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  1. 06/08/2017 02:42 PM | sv650m
    This tune is awesome. I don't know if there is actually anymore horsepower or what they actually changed, but off the line the truck has way more pickup. I am running 89 octane, hopefully it would be even more responsive with higher octane for people that want to run that. For the price it is a great mod and easy to install.

  2. 06/07/2017 09:34 PM | Freebrunswick
    Just installed the Advantage tune on my 2015 GMC Canyon SLT 3.6 10000 miles, it absolutely woke the truck up from its boring factory programming !! The auto trans shift points have improved dramatically !! Also the eco mode on the cruise on off button is a nice touch.Very easy install about 15 minutes total time ,and great communication from Trifecta. I will update my fuel mileage and overall satisfaction in the near future.

  3. 06/06/2017 12:12 PM | rmisenhi
    WOW!   Installed this tune over the weekend, and I am kicking myself for not purchasing this earlier. My truck would hesitate and sputter out all the time, the truck was never in the right gear at lower speeds. Had the ECM re-programmed twice by chevy for updates, never made a difference. They said it was normal and the behavior was there for fuel economy.   After 10 minutes of programming my truck has new life. With cruise control turned off you are in performance mode, and it scream compared to before! Cruise control on puts the truck in economy mode, feels very similar to stock ( a little power gain maybe) but no more stutter at lower speeds.   If your truck was doing what mine was GET THIS TUNE!

  4. 06/05/2017 11:58 PM | Nichosna
    Just got mine in today and I couldn't be happier! Love it!! Definitely worth it!

  5. 06/04/2017 02:54 AM | Hankry1109
    The best money I ever spent on a tune/performance upgrade. I'm not just your every day guy I'm a automotive expert with over a decade of experience in the industry and I'm blown away with the results of this tune alone with no other mods. I've seen YouTube videos about this tune on the equivalent (buick encore) and the video states that they weren't sure if they could tell a difference, well I hate to say it the video is a joke. You can defiantly feel the increase in power. Can't wait to see if fuel mileage increases at all. Thank you trifectia tuning. Five stars and two thumbs up rating.

  6. 05/30/2017 05:12 AM | ChrisGray7199
    The change was day and night, customer service was good too, they answered my questions usually within 3 hours, boosted my MPG in Eco mode, and in sport mode the car wants to just go, and boy does it go fast, now I just have to data log it and see if there is anything to make it even better!!!

  7. 05/25/2017 11:02 PM | JustaSonic
    the trifecta tune made my girls auto 1.8 sonic act like a completely different car. the largest improvement to me was the transmission for example, going 25ish on a 40mph street because of traffic, it would go all the way to 6th..when flooring it to make a move through traffic , the car would search every damned gear 14times before actually selecting a gear and going... a damned death sentence if u ask me.. with the tune the car stays in a certain gear (stays in 3rd in the same situation ) always ready to accelerate quickly....i live in SoCal and the highway speeds of drivers is always 80-100...before the tune the car had nothing at that speed , now the car can make moves without falling on its face...i like the tune more and more the longer i have it... and of course the power increase is very welcomed as is the deeper rev limit...the car is far more explosive on full throttle.. the car loves 92oct.. i dig it

  8. 05/14/2017 10:59 PM | Tabora20
    2014 CTS Performance Edition 2.0 Turbo Running the Trifecta tune, and I am very happy with the increase in performance! Very noticeable. If you own the same vehicle, you should buy this tune!

  9. 05/12/2017 05:08 PM | Eulus
    Insane Tune, with the feature to switch between stock and tune - its superb.   Dont have any worries for Europe Sonics - it's fully working. Easy Install (24min) and u feel the difference 40-100 without shifting - im ~2,5 secs faster.     Thanks so much Trifecta <3

  10. 05/09/2017 05:49 PM | Westonekid
    Don't even hesitate, get this NOW! At first I was a little bit afraid of how to install the tune but the guide is extremely easy to follow and it only took about 10 minutes to install the tune on a $200 laptop! First impressions as I fired up the solstice we're great I noticed a very distinct difference in the bottom end torque, off the line put you back in your seat much more than the stock tune. Over all accelerating through the gears there is a much more noticeable "pull". You are back in your seat all the way up to about 90 mph where before it started to taper off at around 65. Gear shifts are much quicker and more satisfying on the automatic transmission. Super happy customer and would recommend this to anyone!

