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    2016+ Cruze 1.4T (LE2) October 2017 Calibration Update

      To all owners of 2016+ Chevrolet Cruze "Gen II" with 1.4T engine equipped with an automatic transmission using the TRIFECTA calibration:


      Thank you for choosing TRIFECTA for your performance calibration needs. We hope you are enjoying your vehicle!


      We are constantly looking for ways to improve our calibration products, including technological updates and fielding suggestions and feedback from our customer base. As such, we're happy to introduce our Sport+ / Standard DSVM Update (Oct 2017) for the 2016+ Chevrolet Cruze "Gen II" with the 1.4T engine!

    Why the update?


    Some of you have provided valuable feedback regarding the drivability of our current-generation product, which we have taken into careful consideration.


    What is changing?

    This update is a drivability update specific to vehicles with an automatic transmission, which does the following:


    "Sport+" mode replaces "Sport" mode:


    Sport+ mode is an evolution of the original Sport mode which broadens the "tip-in" range in the accelerator pedal. Sport+ mode also introduces the same progressive shifting algorithm we've incorporated into vehicles with the 8, 9, and 10 speed automatic transmissions without sacrificing mid-pedal sensitivity for a more well-balanced, sporty feel!


    "Standard" mode replaces "Stock" mode:


    In transitioning from our Sport mode to Stock mode, many feel the Stock mode is much too conservative on take-off. Our original goal was to retain the stock pedal and transmission response as accurately as possible in stock mode, but the challenge is the difference is too great between Sport (and now Sport+) and Stock mode. Many customers requested that we provide a mode that's improved over stock, but still retains a more relaxed driving style. With Sport+ and Standard mode, take-off dynamics are very similar, and the transition is much smoother, especially with TRIFECTA's exclusive Performance Auto Stop Mode (selectable auto-stop enable).


    Are there any changes in performance / power output?


    This update retains the same power envelope as our current-generation TRIFECTA calibration, and is a pedal-response and transmission strategy (drivability) update only.


    How do I receive the update?


    All existing Gen II Cruze customers with automatic transmissions have already been notified by email, and their calibrations updated in their downloads. All that is necessary is to download and install the update. New customers will receive the update as our standard offering.


    If you have any questions, or require any assistance, please don't hesitate to email us at info@trifectaperformance.com or use the Contact Us form at trifectaperformance.com.


    In the mean time, stay tuned to us here at http://www.trifectaperformance.comand Facebook for the latest information from TRIFECTA!


    Thank you


    - TRIFECTA Performance


    View this product in our store:


    2016--2018+ Chevrolet Cruze / Cruze Hatch - 1.4L Turbo


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    I own a 2017 cruze lt with AEM CAI aswell the Trifecta Turbo Elite calibration. I first got my Trifecta tune in June 2017. I updated the tune using the new update calibration that was posted October 30th 2017. The shifts an pedal feel is like night an day compared to the previous calibration. Also like the idea of have a factory tune instead of the previous economy tune. I feel that the economy tune did do better than factory programing considerung I got the car to 57mpg on the highway in 80 degree weather on a long trip. This update is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good effort an customer service that you have to offer.

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