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  1. what if you LTG swapped your AWD sonic? as a sonic owner im constantly on the hunt more power, you guys taught me how to go awd but now im curious what motors will fit in there, if the LTG fits in the sonic just aswell then i think you'd have a remarkable car on your hands
  2. i thought the same thing, but after just a few minutes of searching i found that the trax as even less aftermarket support the the 1.8L sonic, which the fact that i live in america and have to get cat-delete headers imported from the U.K. for my american car is just sad, and yes im aware the 1.8 in the sonic is actually a opel design, so it makes since that id have to get X18XER headers for my Z18XE, but still also are you guys going to stick with the 1.4T or were you going to play around with swapping the LSJ in from the early model cobaltSS, a 2.0SC would power that AWD system alot more effeciantly than that 1.4t chevy dug out of opels trash bin, and theres also a world of support for the LSJ when compared to the Z18XE and the 1.4T
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