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  1. 08/07/2016 01:57 AM | Ynot
    Excellent product. Sonic drives awesome. The extra power is definitely worth it. Thanks!

  2. 08/04/2016 05:33 AM | Plenty_cents
    This tune is worth the money. You can feel the power and acceralation. Your truck will become an brand new one. This is how GM should tune these trucks from the lot. Micheal and these guys are the best by far hands down no comp. I'm very hard to please. I promise you will have a smile on your face and enjoy driving this truck every time you put your foot on that gas.

  3. 08/01/2016 02:40 PM | zippy8792
    YEP!! This will wake up your Chevy Trax. Feels quicker and more responsive. Makes getting out in traffic much easier and quicker. Took about 20 minutes for the entire tune. Bonus--Ordered and came very quickly. Already had a "red" cable from before but another is on the way as well. This is a must for your Trax as it gives it "spirit" I will enjoy for certain. Wait till the wife drives........

  4. 07/26/2016 04:51 PM | Chuck's Sonic
    Just wanted to say how happy I am with my Trifecta Advantage tune. I have a totally stock 2012 LT sedan with 1.8L and auto trans. I never liked the way the trans shifted - very erratic, and the engine just seemed to struggle with acceleration. I also hated the overly sensitive traction control and would always disable it every time I started the car. Now it drives like a sports car - the engine has a growl to it - I did not do anything to the intake, only the tune. My wife immediately noticed the improvement. It was always fun to drive but now it's REALLY FUN to drive. I am pleased to say that my gas mileage has improved (as long as I don't floor it all the time). We just took a 450 mile trip and we averaged 41mpg where it previously would get 38. The mpg was improving while driving in the fast lane at fairly high speeds. Thank you TRIFECTA and especially Michael for helping me through some doubtful moments. Chuck PS. I'm 65 years old - fun is not limited to a younger crowd.

  5. 07/26/2016 03:16 PM | go2baglio
    Amazing difference... Kudos to Trifecta for the easiest 1.4T 93 / E85 performance option!!!   I received two performance programs for my Sonic RS, One for use on 93 Octane, and one for use on E85. I can't believe the difference. I did install 42# Bosch injectors (very quick and easy BTW), and loaded the 93 program. The power with the performance flash is remarkable. I do notice that when I change programs (using the cruise on / off button on my steering wheel), it takes 5-10 seconds for the program to shift - I didn't realize there would be a delay when changing, but no big deal.   This morning I filled up on E85 and installed the program flash for the higher octane. Again, a boost in power. I see that I'll have to get very used to this upgrade as I very much feel the traction control cutting power when accelerating quickly. I love that Trifecta was able to provide me two programs however that I can toggle back and forth to tell the ECM / TCM what type of fuel is in the tank and how to perform. This allowed me to totally bypass the installation of an ethanol sensor that would tell the ECM what mix to run at. Of course I need to either run E85 or 93, but so be it... not that difficult.   Superb results Trifecta to turn my 138 HP Stock RS into what I'm guesstimating is close 190 HP at a cost much lower that I would have paid with other E85 ready options.     PROS TO MY SOLUTION:   Power is amazing Easy to Install No ethanol sensor needed Great cost by comparison   CONS TO MY SOLUTION:   Cost to continually replace tires - LOL

  6. 07/22/2016 06:12 PM | trifather
    I first purchased a Trifecta tune for my 2013 Cruze. It made a huge difference in HP and acceleration with no change in drivability. I recently purchased a 2016 Z51 Corvette and went back to Trifecta. Ordered the tune which includes both the engine and the tranny computer. While the difference in HP is not as noticeable in the Vette vs the Cruze (due to the obvious huge difference in % increases) you can certainly feel the difference in WOT pulls. Actually the more noticeable change is in the transmission shifting. It is much tighter now in light to mid throttle acceleration. There is no slop or taking it's time to lock up the converter. Of course better/faster shifting leads to improvements in 0 to 60 pulls and quarter mile times even if there was no improvement in HP. At WOT the improvements in both computers complement each other nicely. As with most of us, I was incredibly impatient to get the tune and since I already the cable from my prior purchase they busted as- to post the tune very shortly after I ordered it.   When my wife purchases her next Denali, I will be coming back to Trifecta again.

