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    TRIFECTA: ATS-V Calibration Hardware Support Notice (K&N Intake 63-3093) - Preliminary

      When TRIFECTA decided to enter the Cadillac ATS-V market, we knew that also meant we'd bring the same product engineering standards our calibration has, to supporting hardware made by the aftermarket as well. TRIFECTA will be communicating the progress of these efforts through hardware support notices. We're pleased to provide our first aftermarket hardware support notice, for the K&N Intake system (63-3093)!



    At this preliminary stage, we've installed the K&N Intake system on our test fleet, and have begun assessing for initial vehicle performance, quality, driveability, obvious issues, etc. So far, we've amassed a good number of miles and have not had any issues with it when paired with the TRIFECTA calibration.


    This intake is designed for a stock vehicle, running the stock calibration, so we do not foresee any issues using it with the TRIFECTA calibration, but as the airflow dynamics with our calibration are different than the factory calibration, it would be responsible to fully test the intake system with our calibration over a longer period of time, under different environmental conditions, while collecting performance data. We will release additional support notices as we collect additional data for this and other aftermarket modifications.

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