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    TRIFECTA: Baseline dyno testing of the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze RS 1.4 Turbo (RPO: LE2)


    One of the first steps of developing a TRIFECTA calibration is to collect extensive data with the factory vehicle, on the factory calibration (tune). One of the more exciting aspects of this is measuring peak horsepower and torque with a dyno. This is a previous test session of our vehicle at a dyno located near sea level. For purposes of reporting data, we generally use uncorrected dyno numbers with turbocharged cars, since the nature of the turbocharger itself allows the vehicle to compensate for altitude. Uncorrected numbers give a more realistic view of what the vehicle is actually doing, and is capable of.

    TRIFECTA is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 6th Generation Chevrolet Camaro MY2016+ vehicle software recalibration (reflash) for vehicles utilizing the 2.0L Turbocharged engine with either the 8 speed automatic transmission (8L45 / RPO:M5T) or 6 speed manual transmission (TR3160 / RPO: M13). Specific gains over factory calibration are up to 67lb-ft of torque and 80 horsepower, with peak gains clocking in at up to 47lb-ft of torque and 41 horsepower, with no vehicle modifications beyond the calibration.


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    Chevrolet Camaro - 2.0L Turbo

    TRIFECTA: 1.4L Turbo Throttle body comparison LE2 to LUJ/LUV


    During our tear-down, we decided to take a few moments and compare the throttle body on the LE2 engine to the throttle body on the LUJ/LUV. While they are very similar in size, there are some interesting and noteable differences. The first of which, is how the cold side charge pipe connects with the throttle body. On the LUJ/LUV, it's a barbed inlet with a worm-style clamp. On the LE2, it uses a "quick disconnect" style connector that's similar to the large PCV supply to the intake manifold on the LUJ/LUV.

    TRIFECTA is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our K&N Intake-specific calibration for the 2013--2015 Chevrolet Malibu / 2016 Malibu Limited - 2.5L (RPO: LCV/LKW).

    While a TRIFECTA calibration alone is capable of dramatically improving performance, adding a K&N intake and creating an exhaustively tested calibration for it can further maximize the potential of this platform.

    The TRIFECTA Stage 1 Kit Option is available exclusively when ordering a TRIFECTA Calibration and K&N Intake (Add-On option after adding the calibration to your cart)

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    2013--2015 Chevrolet Malibu / 2016 Malibu Limited - 2.5L - Advantage

    TRIFECTA: Meet the GM LE2 Engine.


    The LE2 is part of a family of new generation engines from GM called the Small Gasoline Engine (SGE) family. In the United States, the LE2 powers the 2016+ "gen II" Chevrolet Cruze, and the 2016+ Buick Encore Sport Touring Edition (with expansion into other vehicles types in model year 2017).