  11. 05/06/2017 11:24 PM | dl1071
    I bought the 2016 Chevy Colorado about 8 months ago. I love the truck but was disappointed by the lack of power and acceleration it had. The transmission was sluggish especially the low gears they were so rough in shifting. Then I bought the Trifecta Performance Tuner. Wow! What a difference. I noticed it as soon as I backed out of the driveway. The acceleration has improved tenfold. The truck is like a brand new truck. The lower gears where I noticed the sluggish response (1100-1500rpms), was totally corrected. Chevy has done a huge disservice to its 2016 Colorado. I really cannot believe the change. All the problems with the automatic shifting and downshifting are gone. I would recommend this to anyone. If you can operate a laptop then you will have no problem downloading then uploading the Trifecta tuner.

  12. 05/05/2017 01:50 PM | robbpoe
    I am extremely happy with my Elite Tune for my Colorado. I hate driving the truck without it. The stock program is not good for shift points, etc. This tune takes care of those and gives me more power even in Eco mode. When I push the fun button (completely turning off the cruise control master puts it into sport mode), it makes me giggle like a little school girl as it screams down the road. Best money I've spent in upgrades on my truck hands down.

  13. 05/02/2017 07:54 PM | FelipeBarr
    The difference is pretty great, I love it but I do wish there was Mac capability other than that it was smooth sailing.

  14. 04/26/2017 07:03 PM | timc2406
    I purchased the budget tune for my 2008 Saturn Sky Redline and WOW! This tune turned my Sky into a fire breathing beast. Loved it and recommend it highly.

  15. 04/10/2017 11:50 PM | ROBERTBROCK
    The tune really woke the SRX up! Very aggressive throttle response and definite gain in power. Thanks!

  16. 04/10/2017 12:55 PM | ozziegomez20
    Trifecta's tuning is incredible! Everything they say it is and more. The throttle response , smooth shifts, and overall performance is beyond what I expected. I actually have to retrain myself on the throttle, pushing down on the gas peddle from a complete stop will have me launching now verse what the car use to do. I installed this tuning in a 2015 Camaro RS with a V6 Engine but I highly recommend it for any car.

  17. 04/04/2017 08:07 PM | erstadw
    With all the great reviews i decided to purchase the advantage tune. Got the ezlink cable in about a week and the calibration file was sent a day aftere that. Installation was very easy and only took about 20 minutes. Very impressed with how much it boosted power output. I can definitely feel the difference. I really like how you can toggle from eco and sport anytime you want via the cruise control on/off switch. Like others have said, As far as performance upgrades go its the best bang for your buck. Did contact Michael in customer service for a few questions and he was very helpful and responded to my e-mails quickly.   -Wade E Bloomington, MN

  18. 04/04/2017 05:58 PM | raceready
    The tune was an easy install with the Trifecta software. On the test drive I immediately noticed both an increase in power and higher shift points. Both of these were as advertised. Further on, in uphill mountain driving the my Terrain would downshift and hold the gear rather than continuously searching for the right gear. The higher shift points and increase in torque were the enablers of this performance and exactly what I wanted out of the tune. While the GMC 3.6L Terrain in no hot rod you can certainly feel the difference in acceleration versus the stock tune. If you are out to surprise someone this tune will do it. Trifecta also increased neutral/park rev limiter to 5000 rpm per my request on the order. I use the higher revs to demonstrate the exhaust note from the Magnaflow exhaust system. Good job Trifecta!

  19. 04/03/2017 05:06 PM | rbink455
    Excellent tune for all around driving pleasure. I have 90K miles on my tune so far with zero side effects. Just bought another one for my kids sonic, would (and do) recommend to anyone.

  20. 04/01/2017 12:59 AM | Fran6sQc
    1st: Fast shipping 2nd: Easy to install 3rd: Really impressive!   The product is really impressive and powerful. If you think than your stock 2.0T is faster, with the trifecta tune your car is a rocket! I love Trifecta Performance. Thank you very much!

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