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  1. 12/18/2017 06:18 PM | mbishop13
    Crazy how much of a difference this tune makes to the V6. Sure, there is more power especially at higher RPMs but the shift points and throttle response make it a different car. I also noticed the car likes to cruse at higher speeds now. No impact at all to the MPG. Loading is easy once you figure out how to keep the ignition on (hold the start button until the gauges come on). I hate I waited a year for this. Reviews are hard to find for this but I am 100% happy and would do it again. Support is great and the guys here take good care of you. I encourage you to pull the trigger now. You will not be sorry!

  2. 12/18/2017 05:17 AM | phenshaw
    Hi everyone I brought this for my RS Holden Barina 2013 in Australia. The RS to me should mean more or a car with grunt then it had. Only being the 1.4T motor but still it should do more than it does. I had a quote in Parramatta to do a sports tune for A$2500 and they couldn’t provide proof it wouldn’t be removed when a tune up was done. Trifecta tune cost about A$550 with the supply of the cable to Sydney.   So I decided on this one from Trifecta as if it gets wiped then I had it to reload at a later date. It took about 20mins to load up watched the video very easy to do and load I had no issues what so ever. Dam me the car has so much more power and pick up from start now as it was so slow. It’s like a little beast now love the way it ready to go all the time now and the way I would have expected it to be like from new. I have a booked service in a month will be good to see if it get wiped but I chose to load it as transparency so they shouldn’t be able to see it anyhow.   Thanks Trifecta for bring my little shit box alive. Well worth the spend if you want a car to be like it should be an RS

  3. 12/08/2017 02:25 AM | Felpa41@gmail.com
    I truly like this tune. My Cruze drives and performs much better. I had to obtain the services of a computer guy in order to install the tune, but it was well worth the effort and the modest added cost.   I think my fuel mileage is at least as good as stock, maybe little better, but I'm using 93 octane gas. The added power is really remarkable and I assume this is because the car is turbocharged and the boost is higher with the tune. Shifting is much improved and optimized for performance. Throttle response is crisp and predictable. I now have complete confidence in the car when I need to merge into traffic or pass another vehicle. No more hoping for a proper downshift or worrying about the car missing a beat when I step on the accelerator to accelerate after the auto stop was engaged.   I really liked my Cruze before the tune, primarily because of the great fuel economy, the roomy interior (for a compact car), and its good looks. Now the car is really fun to drive and that is a real plus. Now I REALLY like my Cruze. I always look forward to driving the car now that it performs so well.   I heartily recommend this tune to those who enjoy a vehicle that is fun to drive.

  4. 12/07/2017 06:53 PM | AdamJLemon13
      --Better throttle response --More linear power distribution for better everyday driving --Butt dyno tells me better low RPM power. --Makes a great powertrain even better.

  5. 12/05/2017 03:28 PM | gruggieri1999
    I have a 2015 Camaro RS with nothing done. I was recommended by a friend to invest in this tune and all i have to say is wow. My car is actually awake, it went from sluggish digs to chirping 1st 2nd and 3rd. I recommend this tune to anyone because it showed some amazing results. It is DEFINITELY well worth every penny and about a half hour of your time. Thank you trifecta!

  6. 12/02/2017 02:39 PM | sevendreamz
    The Tune is worth the money hands down. Its a completely different car. 2nd gear pulls all the way to 6th will surprise alot of cars who one would think are out of the Regals league, but def not the case. I have outran Audi s5's , 335i bmw, and etc. Def worth the money.....GET YOURS TODAY

  7. 12/02/2017 11:57 AM | Thalagyrt
    If you own an A8 this calibration is worth it for the transmission programming alone. It has turned my 8L90 into a hyper-aggressive monster and I absolutely love it! The car certainly feels noticeably faster at WOT as well.

  8. 12/01/2017 05:54 PM | Steven Banom III
    So, I had this tune installed on a client's car for about 5 days now, and all I can say is that this tune is INCREDIBLE. The car is a 2016 ATS-V, M6, bone stock other than the tune. The car feels much more responsive and "alive". Boost comes in quicker than stock, so you almost don't feel any turbo lag at all. In my experiences, doing easy launches in first gear, the power can be put to the ground very well on the stock PSS's. I have yet to see any fuel economy differences when driving like a normal person. Normal drive-ability is not degraded at all...if anything it is improved.It's nice to be able to go in to Touring mode and have stock drive-ability and the nice soft road manners for a highway cruise. I can tell you that Steve at Trifecta definitely put me at ease and spent much more time than expected talking to me on the side, explaining the intricacies of how this tune works, and teaching me a thing or two. I was very impressed with how open he was to talk and explain everything so well...you can tell the pride that he puts in to his work.Overall, both myself and my client love the tune, and don't have anything to say negative about it at this time. Assuming I can edit this review, I'll post up my experiences after both myself, and my client, have more time to put miles on the car. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and I'll be more than happy to provide any feedback that I can.

  9. 11/25/2017 12:18 AM |
    This tune really brings the car alive! Was really impressed with the outcome! Love the shift points and power pushing your forward!

  10. 11/09/2017 03:28 PM | 2023matt
    It took me a few week to bring myself to buy this tune, but now that I have it installed all I can say is wow.... just wow. This is the best money I have spent on my car! I have driven sport cars over the years and this tune makes the 2.5L really feel like a sports car! To anyone who is on the fence on whether or not to buy this like I was, buy the tune. It is well worth the money!!!

