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  1. Installed this tune last night on my 2016 Colorado 3.6L. I had 750 miles on it so far, and it really bogged when trying to get it to accelerate after some mid-speed cruising. I had an average of 16.9mpg in mixed driving in SoCal (mountains and hills). This morning it took off like a bat out of hell when I turned out of my driveway. Looked and realized the cruise control was turned off, so I was in sport mode. Wow! It moves. I enjoyed that for a few miles, but then switched it to normal mode (cruise control on). This truck drives SO MUCH BETTER! I cannot express the night and day difference. It really is pleasant to drive now. If you own one of these trucks, you will understand what I mean. By the way, I put about 30 miles on it, and it was showing 25.9mpg when I got to work. I'm sure it will be much lower in a few hundred miles, but it never approached this with the stock tune. Overall rating of five stars! Highly recommend you buy this tune!
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