn't fall off at 3500 like before. More datalogs getting done this weekend. Can't say enough about this tune. Every day is a "sleeper mode enabled" day. You guys are awesome!

  16. 10/05/2014 03:45 PM | brandon8791
    I have to say that I am super pleased with this tune and how much of a difference it has made to my car. IT IS shifting faster and boy can u tell a difference in power, the motor sounds a bit different at idle more aggressive *REMEMBERS THIS IS A V8 NOT V6 GHOST CAM* it just gave it a better sound and idk what to say it's just amazing how much better the car is, I asked how much it gained.. Trifecta thinks it gained prob 30rwhp WITH my mods, which is SLP long tube ceramic headers, 3 in cats, Full K&N air filter and box, magnaflow cat back 2.5in sport exhaust. I wasn't expecting the difference that occurred but it's definitely good... now I just have to data log the car but I doubt there is anything to improve on. I just wanna thank the Trifecta team with the excellent customer service and amazing tune... anyone thinking or searching for a tune these are the guys to go with I have no regrets, kudos to Trifecta!!!

  17. 03/08/2014 06:42 PM | pga4trp
    Just installed this on my recently purchased 2008 saturn sky redline. Wow is all I can say. Magnificent tune, don't know how much power is still in this 4 banger but this tune really woke it up. Do it you won't regret it.

  18. 11/18/2013 09:48 PM | critter
    First, my apologies to all involved on the trouble with getting the tune file. My wife decided to use an email address I'd deep sixed some time back.   I installed the tune on her 2007 Solstice GXP over the weekend. I was blown away at how much power it picked up. She drove it and came back with a one word review. "DAMN!"   Momma's happy so I'm happy. Thanks, Trifecta.

  19. 05/27/2013 06:17 PM | tmbmvp
    I purchased the budget tune for my sky redline several months back and love it!

  20. 04/04/2013 03:20 AM | stevenkienzle
    Trifecta's software for the GM 2.0 turbo engine is terrific! My bachelors degree is in mechanical engineering from General Motors Institute (now called Kettering University) and I have been working on numerous GM vehicles for many years. The Trifecta tune is the best performance product I have used in 40 years of tuning! If GM was smart, they would hire Trifecta Performance to optimize the Cadillac ATS and other vehicles....

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