  11. 11/07/2017 10:26 AM | Bradstreeter2009
    Great power from 2500-5500 RPMs it will smoke the tires in second gear taking off now very satisfied with purchase

  12. 11/03/2017 02:39 PM | gentrybrian5
    I have a 2016 Chevy Colorado 2.5l. All I have to say about the Trifecta 2.5l Advantage tune is...... Quality product! Quality customer service! Easy to install!! Makes a huge difference and you should definitely do it!!! Only thing is...... Hopefully I can keep my foot off the gas pedal so I can get better mpg as planned, but it's so fun to hit the gas pedal (especially with the K&N intake) lol

  13. 11/02/2017 10:03 PM | A725102
    I just uploaded the Trifecta tune to my 2017 Malibu 2.0L and I gotta say it's a whole different car. Pulls hard, shifts solid and revs out. It's night and day difference and the best $400 I've ever spent on a car "part".   Using a app on my phone (Called: GPS Acceleration. Not super reliable but it's what I got) my rolling 10-70mph went from not spinning the traction tires in the wet and 10.8s to spinning the first two gears and 6.8s. It felt that much faster also. The best part is when you tip in the throttle it downshifts to the proper gear to match the throttle position and how aggressive you want to accelerate. It's truly a new car, it was a total plug before.   And just so you don't think I'm some clown that doesn't know cars. I built and tuned my Turbo Charged, EFI, 1972 Datsun 510 with a laptop myself. Timing and Fuel Maps, conversion from MAF to MAP based.. you name it.   This is the real deal.   Josh-

  14. 11/01/2017 07:48 PM | Dand63
    This tune was moderately simple and easy to install, had some complications with the software but it wasn't anything trifectas exceptional customer service couldn't help me with. The tune they offer for my vehicle really helped it ships much smoother than before Wich feels like there's a more even distribution of power throughout the gears.if you have the 1.8 Chevy Cruze then this is the tune for you.

  15. 10/28/2017 02:24 PM | Dan87
    I never really loved my Cruze too much because there was always just something missing when driving it daily to and from work. It was just a bit of a boring driver. Very mediocre power, lazy responses from the gas pedal and transmission. Then come the purchase of the Trifecta tune and MY "tune" about the Cruze has definitely changed. The tune has definitely woken the car up. Before I constantly felt like I wished the car had more power, especially in scenarios where I needed to pass someone,or merge into traffic, or entering the highway. Post tune, I no longer have any driving scenarios where I feel like I NEED more power out of the car. The power is just there, and it comes on early, and it comes on strong. The 3,000 to 4,000 RPM range is especially strong on the car after the Trifecta tune. It will put a smile on your face and is hands down the best bang for your buck upgrade. The flashing process was easy, the customer support and response times were also quick. I never went more than 24 hours before hearing back for any suggestions, questions, or concerns. Great work on this new tune for the 2016+ Cruze, I'm a fan! I run nothing but 93 octane in my Cruze and recommend that anyone else do too for best performance. I really don't think anyone would regret applying this to their Cruze. So far I have over 300 miles on the tune and loving it. The only negative I can give is that it takes a little bit to get used to the difference in how the car drives. I keep finding myself excessively speeding because it gets up to speed so much quicker.

  16. 10/23/2017 01:54 PM | ronald0109
    I love the tune. This tune makes the car more responsive. And the extra power helps around town. And with the biggest problem. When the AC is on the car was way under powered. It will never be a fast car.The transmission still learns your driving habit. And will hold a gear a little longer then stock. But in manual mode. The car get up to highway speeds faster. But this is the car Chevy should have made. I have had the tune for about a year. And have had not a single problem. With the tune or my car. I would recommend Trifecta to everyone. Love their products. Ron

  17. 10/16/2017 06:25 PM | JacobCharron
    Great help. Answered all my questions. Highly satisfied

  18. 10/16/2017 02:05 AM | Colin Fitzgerald
    I have been more than happy with the advantage performance upgrade that Trifecta has provided for my 1.4 turbo Chevy Cruze. The support team has been more than helpful and very prompt with service. I would definitely recommend Trifecta to others looking for a little more out of their Chevy Cruze.   - Colin

  19. 10/14/2017 01:38 PM | Tbell550
    I just returned my leased 2015 6.2L Silverado. I had the Advantage tune for 20K miles and it has been fantastic and not one code or issue. I jumped in my new 2017, hit the throttle and that's when I really noticed the difference. My throttle response was gone! The horsepower and torque gains were impressive. But, the throttle reponse is what really transforms this truck. The guys at Trifecta have been able to improve the engine output but have also made the 8 speed transmission do its job much better. That's what sets these guys apart from everyone else. So, this time I'm using a Borla exhaust, K&N cold air and the Elite tune! With their outstanding products and excellent customer support they have earned my business. My review of the Elite Tune will be coming soon!

  20. 10/11/2017 09:38 PM | grstrifecta
    So, I was nervous about purchasing this mod. I've not installed anything like this before. So, it was a bit of a leap of faith. And, when I decided to take the plunge, I found the install more challenging than the instructions suggested; but I think this was linked to some of the security settings on my laptop, along with having to sit in my car for around 40 minutes in the Houston heat and humidity, while I fumbled through the process (oh yeah, it made me do it twice - which Trifecta does state is a possibility).   Anyway.....after all that, I have to say that the mod has worked very, very well. I'm not sure about improved fuel economy because to be honest, I drive the car more 'energetically'. But, that was part of the reason for buying the mod. Living in Houston, where everyone drives huge v8s and the traffic is crazy, I wanted to give the Cruze some extra boost to stay out of trouble. And that is what this mod is about, for me. The power boost has been fantastic, the gear changes are so much smoother and the turbo is spooling almost all the time, ready to give you the extra you need in an almost naturally aspirated way. I would totally recommend this mod.   Great job Trifecta!

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