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    CT4-V Blackwing ECM Flashing, from TRIFECTA!

      We are happy to announce that TRIFECTA has purchased our own CT4-V Blackwing to develop our flash / native tuning product!

    Our solution will require ECM modification, and once completed, the ECM can be flashed / updated / datalogged in-vehicle without expensive and unreliable 'piggy back' solutions. Simply remove the ECM, have us modify it, re-install. After that you can flash back and forth from custom to stock, receive updates from us, etc without having to remove the ECM ever again.
    This is the real deal - we've settled for nothing less than actually tuning the ECM!
    Stay tuned to our website, Facebook, and Instagram for further release info!
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    Would I be able to send you a new ECU, as received from a parts house, rather than the one that's in the car?

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    We've received an amazing amount of interest in both the 4BW and 5V, and we're eager to share news on these programs.  Once we have concrete info to share (power figures, release dates, etc), we'll be sure to share it on our socials and here!

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    1 minute ago, j2g2 said:

    ANY plans for the V-series non-BW 2.7s?

    Yes!  The CT4-V uses the L3B engine, which is also found in the 2019+ Silverado and 2023+ Colorado.   To get an idea as to what can be done with the L3B, check this out:


    We can't wait to see how this translates to the CT4-V, and will make an announcement once that gets underway.

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