  7. 07/20/2016 06:11 PM | RJConsidine
    I have been running this cal for ~1.5yrs with no issues or any degradation in performance. The car is more fun to drive and even being heavy on the throttle more often I still get 50+/-mpg during highway driving. The biggest improvement was the 1-2 shift lag at parking lot/lower speeds with the OEM cal. That was so very annoying and it is completely gone!

  8. 07/19/2016 05:32 PM | Chris2363
    2011 Cadillac SRX 3.0v6. The tune made the car much more drivable,much more responsive,throttle response is right when you touch the pedal, transmission is also much more responsive to throttle input. It makes the car more enjoyable to drive.

  9. 07/15/2016 11:58 PM | tjz67201
    This tune made my vehicle feel like brand new; better than new. Acceleration response time is excellent, instant power. Front wheels can easily break loose when hitting the gas. And MPG is actually noticeably better(Avg. of ~420 miles per gallon to ~480 miles per gallon)! Most importantly for me, the vehicle shifts much smoother. Car doesn't jump much at all and power shifts in manual mode are seriously fun. $300 is a steal for as much improvement as this brings. If you have this Cruze with the 1.8 engine, get this tune yesterday.

  10. 07/09/2016 08:20 PM | colbywan
    If you're still debating stop whether or not to buy this stop and buy it right now. It is WELL worth the money. I am VERY pleased with the difference it made on my Vsport.   -Colby

  11. 07/09/2016 12:30 AM | J_Chavez
    I would definitely recommend this tune. Not only because of the performance difference, but also because of the amazing customer service. Any question that I had was answered in a timely manner, and with professionalism.

  12. 06/28/2016 03:21 AM | jonathan.ingerson
    I installed the Chevy Cruze LImited 1.4L turbo advantage tuner on my wife's 2014 Chevy Cruze 1LT, a couple of months ago. I was so impressed with the improvements on my wifes car that I bought a tuner for my sons 2014 Chevy Cruze Eco as well. Both my wife and my son can't believe how much better their car drives. My son had driven his moms car between the up grades and the difference for him was night and day. Much better acceleration. Much better shifting. My wife and son are very happy with your tuner program. Thanks...

  13. 06/28/2016 02:05 AM | aaronk
    On Friday night I applied the Trifecta Advantage powertrain recalibration to my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado pickup. What an amazing difference! My shifts are now properly-timed, quick, and the truck is so much more responsive and pleasurable to drive. Now with over 300 miles of driving I'm noticing another benefit -- increased MPG! Before I averaged 22 MPG. With mostly Interstate miles, driving 65-75 MPH, I'm now seeing 30 MPG. Amazing, just amazing. I was looking for better transmission performance and would have taken a minor loss in MPG to get it -- so this is a very happy surprise. I am NOT a gearhead and I don't "tinker" with my vehicles so I approached this with trepidation. However, the install was easy and trouble-free. I could not be more pleased!

  14. 06/02/2016 08:46 PM | DannyT
    I have driven this tune since October. It is remarkable. My fuel mileage has risen and the truck is so much more drivable. Happy to say the least. Danny

  15. 05/19/2016 05:41 AM | Savagetc
    2015 Cruze LTZ/RS 1.4l: I ordered the tune after reading the reviews on this site. Had shopped around a little and found this upgrade to be the biggest bang for the buck. I am always hesitant doing business with a company for the first time. Trifecta delivered on their product and customer service. Top notch professional service and a tune that will amaze you. Thanks again for waking up the dogs in my cruze. Will shop again soon.

