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    TRIFECTA: SUPERCHARGED Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon (in progress; May 1st 2015)

      TRIFECTA presents: Supercharged MY2015+ Chevrolet Colorado 3.6 LFX / MY2015+ GMC Canyon 3.6 LFX Supercharger Powerkit (in progress as of May 2015)


      This release post is a presentation of the engineering capabilities of TRIFECTA Performance: TRIFECTA presents an integral supercharger powerkit (TXX in progress) for the MY2015+ Chevrolet Colorado 3.6 LFX / MY2015+ GMC Canyon 3.6 LFX. Specific power gains of +124 ft-lbs and +160 WHP and 2 seconds faster in the 1/4mi on a completely stock GMC Canyon LFX 3.6 MY2015.















    Design parameters (and specifications) of the TRIFECTA MY2015+ Chevrolet Colorado 3.6 LFX / MY2015+ GMC Canyon 3.6 LFX supercharger powerkit and corresponding ECM software reprogramming:


    -Power specifications TBA, pending testing and validation (in progress as of May 1st, 2015)

    -Vortech V2 Si / (V2 Ti optional) supercharger head unit (Vortech V7 and V3 TBA)

    -Supercharger bracket CNC machined from 7075-T6

    -High efficiency bar and plate air to air intercooler

    -Optimum belt wrap around the supercharger pulley, >190 degrees of belt wrap

    -Belt routing reuses the OE accessories, retains use of OE harmonic balancer

    -Does not interfere with Air Conditioning system performance

    -Retains the OE catalytic converters and maintains emissions readiness

    -No cutting or splicing of any OE wiring; adapter and extension harnesses are included

    -Retains the OE PCV system; maintains emissions readiness

    -Fits under the stock hood

    -Retains the OE belt tensioner for extended belt lifespan and engine accessory lifespan

    -Idler pulley design utilizes 76mm idler pulley diameter and severe duty rated ceramic ball bearings for increased belt life and idler pulley longevity

    -Designed to be silent and reliable: without increased interior NVH during vehicle operation

    -Includes an aFe Pro Dry S synthetic media high air filer (K&N filter optional)

    -Utilizes a Turbosmart recirculating bypass valve for accuracy of metered air

    -Proprietary TRIFECTA 3.5bar operating system maintains accuracy of the metered air and air pressure to 3.5bar

    -Powertrain calibration divergent environment testing and validation, such as cold/heat and elevation is currently in progress (as of May 2015)

    -Validation process includes minimum testing of 100,000+ miles with 100+ hrs of wide open throttle testing (in progress as of May 2015)

    -Severe duty cycle testing is currently in progress (towing capacity)

    -Installation requires front bumper removal (intercooler installation)

    -Does not require lift for installation

    -No cutting, splicing, or soldering of OE wiring; adapter harnesses are included: OE plugs

    -Premium fuel is recommended, but not required


    3.6 LFX SC dyno graph (on 91 octane pump gas) (this vehicle is a 2015 GMC Canyon CrewCab 2LT with a 3.6 SUPERCHARGED LFX engine) - stock wheels/tires:





    Additional information and availability:


    -Please Contact Us for more information

    -This supercharger powerkit and corresponding powertrain calibration will be available exclusively through TRIFECTA Performance and WOT-tuning; (as of May 1st 2015): wholesale inquiries are welcome provided that you are an existing and active TRIFECTA retailer

    -Pricing and availability TBA

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    I'm interested to hear where this project ended up.  Has development concluded or been shelved? 

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