  16. 05/14/2016 06:05 PM | Fleeorg
    Two things that stand out the most; the quality of the product and the customer support. Firstly, purchasing a product and having it work as advertised, the 1st time, with no issues, is very rare anymore. The Trifecta calibration for my 2015 GMC Canyon SLT 3.6L works AWESOME! Secondly, in my opinion, the best customer support is one that you don't need to use. Given the quality of what I have experienced thus far, I have no doubt that if I do need customer support, I will get it with the same level of quality as the product itself.   Now, to the calibration. Night and day difference! Before the tune, the transmission did what it wanted, and very poorly at that. Shifting was irregular, slow to respond, and really hindered the performance of the truck. On the rare occasion it did work correctly, it still seemed the power was lacking given the specs for the truck and 3.6L V6 engine. I can honestly say that is no longer an issue. From a dead stop, if I punch it, I am breaking traction. Normal driving yields smooth shifting to the appropriate gear given the speed and RPM, and if needed, I can give it a little gas and it responds accordingly. No more doing 35 MPH and having to put the pedal to the floor just to get it to downshift. It drives like a completely different truck!   With the Advantage+ tune you also get a speedometer recalibration. I have aftermarket 275/65/R18 Nitto Grappler 2 AT's and the speedometer vs GPS is now dead on!   I am by no means an expert in this type of arena; however, I can say that this calibration works, and works very well! I'm not sure if it's primarily the ECM calibration, the TCM calibration, or a combination of both, but the performance of the truck is now what you would expect, if not better, given the specs. I highly recommend Trifecta, their product, and will not hesitate to use their services again!

  17. 05/06/2016 03:04 PM | jonathan.ingerson
    Just wanted to let you guys know that the tuner program works awesome. I just got my best 25 mile average fuel mileage last week. 64.2 mpg on your tuner, up from 62.8 mpg on the factory program. No, that is not a typo. I actually got 64.2 mpg on your tuner as my best score driving just over 30 miles around Springfield Mo with the cruise control set at 55 mph. I was not hypermiling or driving behind a tractor trailer. I just ran it on the cruise control at 55 mph. The Trifecta tuner did help my off the line acceleration, but it really gets noticeable acceleration improvement once rolling, and it pulls strong though the gears, very nicely. No flat spots in acceleration. I love this tuner program. I am going to buy one for my wife's gasoline Chevy Cruze. I paid particular attention to the instant fuel economy while driving. I think that the car is regenerating the diesel particulate filter when the fuel mileage drops down to 35 mpg for about 15 to 20 minutes (I believe to burn soot) then returns to its normal high 50's to low 60's mpg while driving. I have observed this on a handful of occasions. My route is consistent and in the same direction to and from my destination. The only variable is the wind, the temperature and weather,( raining, or dry). I even get the same fuel from the same pump from the same gas station. I've noticed that since the installation of the tuner, that I have had fewer regens based solely on my observation of the average and instant fuel economy while driving. I am still getting my DEF topped off at the dealership, so I can't say for certain that it has the same DEF usage, but I haven't had to refill the DEF at all while driving on the Trifecta tuner. Why aren't there more American made diesels like this? It has only been about 5,000 miles since the Trifecta tuner installation, but I really don't see me having a problem with it in the future. Just for posterity, I have had no codes set whatsoever while using this tuner. It's a win win for me. All pros, and no cons. Thanks!!!

  18. 05/01/2016 10:33 AM | Ram993
    This possibly the best Tune you can get for the chevy impala. Thanks Guys for the product. it put smile on my face when i hit the throttle, The vehicle is responsive and picks up acceleration at low speed with no Lag and it feels alive.

  19. 04/29/2016 05:16 AM | newman3799
    I would like to thank the guys at trifecta performance this is my second regal GS with the elite tune and I don't think I would drive this car without it, no issues whatsoever, great customer service, if you thinking about going with these guys I give it two thumbs up great company deal with!!

  20. 04/20/2016 09:45 PM | Warren3d
    This is my first time computer tuning any of my cars, and it was well worth it. Not because of the added horsepower, which is great, or the added torque, which you can really feel, the best part is the shifting. Last few years GM has been programming their transmissions to get into top gear as soon as possible leaving a sluggish feeling. This tune eliminates that. If your just barely feathering the accelerator, it shifts early, but if you wanting a little more, it will shift later, it's now all in your foot control. All the added torque is coming from the 6.5 pounds of extra boost. Stock boost topped out around 17.5 and Trifecta's tune it now tops out at 23.5.   I traded in my 2016 Colorado Z71 with the 3.6L at 3800 miles because the shifting really really sucked, and I am willing to bet Trifecta would of taken care of that problem, But oh well, I like my new Malibu even better now.

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